28 Caught

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Hearing Fang Yao's words, Yuan Xiao's ears heated up. She pretended to be calm and said, "Alright, let's go to the amusement park quickly. Don't delay our business."

The two of them strolled around the amusement park. Because of their outstanding appearance, they attracted a lot of attention.

"Look at that couple. They're so good-looking!"

"I think they're still in high school."

The words of the tourists reached Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao's ears.

"Isn't it inappropriate for us to do this?" Yuan Xiao felt that she and Fang Yao were a little too eye-catching and could not help but worry. "There are many people in the amusement park. Will a teacher see us?"

"That's exactly the effect I wanted," Fang Yao said as he held Yuan Xiao's hand. Their fingertips trembled slightly, and their ears felt hot.

"Ahem, don't worry. There shouldn't be any teachers coming to the amusement park." Before Fang Yao finished speaking, he heard a familiar voice behind him and Yuan Xiao.

"Ah Yao? Yuan Xiao?"

Lu Liu looked at the two people in front of him in shock. They were holding two freshly bought ice cream cones in their hands, looking a little funny.

"Teacher Lu." Yuan Xiao silently let go of Fang Yao's hand and smiled awkwardly at Lu Liu.

"Ah Yao, you and Yuan Xiao are dating at a young age?" Lu Liu was surprised to see Fang Yao in the amusement park. He was even more surprised that Fang Yao could walk hand in hand with Yuan Xiao. Lu Liu remembered that these two people did not get along in school. How could they become a couple?

"Yes, is it illegal?" Fang Yao was a little frustrated. He was worried that Lu Liu's appearance would ruin his plan.

"No, can't you talk nicely? I'm not only your teacher, but also your cousin!" Lu Liu was very dissatisfied with Fang Yao's attitude. For some reason, although he was Fang Yao's cousin, when he saw Fang Yao and Yuan Xiao standing together, he felt like his little cabbage had been stolen by a pig. Perhaps it was because Yuan Xiao was a student he valued very much.

"Why did you take so long to buy an ice cream cone?" Not far away, a girl in a blue dress walked over. She looked to be in her twenties and was very cheerful and sunny. The girl held Lu Liu's arm and looked at Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao. She said sweetly, "Are these students from your school? Why do they look like actors?"

"Yes, he's also my cousin. This kid keeps causing trouble for me!" Lu Liu looked at Fang Yao and felt a headache coming on.

"You're actually so old-fashioned? Love at this age is the best." The girl walked closer to Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao. "I support you two. You have to cherish each other. Don't separate so easily after graduation."

"Tian Tian, don't cause trouble! Student Yuan Xiao, although your results are very good now, you should still focus on your studies." Lu Liu indeed looked like a teacher now. Looking at the silent Yuan Xiao, he continued, "Especially not with this brat!"

"What's wrong with me?" Fang Yao glared at Lu Liu unhappily.

"As long as you don't affect Student Yuan Xiao!" Lu Liu did not show any weakness.

Seeing the two of them in a deadlock, Yuan Xiao thought for a moment and approached Lu Liu. She whispered, "Teacher Lu, actually…"

"Brother Fang! We've caught him!"

Yuan Xiao's words were interrupted by Sun Ting's voice.

Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao hurriedly rushed in the direction of the voice. Lu Liu and Tian Tian also followed.

"It's you!" Yuan Xiao looked at the girl who was pressed to the ground by Sun Ting and was a little surprised. The other party was the female hooligan who had led the bullying in the washroom.

"I'm sorry, Boss." Zhao Yu was very surprised. The person who secretly took photos of Fang Yao and Yuan Xiao was actually his sister. Seeing that Teacher Lu Liu was also present, he did not know what to say.

"What's going on?" Lu Liu was a little surprised by the sudden turn of events.

"Teacher Lu, Fang Yao and I are actually pretending to be a couple. Our goal is to catch this person who spread the rumors!" After Yuan Xiao explained the situation to Lu Liu in detail, Lu Liu's expression changed from shock to anger.

"Do you know that your actions have already become a crime?" Lu Liu looked at the girl on the ground and said seriously.

"I-I'm not lying. You're not a good person to begin with. Your relationship with Fang Yao is not simple at all!" Seeing that she could not break free, the blonde girl wanted to drag Yuan Xiao down with her in front of Lu Liu.

Her black eyeliner was a little smudged. She did not look too good because of the shock, and she looked a little pitiful and disheveled.

Yuan Xiao bent down slightly and stared at the blonde girl. "Let me tell you, I, Yuan Xiao, will not date in high school. My goal is not as shallow as you think!"

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