13 Finally Leaving & Test

Now heading to the Bifrost Cul's facial expression keeps getting colder and colder as he walked away from Bestla's room, it seems what she said and her behavior is bothering him more than he cares to admit.


Exiting the Palace Cul takes to the sky with a sonic boom speeding towards the Rainbow Bridge, as he just wants to leave Asgard even sooner now.

As he flys the bridge comes into sight in all its glory, he suddenly stops midair and drops onto the Bridge.


Landing straight on his feet he looks at the Bridge to see not even a scratch on it.

" I am really interested in the person who managed to build this thing, an impressive piece of work I must say," says Cul as he continues to walk to Himinbjorg

As he arrived at his destination he see his father, Odin, and Bard here seemingly waiting on him.

" Cul you're here, good so let's not waste time, you both will be seen to different locations on Aesheim at random, I care not what you do there as long as you bring no shame to the Asgardian race and return stronger than you left ."

" Now a piece of information for that you may or may not know, on Aesheim there is another pantheon of gods present but they are not a problem for you two, but you must look out for the elder gods as they have lived longer lives and that knowledge they have gathered in that time would be dangerous."

" When you enter the planet all power with any knowledge will be able to sense your arrival and will either have interest in you and not act, or actively try to find and kill you or there will be those with no interest in you, it does not matter, trust no one."

Listening to what Bor said they both just nodded in agreement with a serious face.

" Good now Odin you will leave first." As he said that Odin was struck by a rainbow-colored light and then was gone.

" Cul it your turn, before u go, a test."


An enormous pressure appeared from Bor's body engulfing the whole of Asgard shake it to its core forcing everyone to halt their breaths unable to move or think as builds around them fell and the sky turned black.

In the very center of this pressure, you could see Bard kneeling on the floor unable to stand while Cul was struggling but was still standing.

"Show me how strong you are, Cul!!"

instantly an equally powerful presence spread out only this time from Cul as the sky was now filled with lightning and people started to lose consciousness as the father and son duo stared down each other as seconds passed Cul presence overwhelmed Bor's and as soon as it happened they both calmed down and the pressure coming from them receded like a tide leaving only quiet like it was never there to begin with.

" Cul you have become stronger it won't be long before you reach the power I had in my prime maybe five hundred years the most."

" I'm not so sure about that right now, I can't see. to get stronger lately."

"Hahahahahahah, you're worried about that with your strength with now you are stronger than many gods in Asgard, don't worry so much there is only so much the body can handle even if the body is as strong as ours if u want to increase you divine and magical energy god would have to wait till you hit your growth spurt, when you do your strength will skyrocket once more, now time for you to go." As he said that Cul was hit by a rainbow light and disappeared.

In the rainbow-colored light, there was cul

" So I'm not getting stronger because of the limitations of the Asgardian race, wait for a growth spurt this is dumb, I need to start researching other strong races so my body can become stronger and I can leave these limits behind if not after a certain point my strength will start to be very hard to increase."

I'll need a strong bloodline from the system at something but right now it is not a priority.

Before Cul even knew what was happening he was already in the atmosphere of Aesheim going crash into the ground in the middle of a forest.

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