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Hello Killer


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What if you discover that the former owner of your new room died of suicide? What if that same person is also the owner of your new chair in the classroom and your new locker in the school? And what if you found her diary and learned that she could have been murdered? Will that be enough to drag you to investigate? If yes, then join Jasmine in her investigation. ** She knew what she saw that night. In the kitchen… there was a killer. Someone had killed her dad! Following her father's death, Jasmine and her family settled in a new city, aiming for a new life. After discovering a diary that'll end up changing the trajectory of her life, she finds herself entangled in a maze-like investigation to find the killer. But it doesn’t end there. Jasmine soon finds out another horrific truth: the killer is nearby and she might be his next victim. Will she manage to get to him and finally avenge her father's death? Or will she end up with the same fate as her dad?