Nice to Meet You, Please Marry Me Book

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Nice to Meet You, Please Marry Me


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Qi Mei was dumped by a scumbag. Not only did her ex-boyfriend not feel any guilt after cheating on her, but he even humiliated her for being poor and weak on social media. Later, he shamelessly contacted her in private. He asked her to move on and find herself a rich man to marry. Qi Mei was furious about dealing with such a brazen person. Fine. I can be realistic too! After learning that the old couple living in the expensive bungalow next door wanted to find their grandson a wife, Qi Mei created an opportunity for her to 'coincidentally' bump into the young man. She looked at his handsome face. "I heard you're looking for a wife. Instead of looking for someone you don't know, why don't you marry someone you know? We went to the same high school. What do you think of me?" *** During a high school anniversary celebration, Song Bojian received the most attention as the founder of a tech company in recent years. Everyone showered him with compliments. It was a glorious moment. Qi Mei was invited to make up the numbers. She sat with her other ex-classmates and observed while Song Bojian exuded confidence on stage. During the meal, somebody struck up a conversation about crushes during high school. Song Bojian, who had been silent all this while, looked at Qi Mei. Their male friends were all trying to court her. Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows. "What about you, Honey?" "..." Qi Mei was speechless. Everyone instantly looked at these two individuals who seemed to have nothing in common. Nobody knew how much effort Song Bojian had to put in and how long he had waited for this moment.


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