33 Things become clear! Secret room!

Chapter 33

'But looking at it from a wider perspective, joining the Black Codex Federation is not a bad option either. Although I will be risking becoming involved in her plans if I did join but will that even matter?'

He seriously asked himself.

'I have the system and could grow stronger than anyone else if I remain patient. Getting too concerned with my security is not optimal here… Plus she's right, the clan does not provide me with resources I should have…'

Oliver remembered how he had to beg for money and various permissions to enter the central area of the clan through maids.

Even some maids were better treated than him.

He felt that he was already strong enough physically and should be allowed resources that would be provided to an exorcist who has taken the physical exorcism path.

He didn't have any weapon technique he could train, nor any martial art technique either. Neither did he have any espera techniques.

He was really too miserable if not for the system.

He had just purchased the [Six Thoughtful Steps of the Spirits] of his own money and it was just a movement technique for exorcists.

Although now he finally had some cash but he knew it was temporary and all of it would most likely be used up in the auction.

And finding artifacts that were treated as trash in the clan market was not easy at all. There were appraisers everywhere and hardly would they leave an artifact alone.

It was not as easy as it was depicted in the novels he used to read where the protagonist would keep finding artifacts every now and then.

People of this world were not stupid.

Looking at Oliver's hesitant face, the woman secretly exclaimed that he was too cautious.

Even after providing him with such strong arguments and benefits any exorcist would kill for, he still hesitated over his choice?

She decided to give him a final push.

"If you join right at the moment, I will allow you to choose a Rare-rank artifact for free."

Oliver who was thinking about his life heard this and was stunned.

He felt like he was hearing things...

A Rare grade artifact for free?

It was common knowledge to exorcists that artifacts also had grades that they were divided into.

It was based on the power they possessed, their availability, their history if any, and some other factors.

Artifacts were divided into 5 ranks in general.

Common Artifacts

Uncommon Artifacts

Rare Artifacts

Epic Artifacts

Legendary Artifacts


Common artifacts included basic weapons with enchantment, accessories with simple espera functions, or some cultural symbols.

Uncommon artifacts were less common than common artifacts but still relatively accessible. These included specialized weapons, espera talismans and other special weapons. These artifacts were often related to history or had ties to being used by someone significant in the past.

Rare Artifacts were highly sought after artifacts by exorcists. They possessed a great deal of power. Not only that they had significant historical importance in the world as well. These included powerful weapons with special abilities, relics with unique powers. Some of these artifacts even had ties to legendary or mythical creatures.

Epic Artifacts were very rare to find. They were often legends that many had heard of but have not seen in person. Naturally they carried extraordinary amount of power and value, being capable of changing history of the world itself. These artifacts were had immense espera abilities, were tied to relics of ancient civilizations.

Legendary Artifacts were the most powerful and revered of all. They were the crown jewels of any collection, had god-like powers and importance.

No one knew much about them, how they were born, some assumed they were forged by gods as relics of creation and destruction while other believed they were formed by natural world-altering events.

There were no clue if there was any legendary artifact in the world or not, these artifacts could alter reality itself.


Oliver heard that she was willing to give him a Rare rank artifact and was rather stunned.

Did she really wanted him to join the organization so much? Or was it for everyone who joined the organization to receive an artifact or something else.

One had to know that Rare rank artifacts were not easy to get hands onto, for reference, the [Medal of Eternal Pain] that he had sold to her before was an Epic rank artifact.

"Alright, I will accept your invitation and join the Black Codex Federation."

He decided to join the organization, in the novel, this organization was quite deep and had many mysteries. Not to mention there would be many events in the future where he could use his knowledge of the novel to extract enormous benefits.

Not only that, he could also remain as a member of Mystic Purge Clan officially while also being a part of the Black Codex Federation.

The Black Codex Federation has played an important role in the world during many arcs, not to mention it also had a dark secret that he knew about…

From his knowledge, he was sure that they would be more than happy to have a member that was also a part of the 5 great clans.

It was akin to having a mole in another country's government at a high level, many decisions could be influenced.

The woman who heard him felt quite happy inside, she had finally gotten what she wanted and was deeply satisfied by her victory.

Sure enough, she could make others bend to her will as long as she was rich, had many resources.

But after calming down, she realized she was being too happy.

She had to give him an artifact to convince him to join, who even does that!?

People would beg just to be related to the organization and he was being like this?

She scolded herself for being too hasty and now she felt that she might have looked desperate to him.

She won't take back what she had said, she was a woman of her words.

Shaking her head, she looked at the little boy in front of her who was also looking at her curiously.

"I am Jenna. Jenna Sullivan and you will be under me from now on."

She got up from her chair and Oliver got a view of her full body, she was lean and had proper curves of a lady. She had long legs and thick thighs whose appeal was enhanced by her outfit.

"Follow me." She ordered and went up to the bookshelf.

And under Oliver's excited gaze, she shifted one of the books and a secret passageway revealed itself from between the shelf.

This was the dream life!

Oliver had always wanted to experience something like this once in his previous life, entering through a secret tunnel located right beside him in ordinary places.

He quickly followed after his new boss as he saw her enter the stairway.

Finally, they reached the secret room and he was amazed by what he saw!

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