8 No Matter What's Wrong, Daddy Will Help You Deal With It!

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Sculpted Flower Garden.

It was a place reserved for members of the North Mystic Heaven's royal family to play.

This place had a circumference of 100,000 miles and was filled with mountains.

Forests, streams, hunting grounds, and amusement parks were all available.

At the beginning of the month, it was the peak time for the members of the imperial family to tour around.

Because Lin Xuan had just arrived in North Mystic Heaven and it was the beginning of the month,

his bunch of daughters had dragged him here early in the morning to tour it.

"Father, there are many cute demon beasts in that forest and many delicious ice fruits!"

"And over there, there are singing Basilisks!"

"Father, the clouds on that mountain can fly together with us!"

"The nine-winged frog in the river is the most fun! Father, let's go catch the frog!"

On the way into the flower garden, the four children chattered non-stop.

They were like little guides, fighting to introduce the interesting things in the garden to Lin Xuan.

Seeing how filial his daughters were, Lin Xuan was overjoyed.

"Don't worry, babies. Daddy will play with you one by one later."

Facing the children's enthusiasm, Lin Xuan agreed to them one by one.

When they saw Lin Xuan agree, the four little girls had happy smiles on their faces.

After touring for a while, Lin Xuan brought them to the amusement park in the center of the garden.

There were already a few members of the royal family who brought their children out to play.

When they heard that Lin Xuan was the biological father of the four little princesses, these royal family members all had respectful expressions.

A man who could become the empress' husband was definitely not an ordinary person.

Furthermore, Empress Mystic Ice was the strongest powerhouse in North Mystic Heaven.

They naturally had to praise her man.

After exchanging greetings with these royal family members, Lin Xuan found a place to rest.

Xuan Zhu and the others were touring in the amusement park not far in front of a group of royal children.

Lin Xuan was just in time to relax. He could rest and enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Not long after, an exquisite kite landed in front of Lin Xuan.

When Lin Xuan reached out to pick it up, a fair hand landed on his hand.

When her small hand touched the back of his hand, he retracted it, like he had been electrified.

He looked up and saw a beautiful little face of sixteen or seventeen years old looking at him with big dark eyes.

"This kite is yours?" Lin Xuan picked up the kite.

"Yes." Mu Youqing nodded with a blushing face.

"Here." Lin Xuan returned the kite to Mu Youqing.

"Thank you." Mu Youqing smiled brightly. "Young Master, I come here often. Why haven't I seen you before?"

Lin Xuan's handsomeness and brightness instantly won her heart.

Seeing that Lin Xuan was alone, Mu Youqing could not help but want to chat more with him.

Lin Xuan smiled faintly. "This is my first time here."

"Since we're both royalty, let's get to know each other. I'm Mu Youqing." Mu Youqing's eyes flashed.

"My name is Lin Xuan." Lin Xuan smiled.

"Got it." Mu Youqing did not think much of it.

After all, the Donghuang Imperial Clan had many distant relatives and relatives, as well as clans with the surname Lin.

At this moment, an older woman walked over and smiled at Mu Youqing.

"Youqing, you seemed to hit it off with the Consort."

"Consort! So you're my cousin-in-law!" Mu Youqing exclaimed with her mouth agape.

Her big eyes swept across Lin Xuan again.

As expected of the man that the empress fancied. He was indeed very charming.

The slightly older woman explained, "Consort, Youqing is the empress' distant cousin. So, you are her cousin-in-law."

"I see." Lin Xuan smiled.

"Cousin-in-law, come to the tea party later too!" Mu Youqing said enthusiastically.

"There are many young geniuses from the imperial clan at this tea party."

"Cousin-in-law, you look refined. You must be very knowledgeable."

"When the time comes, communicate with everyone, okay?"

Mu Youqing then told Lin Xuan about the tea party.

In summary, a group of youths from the royal family gathered to drink tea and chat.

They chatted about all sorts of topics.

Through this tea session, the youths of the royal family could better understand each other.

While they were bonding, they also laid a good foundation for the future development of the royal family.

According to Mu Youqing, this tea party had been abolished ten years ago.

Later on, it was restarted after the Empress, Donghuang Ziyou, ascended the throne.

From this, it could be seen that Donghuang Ziyou was indeed very insightful and knowledgeable.

Seeing how sincere Mu Youqing was, Lin Xuan felt that since they were here to play, there was no harm in bringing the children along.

"It's settled, then. I'll come find you later." Mu Youqing left happily with the kite.

"Okay." Lin Xuan nodded.

Just as he was about to sit down again, he heard a young voice from the front.

"Father, bad news!"

His eldest daughter, Xuan Zhu, rushed over.

Hugging her in his arms, Lin Xuan asked, "What's wrong, baby?"

Xuan Zhu turned around and pointed into the distance. "Xuan You fought someone."

"Is that so? Daddy, let's go take a look." Lin Xuan thought about how Xuan You was a little devil and would inevitably have conflicts with little children.

Although everyone here was royalty, the royal family was enormous.

With so many children gathered, it was similar to those children's playgrounds that Lin Xuan saw in his previous life.

Many of the royal children did not know each other at all.

Even if they knew each other, they would inevitably have small conflicts like fighting over toys.

With this in mind, Lin Xuan carried Xuan Zhu to the amusement park.

At this moment, there were already a few adults gathered at the amusement park.

The oldest person was Donghuang Deye, who had the same surname as Ziyou.

Precisely because of this, Donghuang Deye had a high status in the royal family.

From the looks of it, the boy who had fought with Xuan You was Donghuang Deye's son.

"Xuan You, stop!" Lin Xuan put down Xuan Zhu and hurriedly went forward to carry the little girl away.

Only then did Donghuang Deye dare to go up and pull his son away.

Lin Xuan could tell that even Donghuang Deye did not dare to casually pull Xuan You.

It seemed like this little devil was really not someone anyone dared to casually offend.

"Xuan You, why did you fight?" Lin Xuan asked.

Xuan You pursed her lips and shook her head. "I won't say anything!"

This little girl was really stubborn.

Lin Xuan decided to take it slowly. "Tell Daddy, no matter what problem it is, Daddy will help you solve it."

Xuan You continued to shake her head. "I can't say it! I can't say it!"

Lin Xuan was amused by this little girl. What on earth was it that made her keep it a secret?

Lin Xuan felt that if he wanted Xuan You to tell him the reason, he couldn't continue interrogating her.

He had to use some methods to deal with stubborn children.

Lin Xuan deliberately sighed and said,

"I didn't expect that my baby Xuan You would be unwilling to share her little secret with Daddy."

"Daddy is in a bad mood. I can't make delicious food today."

Xuan You's eyes immediately lit up when she heard that there was delicious food.

Her father's cooking was very delicious. If she couldn't eat it, how terrible would she feel?!

After some thought, Xuan You said, "Daddy, let me tell you why I fought with Donghuang Haoyu."

"It's because he said you look like a girl!"

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