No Where To Hide

Burns_Missile · Action
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2 Chs


Everyone, please move back this is a crime scene", shouted female lead detective, Shelly Barton, but no one seemed to pay her heed as more people gathered to witness the crime scene. " This is starting to get out of hand detective", her partner Ed Lawson said to her. " I think I should step in and help you". He started to move forward but she remarked sharply " I can do this in my own Ed, don't help me", but even as she said this more people continued to surge forward.

"Alright everyone show's over head on home", he said in his baritone voice making a move to draw his weapon. In a few moments there was no one at the scene except the crime officers and the forensics. Shelly looked at him with reluctant appreciation and headed over to the crime scene where the forensics officers where busy trying to come up with clues.

" Got anything?" she asked.

" Not a single thing ma'am. It seems the perp cleaned after himself well."

" Shit!" she muttered to herself. She called the station and asked for the station's chief medical officer, Dr. James Gunn but couldn't get through to him. " Having a hard time?" asked Ed from behind her. "Yeah I have a feeling it's going to be awhile before I regain some of my sanity." " Chill girl, remember it's just the first day" " Yeah right." Wanna grab some coffee on the way back? You sure could use one."

" I think I'll pass on that offer but thanks anyway."

" Suit yourself." he said as he walked towards the station vehicle.

Back at the station, Shelly met her best friend, Lisa Finn, who also was a detective in the police force.

" Girl are you stressed out." exclaimed Lisa. " Just look at you, all drawn in and baggy. Come on let me get you something. Just follow me." Shelly wanted to stop her but she was too tired to protest and also her friend would just not stop talking.

" So how's it going," Lisa asked her.

" Nothing so far but the team's still working on it."

" Poor you but you've got hurry because for all you know the killer may be onto his next victim now, slowly dicing and slicing him or her with-" " Lisa just stop okay!" Shelly snapped at her friend. She sighed and said " Am sorry I'm just stressed out."

" That's okay, I understand." Just then they were interrupted by a commotion in the hallway. They rushed outside to ascertain what the matter was. Shelly saw a junior officer under her charge, Matt Evans running into their direction and stopped him.

" What's going on?"

" A report just came in from the north side of town" he said breathlessly " another murder victim" before running off.