51 Chapter 51: Grayfia

A/N: I have said this before, Akira is not a good person. He isn't even fully morally grey, more like dark grey.

Deciding against attacking Grayfia(barely) to avoid a political storm that may or may not happen I instead settled on the nastiest glare I could physically muster.

At this point, I am thinking of just uninstalling my doors. Why have the fucking bastards if nobody cares to use them?

"I must ask, are supernatural races incapable of grasping the concept or doors or is it just you that is an invalid?" I saw her visage turn into a slight glare for a split second before she suppressed it.

So she was here on business where she couldn't let her emotions interfere? I don't trust it. But regardless the moment she shows killing intent which I am very attuned to I will shadow swap the fuck out of here, enter ID Create. Camp out for a day. Call Azazel, strike a big ass deal in exchange for his protection and then drown them in so much political bullshit for trying to kill Azazel's business partner and maybe protege that they will wish they never stepped out of hell.

I know my worth, and now that plot has come kno- not knocking these motherfuckers don't know how to. 

Now that the plot has come teleporting into my living room it was time to make some moves. I can't hide from the plot for my entire life. I am not quite delusional enough to think that the plotline won't be fucked without my direct interference.

"I apologize for barging in Akira-sama. I have come here to apologize for my actions."

"You mean invading my house and nearly killing me? Did you think some words can make up for that? If so you can fuck right back to the underworld and keep doing your fetish maid cosplay somewhere else."

She did a maid's bow. Which signified to me that this was strictly for business and not an actual apology.

"I am truly apologetic for what happened. We were already stressed from prior negotiations and the discussions of Rias's marriage. I got a little too emotional, Rias is like a sister to me and I just want to see her happy."

I was completely unphased. Yes, she was genuine but the apology wasn't. Even if it was you could not pay me to accept that bullshit.

"So? Why are you really here? I am certain the maid of satan could be bothered to apologize to a mere human am I right?"

"...Yes, I am here as the maid of Lord Satan Sirzech's and the maid of the Gremory family. I really am here to make up for my actions against you Akira-sama." How cute, she is even referring to me as sama to soothe my pride.

"And how do you plan to do that?"

There is... very little to make me willing to cooperate with Shitzach and the Milf Maid. Though... My eyes very briefly went up to her incredible large breasts. 

Grayfia was probably the hottest woman I have ever seen without the personal bias I have against her. She hits so many criteria, Milf, Maid, Mommy Milkers, big ass.

Unfortunately, they stuck onto someone I wanted to goddam ruin.

Seeing my gaze Grafyia sighed. Well, she might not like my gaze but she can't do shit about it with what she is here for.


[Lucky Sukebe!]




That was still a thing that could happen? Honestly, it hasn't triggered for so long that I forgot about it.

Wait. In this situation? What the fuck sukebe?

"I guess you still are a teenage boy. Very well then." She had a helpless expression with a smile but I knew better. She was angry. She was just playing a role to appease me.

On the other hand, I myself was just befuddled. Did she really think I wanted to be compensated with this?

I mean... I did but that's beside the point. 

Why the hell did Lucky Sukebe decided to trigger now of all times? Why not any other time? Why against someone this important? Fuck it. We ball.

Grayfia sat down on the chair opposite of me. Purposefully riding her skirt up as she did so, showing me hints of her black lace panties. She had a seductive smile on her face as she kept riding it up little by little. Seeing the indiscernible look on my face she got up from the chair and came closer.

"Perhaps you want a closer look." She said, tugging on her top and exposing her bra as she put one of her knees on my bed next to me.


"Really? Do you really expect me to buy all of this Grayfia? Cut the act, I am a hormonal teenage boy, not a retarded one. What do you really want from me." Hearing my words she got up from her position and got back into a serious stance. Yet she did nothing to fix her clothes 

Honestly, sometimes, just sometimes I hate my flaw. But that hatred is overshadowed by it increasing my reserves by 50%.

She is taking advantage of my Libido. She must be doing this so that they don't lose out in case I ask for something big so she is instead trying to avoid paying using her body. 

...Pay with her body...

"Very well then. The real reason I am here is to ask you to reconsider. Unfortunately, I need you to join Rias' peerage and you must know the reason why. Lord Sirzech's and I are willing to pay you almost anything that isn't unreasonable as long as you agree. We can even promote you to high class and give you a title as long as you defeat Riser. And if you do not agree, I will execute you here for refusing to help in this matter when it could cause a civil war."

An ungodly amount of rage surged inside me before I suppressed it. I am better than that, I won't be controlled by anger.

This is... annoying. I am almost forced to interfere regardless. I am not scared of Grayfia, ID Create still exists. But if I do not help Rias everything goes to shit. I really do not want to turn this ecchi slice-of-life world into a war survival world.

I activated thought acceleration.

What are my choices?

My system already is aware of my capabilities and what I would do as it is a part of me. So knowing I can trust it I decided to rely on the paths mechanic.


A-) [Devil Time]

Accept the offer and join Rias' peerage and become a reincarnated devil.

