No Way! The Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Character Is Actually a Genius Big Shot

Yuan Xiao was reborn. Only after her death did she discover that she was living in a book. In the book, she was a fake heiress who did terrible things and made the real female protagonist look like a good person. After being reborn, Yuan Xiao decided to become a scholar. As long as she studied hard enough, she'd repeatedly get the opportunity to draw prizes and stop herself from being controlled by the storyline. She wanted to change her life. Yuan Xiao did not want the terrible fate of her past life to repeat itself. She wanted a life that belonged to her! Other students looked down on her. She made sure to win as many prizes in competitions as she could and consistently claimed the number one spot in school. Some people suspected she might have forged her educational accomplishments due to her young age. She directly solved the toughest questions in the world to prove those people wrong. Did somebody mock her for not being able to do anything else but study? She'd show them her world-class piano-playing... Yuan Xiao went down the scholarly path and never looked back. She was no longer the bad student she used to be. The smart student in school, who nobody dared to offend, forced her into a corner and nervously gave her a lollipop. "I just gave you a lollipop, the thing that I like the most. When will you be my girlfriend?" Yuan Xiao tapped on his chin and chuckled. "I'll be your girlfriend if you get into Q College with me."

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Obedient and Sensible

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Yuan Xiao bit her lips and glanced at Shen Wei and the Shen couple. She pretended to be strong and continued, "It's unfair to everyone if I continue to stay in the Yuan Family. I can't be so insensible."

Everyone's eyes in the living room were on Yuan Xiao. Everyone's heart ached for this child's sensibility and strength. Only Shen Wei gritted her teeth angrily. She clearly wanted to say these words! She clearly wanted to be this sensible and considerate child! Why did all of them come out of Yuan Xiao's mouth? Wasn't this girl famous for being stupid? Why would she say such words?

This was naturally not Yuan Xiao's style of doing things, but this was something she had learned from Shen Wei in her previous life.

As expected, the little white flower that made one's heart ache was easier to arouse everyone's sympathy. Yuan Xiao looked at the puzzled Shen Wei and felt much better.

This feeling of competing with the female lead was really not bad.

Although Yuan Xiao perfectly maintained the image of a sensible child, it did not change the plot of the identity swap. However, Yuan Xiao's superb acting skills still made Yuan Ming's heart soften. He bought a house in the city for Shen Hai and Feng Mei. It was not far from the Yuan family, so it was convenient for Yuan Xiao to come back often.

Compared to being kicked out of the house in her previous life, Yuan Xiao was already very satisfied when she saw Feng Mei preparing breakfast for her in the kitchen.

"I don't know what you like to eat. Write it down for me tomorrow and I'll learn to make it." Feng Mei looked at Yuan Xiao at the dining table and was a little nervous.

"I'm not a picky eater. Your cooking smells good. Thank you, Mom!" Yuan Xiao looked at the honest and humble woman in front of her and smiled obediently.

"Sigh! That's good, that's good!" Feng Mei was so excited that she almost cried. She originally thought that children from rich families were demanding, but it seemed that she was overthinking. Yuan Xiao was both sensible and obedient. She was really lucky to have such a good daughter.

Yuan Xiao did not have a bad impression of her biological parents. Although they were a little poor, they treated her well. In this life, she would change her willfulness and work hard to be a good child that they would be proud of.

Yuan Xiao came to school with a lot on her mind. Other than studying, she had not done anything else for the past few days. The System had issued a mission to improve her results, so Yuan Xiao did not dare to relax for a moment.

Upon arriving at the school, Yuan Xiao felt many probing gazes.

As expected, just like in her previous life, Yuan Wei could not wait to tell her friends about this matter over the weekend, causing many students in their cohort to know that the two of them had swapped identities. After all, it was not common at all for a princess to become a poor person.

"Xiao Xiao!"

Yuan Xiao looked at Li Chang, who was running over from afar. She smiled at her and said, "Morning!"

Looking at the smiling Yuan Xiao, Li Chang felt a lump in her throat. She wrapped her arms around Yuan Xiao's neck and said with a sobbing tone, "Silly, I just heard about it on the way to school. Why didn't you tell me such a big thing happened earlier!" Li Chang tightened her grip on Yuan Xiao's arm. "How terrible you must be feeling…"

Yuan Xiao was very touched. She pulled down Li Chang's arms which were wrapped around herself, and patiently comforted her. "Am I not fine?"

Looking at Li Chang's red eyes, Yuan Xiao deliberately teased, "Why? Do you dislike me because you know that I've turned from a princess into a frog?"

"What are you talking about?! Let alone a frog, even if you turn into a toad, I can still pick you up and kiss you!" Li Chang's serious expression successfully amused Yuan Xiao.

[Congratulations, Host. You have completed the basic mission of studying seriously for a week! You have successfully received a reward to improve your photographic memory!]

Lying on the bed in the bedroom, Yuan Xiao felt a little sore on her back.

"Little 7, after so many days, my learning skills have improved a lot. Is there any way to improve my physical fitness? I still have to participate in the sports test in the future. That also counts to my grade."

[There's one, Host!]

Upon hearing the System's reply, Yuan Xiao sat up from the bed excitedly. After studying day and night for the past few days, she clearly felt that her body could not take it anymore.

[You can run long distances and eat a healthy diet…]