29 Bargaining for price!

Chapter 29

"This medal is not an ordinary exorcist artifact. It is called the [Medal of Eternal Pain]," she said to him.

Oliver heard her, and for a moment, he stopped whatever he was thinking.

Medal of Eternal Pain?

'Is this…?' He glanced at the medal placed on the wooden desk and could not help but be taken aback.

He was taken aback not because he realized that it was a precious treasure but because he knew what exactly it was.

'Medal of Eternal pain? Wasn't this supposed to be in the hands of Caiden Falcon, a minor antagonist in the early academy arc? What's it doing here?'

Oliver was a little surprised by this…

'In the novel, the Medal of Eternal Pain was supposed to be an opalescent orange color? But this is clearly different…? Does it change according to its owner's espera or something?'

He quickly pretended not to know anything about it and curiously asked her, "What does it do?"

"According to me, [Medal of Eternal Pain] has two effects: Agony Infliction and Curse Endurance," she tapped the purple medal with her sharp fingernails.

Oliver saw how she had painted her nails with silver-colored nail polish.

"Agony Infliction allows the possessor of this artifact to send excruciating pain to a specified target upon physical contact. The level of pain depends on the espera of the user. Curse Endurance, on the other hand, ensures that the pain inflicted by the medal persists indefinitely until the owner of the artifact wills it to stop. Not to mention, it also provides some resistance to curses in general as well."

The woman finished her explanation and looked back at Oliver.

Her eyes held a strange glint as she eyed Oliver, in her eyes, he was clearly a little kid who has yet to step out of his clan.

Although she could not sense any espera from him, she was not much disappointed knowing that he was extremely talentless. She was more interested in how he was able to pick out such interesting artifacts on his first try.

It was definitely not luck that he managed to do all of this. She knew it was impossible.

"How about it? If you are interested in selling this medal, I'll give you a really good price."

She asked him, feeling greatly interested in this artifact, she needed this in order to commence her own 'plans.'

"A good price? How much is that?" Oliver raised a brow and did not speak much.

"Hmm… let me guess, how does a million Neden sound?" She said casually.

'A million Neden!' Oliver hissed internally, he suddenly felt that this woman was very rich.


"It's too low." He said, the slight moment of need in her eyes towards the artifact did not go unnoticed by him, aware that she wanted this artifact, he decided to take a little advantage.

"Little? Look at your little body and brain. Do you know how the market works? What price do you think this would sell for then?"

The woman had an intimidating and commanding aura as she leaned back and crossed her legs which were clad in silk black stockings.

Looking at the pair of long and curvy legs, Oliver was not distracted, his mind was occupied by benefits he could extract from her.

"I know how the market works, 300,000 for all the artifacts I brought and this [Medal of Eternal Pain] which is quite clearly an ancient and powerful artifact, you aren't fooling anyone here."

He boldly told her as she watched him in surprise.

There were only a few people who could act so casually in her presence once they get to know her real identity, her aura alone was enough to silence masses.

'Perhaps because he's just a little kid.' She shook her head, she didn't expect Oliver to be able to sense even a glimpse of her strength.

In her eyes, he didn't have much espera inside his body which restricted him to feel her aura.

'Ignorance is bliss as they say.'

She felt a little amused by his behavior, it's been time since she was feeling the urge to play with someone.

"Then how much do you suggest, little boy?"

She had a smirk on her face as she said it, which Oliver felt like she did to provoke him.

He remained calm against her silly acts and told her straight.

"30 Million Neden."

The woman almost choked when she heard him casually utter 30 million as if he was asking for 30 Neden.

"Are you kidding? Little boy, do you even have the capacity to bring that much money back safely?"

She felt he was intentionally asking such an outrageous sum of money.

"3 million Neden."

"25 million Neden."

"5 million…"

"20 million…"

"10 million…"

"15 million…"

"13 million, a middle take. You accept it or leave."

She firmly told him after a series of fierce negotiations.

Oliver was also helpless, she was surely capable of giving him more but was stubborn and he could not just leave from here before selling the artifact.

He admitted that she was quite strong when it came to making deals, but still, he did not feel that he made a loss.

At least he made her increase her previous price by 13 times which was quite good.

He knew that he might be able to sell the artifact for more but he was in a hurry to sell it before auction, and finding a buyer who could offer such a sum of money before that was very hard. Plus he did not want to be near this artifact for a reason.

So, in the end, he just accepted it.

On the other hand, Oliver did not realize that the woman was thinking the same thing.

'He sure has a knack for business. If raised in the right way, he could make great profits in the future. Although he's lacking and easily concedes, he can improve that growing up.'

She was getting interested in this little boy in front of her who was carrying a bunch of secrets within himself.

There was a reason why Oliver...

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