Necromantic Gamer's Journey(DxD) Book

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Necromantic Gamer's Journey(DxD)


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The world is unfair. That is a simple and unavoidable truth. The strong rule the weak and might makes right. No matter what you do if you are not strong enough it is worthless. Somebody stronger can just pry your accomplishments out of your cold dead hands. End your life just because they simply felt like it. So if you had the chance to become strong, the opportunity to achieve something. Wouldnt you take it? Then when you end up in the void after death and a translucent panel offers you the chance to start over again and experience life to its fullest wouldn't you accept? _______________________________________________ [New Game?] [Yes] [No] _______________________________________________ [Yes!] Note: I do not own the cover now do I have any claim over it