Nothing Goes Right

Kalo never expected that he’d be transmigrated into the book, Whispers of a Warrior. A fantasy book that focused on the adventure and hardships of Jai Kove, the protagonist. After suffering from a car accident; he met system 808. A system designed to fix stories that have been deviating from their original track. The book has been going off the rails and system 808 has finally pinpointed the cause on one character. This one character’s not the villain, not the protagonist, not even a character who appears for more than 5 chapters, but the friend of the protagonist who died during his childhood while protecting him! Now Kalo is forced to act out as this character, in order to return back to his original world. Everything was going fine, despite all the hardships Kalo had to go through and the protagonist’s weird obsession with him, but right after he’s supposed to have died, something goes wrong. Instead of waking up back in his original world he’s still alive and wakes up in an unfamiliar environment. He’s even being nursed back to health by one of the protagonist’s future party members! What’s worse is that he can’t even manage to get into any contact with that damned system of his. What the hell is he supposed to do in this situation?! AN: I utterly suck at grammar and spelling so if I mess up with that stuff feel free to give me a friendly comment about it. ———— I do not own the cover art. It belongs to @kkuekkue on twitter. Their an amazing artist and if I’m asked to take it down by them then I will. Also I’ll try to update when I can. I do this as a hobby. ———- Warning: This involves romance between two guys, so if you’re not up for reading that then I’d head out. Also warning that it’ll have slight gore, violence, swearing, and slavery.

Miss_M_Y · LGBT+
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5 Chs

System 808

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