48 So she's that sort of person?

Chapter 48

Oliver was just drinking green tea served by a waitress when he suddenly stopped and frowned.

For some time, he could not help but feel a discreet gaze on him from time to time.

He was extremely annoyed.

One would ask why he wouldn't just use [Cosmic Void Gaze] like before and repel the person again?

He also wanted to do that but the problem was that the person who was looking at him from time to time was extremely clever and skilled.

For him to be able to detect the gaze, he must use his own senses to find the direction but the problem was that the person who was watching him knew of this and thus was being extremely discreet.

He tried many times but could not spot where the gaze was coming from; his senses were unable to detect the direction of the person, and thus he felt annoyed.

This person was way stronger than him and was deliberately concealing things.

'Fuck! Are you a pervert!? Why are you peeping at me?'

He cursed internally as he felt the gaze probing him once again.

He shook his head and took a deep breath; he must do something about it or else he would remain conscious about it throughout the auction.

He did not understand why this person was getting so interested in him.

Did he do something to provoke them? Or was it just plain curiosity of theirs?

Nonetheless, he started to think of plans he could use to find the peeper.

After thinking for a few minutes, he came up with a somewhat crude and brute approach.

Since the person was so interested in him, he would let them watch him fully.

At least, he would make them feel so.

What he meant by that was that this was a part of his plan.

His plan was simple; he was going to verify each balcony one by one until he spotted the peeper's place. It was definitely someone from the upper floor; his gut told him that.

He would wait and secretly focus in the direction of each balcony, and if the person tries to peep at him, he would directly know who was doing it.

Of course, there was a chance that the other party would realize what he was pulling but he could not think of other ways that could work in this hall.

He didn't intend to make a fuss here or gain attention.

He could only try to be as discreet as he could so that the other party, who would be focused on him won't notice.

Soon he began executing his plan; one by one, he started filtering the people on the upper floor, his senses at the moment were heightened and he was picking up on any signals directed towards him.

He could tell the person was an expert and he wouldn't know their location until they wanted him to…

'Should I really provoke such a person? Of course not but their gaze is unsettling and annoying. I will just let them know that I can see them and see how it goes…'

Soon, he had filtered out most of the individuals; he could now somewhat tell where the person was, so instead of waiting for them to look at him, he directly looked at a particular balcony.

He felt their eyes meet and the expert soon withdrew their gaze.

He felt that he had implied his meaning and was satisfied that things didn't escalate for him.

He once started sipping tea only to choke as he felt the person peep again.

"What the-!?"

He used [Cosmic Void Gaze] and looked at the person directly wanting to know who they were…

'No… wait, suppressing a huge amount of espers… I cannot mistake it…'

His eyes widened as he recognized the woman in the balcony.

'It's her!'

He could not help but exclaim in shock. He was able to easily recognize her. She was none other than Jenna!

'What's she doing here?'

He felt it was stupid to think that, considering her power and influence, it was natural that she would also be invited over to attend the auction.

But what he could not understand was why in the world did she keep throwing him glances?

He had been quite bothered by her constant probing and felt weird.

'Wait, could it be that she is a…?'

He suddenly had a bad premonition, he assumed a dark possibility that he did not want to admit.

He suddenly thought about his past interactions with her and made some conclusions…

He was a child? Check!

She was desperate for him to join the organization? Check!

She was so desperate that she gave an artifact for free? Check!

She had been constantly probing him secretly? Check!

He was feeling weird? Check!

'Surely she's not into that sort of stuff, right?'

He hesitantly asked himself, she looked dignified and had a superior aura and beauty.

She was also an extremely powerful exorcist… she shouldn't have such a dark side, right?

He suddenly felt that things were making sense.

Was she a trash who engaged into those activities?

That's right! Oliver was now suspicious of her true intentions behind making him join the Black Codex Federation.

He had no idea who she was from the novel so it was possible that she was some erratic side character who liked to engage in such illegal activities.

And he unknowingly became her target, it was possible that she was grooming him slowly and later ask for extreme stuff?

It was likely that he might become her victim in the future as well!

What other reason did she have to secretly look at him—peep on him instead of boldly displaying her intent? She must have bad thoughts otherwise…


He shook his head, he was being too paranoid and was drawing too many conclusions but nonetheless, he still felt that Jenna was a suspicious person and he might become her victim if he was not careful enough.

He weirdly glanced at her direction with a sympathetic gaze, even after being such an exaggerated beauty, she still suffered from such mental disorders.

What a pity!

A healthy grown woman only to be like this?

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