+Affection with Grayfia is greatly increased

-Obedience with Grayfia is decreased

+Affection with Sirzech's is greatly increased

+Affection with the Gremory Peerage is largely increased

-Affection with Sona Sitri is slightly decreased.

-Race is changed to [Reincarnated Devil]

Unlocks Questline: [Rating Game: Riser]



B-) [Adamant Rejection]

(Rather retardedly) reject Grayfia's offer outright.

-Affection with Grayfia is massively decreased

-Obedience with Grayfia is massively decreased

-Affection with Sirzech's is decreased

-Affection with the Gremory Peerage is slightly decreased.

-[Grayfia] is hostile

A devil civil war may start.

The great war may ignite once more.

Unlocks Questline: [Great War]

Unlocks Questline: [Grayfia's Wrath]



C-) [ Pride ]

Join Rias Gremory's peerage in exchange for a special price.

-Affection with Grayfia is decreased

+Obedience with Grayfia is increased

-Affection with Sirzech's is slightly decreased

+Affection with the Gremory Peerage is increased

Get [Grayfia Lucifuge] as a servant

Unlocks Questline: [Revenge]

Unlocks Questline: [Rating Game: Riser]


I know what I am choosing.


She closed her eyes and sighed in resignation. Already accepting that I would probably try to scalp them. 

"Fine, I accept. I just want one thing." Grayfia opened her eyes and looked at my smirk with slight surprise.

"I want you." The silence was deafening. You could hear a pin drop.

"Excuse me?" It was as if she wasn't even able to understand what I had said.

"That's right, I want Grayfia Lucifuge."

"Are you serious?" Grayfia was genuinely befuddled by my retarded demand.

"You do realize that I am the wife and maid of the strongest Satan right? You could ask for wealth, a noble position, and even peerage members far stronger than yourself right now. Yet you dare ask for me?" What was this? A pathetic attempt to dissuade me?

I couldn't help but let out a chuckle. Yes, it was stupid, right? So stupid. Only a prideful idiot would dare try this.

After all, you must be very conceited to demand someone who is akin to a queen of the underworld to offer herself to you.

Rather fitting.

"That's right, wealth I can get easily, you don't know what I am capable of. Title is something I don't need but even if I did I can get that myself. Peerage members? Don't need them, I am a necromancer, after all, I already have unconditionally loyal minions."

She trampled on my pride so I will trample on hers.

I always pay someone back for their kindness. 

And I pay their Malice back tenfold.

She threatened my life so I will have hers.

"What I want is Grayfia Lucifuge. Of course, I know I can't have you all to myself yet. But I want you to be my maid, part-time is fine but I want you to be mine. After all, you were the one who threatened my life, and then trampled on my pride. If you won't accept this then fine."

"But you will live the rest of your life knowing this all could have been prevented if you were to just put your pride aside. I want you to serve me." Saying this I also used a golden heart of cards to increase my chances. Lest she cut me down where I stand.

Grayfia gave me the coldest glare I had ever seen, yet I was unphased. Why would I be scared of a dog behind a cage? But even as she kept her glare on me I showed no weakness and her glare dulled before her shoulders sagged.

[-10 Affection with Grayfia Lucifuge]

[+20 Obedience with Grayfia Lucifuge]

"Fine." She said in a quiet voice. My smirk grew wider. I couldn't help my sadism show. I grabbed her wrist, she resisted for a brief second but feeling that I was using only human levels of strength stopped. To her surprise, I pulled her to my lap.

"I'm sorry I couldn't catch that could you repeat it closer to me?" 

[(20)Obedience check passed]

[+5 Obedience with Grayfia Lucifuge]

Grayfia closed her eyes in irritation and resignation before saying it again.

"Alright, I shall serve you as your part-time maid. Now please let go of me so that I may discuss it with Lord Sirzechs Lucifer and inform Rias of your decision to join her." Well, I did not forcefully hold her in my lap anyway so she got up and fixed her dress all the while glaring at me.

But just as she was about to teleport away.

"By the way." Hearing my words she turned to me.

"I expect crepes for breakfast." She scoffed at me before teleporting away. I could've tried to make her do more extreme stuff right now but I knew better, haste made waste and vengence is a dish best served cold.


[ New Quest: Revenge ]



[ Quest: Revenge ]

Description: Your pride has been trampled upon and you were nearly killed. And your pride simply will not allow that. Make Grayfia pay. Preferably on her knees.


Get Grayfia to 50 Obedience: 1,000Max CE +10 Levels

Get Grayfia to 100 Obedience: 5,000Max CE +[Random Trait]

Get Grayfia to 50 Affection: 1,000Max HP +100Vit

Get Grayfia to 100 Affection: 5,000Max HP +[Random Trait]


Is she going to try and kill me in a month tops? Most definitely.

But it seems I really do like playing with fire.

A/N: What did you guys think about Akira's revenge? As I have stated numerous times Akira isn't a good person, it's my first time writing a morally dubious mc so I really want to hear your thoughts about it. By the if it wasnt obvious I was inspired by Kuro.



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