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Read NONENTITY ZERO novel written by the author HeavenlyMike on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[ORIGINAL NOVEL NAME: No Class Reincarnation] "I died at the age of 18...or was it suicide?" "More or else I can't remember that much..." "It all happened so fast... A bum like me with No Class getting reincarnated..." His past life was a misery that he wanted to escape with all means, but now things were different, he vowed to rectify his past mistakes and become a better man capable of protecting his loved ones at all costs. With the gift of harbouring two mana cores in his body... Only sole human capable of wielding 'Aether'.... Great Family that supported him throughout his growth from learning magic to swordsmanship... And being able to traverse a pocket dimension to his will known as 'Vanta Black.' Things were looking great for the young Lad until he joined an expedition to Elder, hundreds were killed and after he took down the Final beast, he's body was corrupted with Negative mana. This led to the kingdom blaming the boy for the misfortune that had befell them. He came back from the expedition amongst those who had survived only to find his parents missing. His master? Coldly murdered. "Afte all I've done for not only this kingdom but the Continent as well...this is how they treat me..." "GENOCIDE!" was the only thing ringing in Jay's head. And thus it was marked in the history books, The Lilac Massacre! Those who lived got to tell the story of a boy who killed a third of a Continent's population. --- After getting his dual mana core shattered by the Deity of Chaos and Order Jay was thrown into the Acheron, the ruined world of gods. Those who showed ways of redemption to the gods were taken back to the mortal realm. "Redemption my Ass!" "I'll Kill the so called gods myself..." ______________________________________ "That...that boy, he was able to flip the entire balance and order of the world, defying the laws and concepts set upon it, Killing gods and Deities...." "Surely he must have had some help right?" "..." "Right?" "He did it...all by HIMSELF!" ______________________________________ [THE MC IS A KIND HEARTED PERSON AND KIND OF A B*TCH AT THE START BUT HE CHANGES OVER TIME LOOSING HIS HUMANITY] HAREM POTENTIAL? YES but a small one. FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM FOR CHARACTER DESIGNS: @heavenlymike DISCORD SERVER IS UP AND RUNNING... COME SHOW SOME LOVE LINK: https://discord.gg/WFaZeMPaCM

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An average girl, with average intelligence, and a very laid back, happy-go-lucky attitude towards life, suddenly dies an unpredictable death.....and finds herself in another world! Transmigration?......Seriously?! Trapped inside the body of a 10 year old girl, Rihanna wakes up to a world beyond her comprehension. A world with two suns and three moons. A world where both beasts and humans can use elemental powers, defying her understanding of physics, and call it cultivation. And a world which she has to face all alone, since the original owner of the body forgot to leave her memories behind! Despite being a commoner, with no spirit roots, Rihanna discovers that she can cultivate.....albeit not in the same way as the other beings of this world. And trying to experiment with this new found discovery, she embarks on a journey through the vast lands of this new world, collecting friends as she adventures on, trying to understand the history, geography, mesh of political intricacies between the different countries, and the various elemental powers and cultivation techniques. But the more she delves into this world, she keeps finding a strange connection between the current world, and something which happened over a million years ago. What happened in the distant past, which still affects the world today? Was her transmigration a fantastical coincidence, or is it connected to an age old prophesy? And most importantly....who the hell is that cold, frigid fellow, who rules over the largest underworld organization of this world? Why does he treat her so warmly?.....And why does she keep feeling she is very familiar with him?!

DaoistNotAvilable · Fantasy
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Sensasibet77 · Action
Not enough ratings
1 Chs

Heaven's Prodigal Son

There had been many prodigals before, someone using millenium old immortal medicine to replenish their blood essence, treating immortal stones like paper money, Using soul stones like candy. But someone who destroys an entire Empire just to train one of his warriors, sacrificing a whole World just to decieve his enemy. This is the guy who treats the 9 Heavenly Worlds, as his Chess Board. Join our mc in this quest of becoming the supreme monarch of the Nine Heavens, finding his friends and coping up with his Step-Father who spoils him. __________ --------------- " So, you are The Heavens, like in those fantasy novels..." , I looked at an elderly man standing infront of me, who nodded his head. " And, I'm your adopted son who is supposed to unite and lead the 9 Heavenly Worlds to war against Hell", I saw the grandpa nodding his head again. " You won't be alone though, all the Heavely worlds have their own chosens who will be your generals and I will help you..." said the Heavenly Father smiling. " Oh, so how can I find them ?", I looked at grandpa with eyes full of expectations. " Well, 2 of them are being transmigrated, 1 is still a baby , other 3 are being killed after which they will be reincarnated, another 1 is not born yet and the other 2 well I have not given a thought to it". " This is ridiculous!!" , " No, it's not. First of all you have to become strong enough and only then can you find them, or else why would they serve you?". I really don't know if I should be happy or worried. _________ -------------- Author's Note If you liked this book please leave a comment as it really motivates me to write more. If, you are a reader I would rather you leave a comment than donate anything, because I'm just doing it for fun...... and if you read to this point, Thank you for your patience and have a great day. *I'm going to mass release atleast 5 chapters, either on Friday or, on Sunday, So please wait for it and that's all....

heavenlychaos · Eastern
Not enough ratings
8 Chs
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I am in love with this story. I got hooked from first to third chapter. I do not want to give any spoilers because I am so happy with the way this was crafted. Kudos author.


It's actually an interesting read, it got me down on the first few chapters. You should try it sometime it's a good read


Looks like I've been tripped by gold, again. Another one to my TBR pile 😜


Once again. this is one of those books that seriously needs more attention. the author does say that the chapters are a little slow at the beginning. Can definitely see that, but... I can promise that it's worth it!!!


I read the first 5 chapters and the novel gets interested as it progresses. This novel deserves to be at the top. Kudus to the author.Need more.


Such an underrated novel indeed! The Author has truly poured his soul into writing this, one can easily tell by the way the book is progressing, the amount of vocabulary he delicately adds to his descriptions, the world building, the power system and the character developments! Gambare, your novel has the potential to make it to the top.


what AI generator do you use for your art good sir?


Got me at the first few chapters..Really great read..Big ups man🔥


I love this story. Please don't stop writing .Work hard to entertain us.Already added to my library.No Spoiler......... ............ ............. ................ ... .. ..... . . .. .


Hey, sorry if I'm intruding but i couldn't find another way to ask! How did you upload your character images?! Please respond.


OMG!!! What a great storyline? I love it and can't wait for the other chapters too... I love the writing style (especially the POV) and the progress of the story... I recommend this novel to any reader out there


what an eye catching novel, I do love to keep up the good work


Good writing quality, about the grammar is good too


Premise is interesting, writing style is unique. The pacing could be a little better, but it definitely keeps you paying attention! Definitely give this book a try. It’s clear the writer is working hard and has a plan for where the story is headed!


This is a really catchy story and i suggest that y’all should read it




Amaizing book [img=update][img=recommend]


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