Nerd In A Paranormal Condom Book

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Nerd In A Paranormal Condom


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"So please tell us, sir. What is your greatest weakness?" "Losing my wife", he grinned. The hostess smiled, "Aww, that's beautiful. What will you say is your greatest strength?" "Having my wife". "Okay sir, last question... How would you describe your wife?" His lips grew into a devious grin, uncontrollably holding the hand of his heart's desire. "The best dream no man but me deserves". The entire audience clapped in adoration. Delia smiled, glancing at her husband then back at the interviewer. The hostess then asked, "And sir, bonus question, how would you describe your marriage?" "A condom". Delia, his wife, then chipped in, "A paranormal one, at that". "One that none of us can escape, unless we go boom!" He smiled. • • • The son of a powerful western empire, Dilen Liam, has to prove his innocence against false racial accusations by dating a dark skinned girl; all to save his family's name and businesses. Unfortunately, things go beyond haywire when he gets intertwined with Delia Alan Ada, a Nigerian girl cursed yet gifted with the supernatural ability to see the future and speak to the unseen. Their attraction grows stronger and deeper beyond race and ethnicity, enclosing them in a paranormal condom-like romance. But all cards are played when their faith and love are put to the test — against powerful diabolic forces beyond their worlds had ever imagined. Romance. Paranormal. Horror. Urban. Politics. BWWM. Demons. Conspiracy. African. Nigerian. American. Cult. Power couple.