No Where To Hide

Burns_Missile · Action
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2 Chs


"I've got to find a place to hide", Mary McBanks said to herself, all the while breathing very heavily. She was the marketing manager for the most exclusive tech company in Milwaukee, Future Conceptions, which dealt in all things relating to technology. She was well liked and respected among her colleagues, or so she thought, but it seemed someone was out to get her that dark evening. As she turned a corner, she stumbled and fell against the cold hard ground, scraping her knee in the process. She was about to scream out in pain when she heard a noise behind her. It was very soft, almost as if whoever or whatever was after was tiptoeing. She went numb with fear. As she lay on the ground, completely still, she began reviewing her life. She had worked for the company for 5 years and had since recently just been promoted. She thought about her husband and her 3 kids, her family and friends. All these rushed through her mind as she felt the cold steel of a knife against her throat. Her screams echoed through the dark alleyway as her attacker did what he had to do.

The attacker then wiped the blade and set to cleaning after herself. She then took the deceased phone and dialled 911. As she was leaving, she took one last look at the body and smiled to herself.