1 She Got a Promotion

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In the evening, the afterglow of the setting sun shone through the French windows of the office. Qi Mei picked up the freshly brewed Biluochun tea and stared at the computer screen. Surrounded by the continuous typing sounds, she looked relaxed and calm. Moreover, the press conference video displayed on her computer seemed not related to her current job.

Qi Mei was drinking tea and watching the video when she realized that someone was standing beside her. She looked up and found that it was the company's boss, Yu Nan.

"I've sent the latest infrastructure optimization plan to your email. Have you seen it?" Qi Mei didn't care about being caught watching other videos at work by her boss. When she opened her mouth, she only talked about her work.

Yu Nan was in his thirties this year and was considered a relatively approachable boss. He glanced at her computer screen and asked, "Are you watching Longxiang Technology's latest press conference?"

"Longxiang Technology had announced that they were going to make cars. I think they will join the ranks of autonomous driving sooner or later. I'm just trying to know myself and my enemy." Qi Mei put down her teacup and chuckled.

Yu Nan smirked. "You dare to consider Longxiang, the industry leader and a company with hundreds of millions of assets, as your opponent? Xiao Qi, you're really daring."

Qi Mei smiled and pressed the pause button. She knew that her boss was definitely not here to chat with her, and later she followed Yu Nan into his office.

Instead of sitting down, Yu Nan stood in front of the French window and sighed. "In retrospect, when I first moved into this office, I was so high-spirited."

Qi Mei was slightly startled and said in all sincerity, "You are still the same!"

"Lao Chen has officially offered to resign from his position today," Yu Nan said.

Chen Tu was Qi Mei's superior and the chief architect of Ping An Zhi Xing. But recently, there had been rumors in the company that Chen Tu was leaving. Qi Mei asked her subordinates several times not to spread the misinformation. However, Chen Tu had been taking frequent leave recently, and she had to undertake most of his work.

And now, the so-called groundless accusations had come true. It was a huge blow to any company that its backbone left. 

Seeing that Qi Mei was silent, Yu Nan asked, "What do you think?"

Qi Mei raised her eyes. What could she be thinking? However, she was shocked on second thought and then said directly, "I have no intention of leaving with Chen Tu." When the technical backbone of a start-up company left, he would usually take a group of subordinates with him and move to another company collectively.

Yu Nan did not expect Qi Mei to say this. He laughed loudly. "I headhunted you from my alma mater, so Lao Chen will never take you away no matter what happens. I guess he didn't tell you about his resignation, right?"

Qi Mei nodded. She really didn't know that.

Three years ago, Yu Nan chose to start a business in the autonomous driving industry with the connections and technical skills he gained after having worked in the top factories in the country for many years. He even had a negotiation with Qi Mei in person when he returned to his alma mater. One had to know that Qi Mei was the most outstanding student in that batch. This was the third year she had been in the company. She first started off as an assistant engineer and now became a supervisor engineer. She was absolutely capable, and also, she was handpicked by Yu Nan for this job.

"To be honest, you've always surprised me. When the company was just established, many people left because of funding problems. At that time, we were a sheet of loose sand. I thought that you would not be able to withstand the pressure. After all, you were so young and outstanding. I could understand if you chose to leave with them. But you never complained. You were more determined than anyone else!"

Her heart was pounding after hearing his words. She felt that he was going to say something important.

"Although Lao He is still considering it, I've already decided that after Chen Tu leaves, you will take over his position." Yu Nan smiled thinly.

He Chong was the other founder of the company and also the chief architect.

She took a deep breath. Although Ping An Zhi Xing was a new company that had been established for only three years, it was already a rising star in the autonomous driving industry. Its prospects looked bright. She thought that she still had a few more years before she could get a promotion further. But to her surprise, the opportunity came so suddenly. She did not hesitate at all because she also had her own ambitions. She said calmly, "I won't disappoint you."

"It's almost time to get off work. I won't take up your time to go on a date," Yu Nan said with a bright smile.

She was startled, and her face turned slightly red.

"You're dressed up so beautifully today because you're planning to celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day with your boyfriend, right?" he joked.

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