My boyfriend can control the darkness Book

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My boyfriend can control the darkness


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[Completed] This is a tormented lovestory between a fairy and a vampire. —Love is overrated. Do you really believe that love can conquer all? Even the darkness? Well, in this book it didn't because fate can be cruel when dealing with kindhearted people. Seth's the crown prince of Asgard who has been locked up from the world for more than twenty years. He's also a vampire and the current ruler of the dark throne. All rulers of the dark throne possess a limitless entity called "the darkness." Melody enters a harmless relationship with him unaware of the beast that he's nurturing inside. Their love chapters edges out very quickly, the real challenges commence after they start dating as she realizes that he's a bloodsucking destroyer. Seth is scared of his darkness because it's unpredictable and has a mind of it's own. He's killed or critically injured so many people because of it, and he's afraid Melody will leave him once she discovers just how much of a monster he really is. Mates in this universe are considered the ultimate lovers, It brought Seth and Melody together in almost a week. Melody, on the other hand, is a passion fairy, abandoned by her family and still recovering from her previous toxic relationship. With all these shortcomings, we wonder if Melody will be able to help Seth control his darkness or would he just go off like a ticking time bomb one day, destroying the planet as we know it. Despite marrying Kika and getting her pregnant will Luke still be able to get over Melody? And if he doesn't, will his obsession with her lead to his doom? Stay tuned to find out. This is my first book here, hehe. Official genre: Paranormal urban romance ***** This book has three volumes 1. Salty strawberries (mostly all the icky and mushy stuff is in here) 2. The storm (focuses more on magic as everything snowballs) 3. Control is a virtue (There's madness, there's bloodshed and then finally there's control) ***** The book is part of a series #Book one: Love is jade green not red {Josie and Killian's lovestory} •It hasn't started yet, might not only be printed in hard copies #Book two: My boyfriend can control the darkness {Melody and Seth's lovestory} •COMPLETED✓ #Book three: Like blood from a frozen heart {Kika and Luke's lovestory} •Ongoing, weekly updates commences next week ***** MBCCD book themes: Steamy romance✓ Vampires✓ Obsessive second male lead syndrome✓ Slice of life✓ Bad ass girls✓ Comedy✓ Werewolf✓ Regular updates✓ An author who messes with your waterworks✓ Check out the MBCCD photo album in auxillary chapters (you'll see pictures of how your favourite characters and places look like in real life) Discord username: funkiller#0717 [You can ask for an invite to the funkiller fanclub] Email: Funkillerwrites@gmail.com (for cover art donations) Patreon coming soon... Book cover is not mine. (Pls dm on Instagram if you want it removed)