3 It's A Dream Right?

What the hell just happened?





I just can't get my head around this situation, where I can't stop thinking of questions like


Who was that girl? Where am I? And why the f*ck is my head still spinning? I feel like I am going crazy because of all this nonsense.




Why is everyone in the tavern looking in my direction like they expected this to happen? Some of them are even laughing while covering their mouths.





I was lost in my thoughts.





Tap tap





I heard some footsteps, and soon a punk came to me. No, I am not making fun of him, but he looked like a punk because of his spikey and dull blond hair, and the leather jacket and skin-tight leather pants that he wore gave him the impression of a punk heavy metal person.





"Hahahaha, that was hilarious." He came towards me while laughing and said,





"Oi Ren, she just slapped the sh*t out of you again. Haha, how do you feel, man, after getting rejected like that for what, four, um, no, five hundred times?" Punk said he kept laughing, and for some reason everyone in the tavern also joined him, but something that caught my attention was





"Who the f*ck is Ren?" I tilted my head in confusion and asked loudly,







Then suddenly every single person in the room went quiet, and the punk person in front silently watched me like he was not expecting this type of question to be asked.





Soon He put his hand over his shoulder, looked around the tavern, and said,





"Hey everyone, look at this f*cker here." He gathered the attention of everyone to what he was saying.





"Now he doesn't even remember his own name anymore, hahahaha," he said. The moment he finished talking, everyone's laughter could be heard from all around.


"Why are they laughing again?" It's getting annoying for me now; I can't process this situation at all. Not even a bit,





I looked around me; there's something that I must do or I won't be able to relax.





Yes, there it is. I saw that there was a silver fork on the circular table near me.





"It looks quite sharp for mere cutlery." I thought,










I swiftly picked up the fork in my right hand.







With my left hand, I grabbed that punk's hand, which was still placed on my shoulder.





"Wha-" the punk was confused there,










Stab stab





Twisting his arm anti-clockwise, I stabbed him multiple times on his shoulder with the fork. I eased my grip on the fork and left it on his shoulder.





Easy-peasy, that felt good.





"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Now he was screaming like a toddler.





For him, all of this happened so fast that he wasn't able to react to my movements. So before he made any more noise than this, I grabbed his hair, brought my face towards his ear, and asked him.





"Who do you think you are calling a fu*ker, you deep sh*t?" I cursed at him; there is no one who swears at me. How dare this guy call me a fu*kr?





"Um?" He was startled by how the change in his surroundings occurred so swiftly.





"Apologise." I said, "Yep, I demand an apology from him for the disrespect he has done to me."





" Wha-?" He is dumb.





"Can't you hear me? I asked you to apologise." I repeated myself again. Why do I have to repeat myself so much today?





"!? " He was frozen like a statue at the place where he was standing.










When Punk didn't respond to me, I started to twist the fork, which was still dangling inside his shoulder.





"Ahhhhh," he says, looking like he's regained some senses.





"Do I have to repeat myself?" I asked, and of course next time I won't repeat it but kill this guy.





"No, please don't; I apologise." He said,





"I apologise for my behaviour." Please forgive me." Then punk began to get on his knees, perhaps to beg for an apology.





"You don't have to do that." I stopped him from getting on his knees.





"W-why ??" He was perplexed by the course of action.





"I mean, you gave me a sincere apology; I think it's fine." I said, "It's true that if you apologise, then it's fine.





"Really?" the punk asked.





"You don't have to get on your knees." I said, then I immediately pulled the fork from his shoulder to relieve his pain.





"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." He was rolling on the floor the moment I did that.





"I think I pulled it out a little too hard," I thought.


Anyway, I think it's enough punishment.





Then Let's see, I looked around the tavern. Everyone is trying their best to keep their gaze straight so they won't make any eye contact with me.





'Annoying.' Everything is just annoying right now; I've never felt this way. Even though my own body seems alien to me, I can't grasp this situation.





"What should I do?" This was the first question that popped into my mind:





'First, let's get out of here.' I started to walk out of this place. I noticed people helping the punk get up after I started to leave.





"Well, why did they come now and not when I was stabbing him?"










I took a deep breath the moment I escaped that place through the door, but after getting out of there, what I saw is not something that can be described in simple words.





There were a lot of things going on in that tavern, but one thing was confirmed:










Yep, this is not the place I live; this is just too different to be Earth.





Flap flap





Because what I saw in front of my eyes was


A white horse with a small blue sapphire gem embedded on its forehead flew with a pair of its majestic wings attached to its back.





The horse was pulling some kind of carriage through the sky full of stars and two beautiful moons.





'huh? Two Moon's?' I ask myself, "Am I drunk?"





"Oh no!!'





I turned in the direction where this voice came from, and there was a lady wearing a long robe.


She was flying through the sky on her wooden broom stick while carrying grocery bags in both hands when one bag slipped from her hands and fell to the ground.





"I think she is having a hard time balancing herself on that broom-looking thing." I said to no one specifically,





"Fu*k you," someone cursed; the voice came from behind me. So I turned Then there was a drunk old man wearing a dark, tattered robe who had a wooden stick hanging around his waist. It looks like he was cussing at someone who was also drunk.










Then suddenly he conjured a fist-sized fireball on his palm and threw it towards the other drunkard's head, making the latter one bald immediately. It was unbelievable.





"No, I think I am dreaming, right?" I said, "It's impossible to conjure a fireball out of nowhere," right? RIGHT!!?





"Am I drugged? Why is this happening?" There are so many magical things happening around me.





"Huh? What's that?" Something caught my attention; it looked like it was a signboard with a name on it.





[Welcome to The Sephra.]





"The Sephra." I tilted my head in confusion.


I was confused because this word seems a little too familiar to me, and I don't want my prediction to be true.










Then, to confirm my speculations, a transparent blue window-type slate appears in front of me.


(Welcome to the world, player.)





These words were written on it.










"Am I inside a game?" I asked,





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