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What is Novel Idea!

Read ‘Novel Idea!’ Online for Free, written by the author Jetboy76, This book is a others Fanfic, covering Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: This is an idea for a novel that I hope someone will pick up and make great!


This is an idea for a novel that I hope someone will pick up and make great!

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He was called a demon, he accepted the title with pleasure. He was wicked, cruel and had great drive to accomplish his goals. After accomplishing his goals, he felt satisfied. His life was complete but he felt his life no longer had meaning. He craved the sweet release of death but no enemy had the ability to grant his wish. He couldn't die a natural death as his body became unaging and his soul immortal during his rise to power. Due to his inactivity, his forces became disloyal and filled with desire for his power. They sided with the rest of the world to slay him. His wish.... was eventually granted. Death, sweet death and a lesson. Trust no one but yourself and your own capabilities. His immortal soul didn't receive the long sleep of death but instead he was reincarnated, into the body of an 18 year old boy who is wasting away and doing all he can to provide for his precious little sister. This is where our story begins. How will a demon of a fantasy world adapt to the modern world? How will he rise to the apex once again for he will settle for no less. The answer? A new VRMMORPG called ORIGINS. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors message: Hello all! I am writing this novel for myself and any others who are interested. This is my first attempt at writing a story of any kind and I would appreciate any criticism and advice. There will be no set release schedule at the beginning but as the story progresses I may have more incentive to dedicate more time to writing. This novel will be taking elements from other similar novels that I have enjoyed to assist in developing some background and structure to the world. Follow my journey of novel writing and I hope you will enjoy my novel as much as I will. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: The story will have dark and unsavoury chapters, if you don't like certain extremes then read with caution.

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Box sets of <His Human Mate>, <The Beast Found His Love>, <CEO'S lOVE FOR HIS ASSISTANT> and <Arranged To The Devil> *Book 1 <His Human Mate>: Amelia Rose is a human that was born between werewolves. Her brother is the Beta to the Alpha King. She never give much care about being a human. Even though she was a human, her family, friends and pack loved her. One thing worried her entire life. Her mate. She was afraid that her mate was going to reject her due to her being a human. So She left to study overseas when she was 8. Now that she has return, she is in for a big surprise. Alpha Xavier Knight. He is the Alpha King. After taking over the pack at the age of 16 years old, he has led his kingdom since then. When he had turn 16, he had looked for his mate but only met with disappointments. He never had interest in having a mate. But he needed a queen for his pack and kingdom. He always wanted a strong and smart she wolf. What happens one day he finds his mate and not having exactly what he wants?" *Book 2 <The Beast Found His Love>: Bella Knight is 18 year old girl. Her parents died when she was young and was brought up in an orphanage till she turned 18. she had worked hard saved up money to buy a house of her own house. she is very shy, sweet, caring and kind soul. she works at café down the street. Xavier Romano is 24 years old. He is the Alpha of the silver moon pack. it is the most strongest, largest and wittiest pack around the world. he is a ruthless man. he shows little to no mercy. He do have a beautiful family. He has a mother and father who were the previous Alpha and Luna. He has been searching for his mate for 6 years now and has failed. ­­_____________________________________________________________ I saw his eyes changing from blue to pitch black. The sobs that left me became quiet fearing of him. More tears started to leave my eyes. In a matter of seconds he was standing in front of me. He nuzzled his head where my shoulder and neck meets. He starts sniffing me. The tears have yet to stop. ""I have just found you and I am never letting you go. Not now. Not ever."" he stated as he growled at the last. I started to cry more. Soon darkness engulfed me. *Book 3 <CEO'S lOVE FOR HIS ASSISTANT>: Bella Sanders is 23 years old who just graduated from University and is looking for a job. One day She came across a job opportunity at King Consolidated. The CEO is in need for an Assistant. She was ecstatic. It was the No.1 company. So without thinking twice she applied. But she didn't know what she was signing for back then Xavier King. The most eligible bachelor who is the owner of King Consolidated. The man had everything. Money, Power, girls throwing at him. He is workaholic and does everything for the success of his company. He had it all. Or so he thought until he set his eyes at the beauty in front of. The moment he saw her, he knew she was his. And he always gets what he wants. He's in for a ride. _____________________________________________________________ "The moment I saw you, you became mine babygirl. No one, not even you can separate you from me."" he whispered into my ears as I shivered from his voice. It wasn't a statement. It’s a promise. And there is no running away from it. *Book 4 <Arranged To The Devil>: Amelia Knight (Mia) has just turn eighteen. She is a shy yet a girl with full of excitement. She has a passion for dancing. She also has a best friend called Ashton. She has a sister, Dad, Mum whom she is very close. Her sister is about to get married. But what happens when that marriage pulled her into her worst nightmare. What will she do? Will she live with it or will she leave from it?

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this is the novel, give it 5★ also don't mind the numbers, it because it is an old novel am rebamping


yo also tell me if the novel is going well or not, it's mostly because of your inspiration that I'm writing it 😎


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