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Naruto has always had video games to fall back on growing up while the rest of the village pretty much treated him like garbage. What happens when Naruto wakes up to find his life has become one of the video games he loves so much. -------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. Any similarities between real people, living or dead, or places, standing or demolished, in this story are just coincidences. But if you like what I do and want to support me, you are more than welcome to donate on Place of Patrons.

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Chapter no.73 Soul Shards

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"Fuck you!"

Naruto practically screamed as he leaped backward, narrowly avoiding three swords aiming to impale him.

The dungeon monster before him was not particularly tough but proved to be a frustrating opponent due to its speed and agility. Its octopus-like arms extended with remarkable reach, allowing it to attack from virtually any angle.

As Naruto deflected another sword strike with the outer canopy of his umbrella, he kept his movements sharp and focused. Suddenly, from below and to the right, the air shimmered, revealing purple tentacles that had shed their camouflage to launch their bladed attacks.


A cloud of smoke erupted as the sound of swords impaling wood resonated through the air.

When the smoke cleared, the creature was met with the sight of a substitution log, not Naruto.


Naruto's voice rang out as the log, impaled by the tentacles and swords, exploded, sending shards and splinters flying.

Seizing the moment, Naruto aimed his umbrella forward and activated his technique.

Shadow Weapon Jutsu!

The senbon he fired multiplied from one into hundreds, quickly turning the humanoid octopus into a pincushion.

The creature's blood, a startling shade of blue, sprayed outward, painting the walls in an alien hue.

In response, the dungeon monster attempted to camouflage again, blending into its surroundings in a desperate bid to escape.

Naruto snorted dismissively and tapped the handle of his umbrella.

Instantly, the Fuinjutsu seals activated, transforming the umbrella into a javelin.

Naruto planted his feet firmly, feeling the smooth handle reassuringly solid in his hands.

With a calm breath, he visualized the trajectory, channeling his chakra and focusing on precision.

The javelin whistled sharply through the dim dungeon light as he launched it, his muscles releasing the built-up tension with controlled force.

The javelin struck the still camouflaged monster, pinning it against the wall with a sickening thud. Within moments, the creature's body began to dissolve, turning into goo that slowly dripped down the wall, leaving behind no trace of its existence except for the eerie stain on the stone.

[ Congratulations! You have defeated a dungeon monster ]

[ 1000 Exp has been earned ]

[ Dungeon Monster has dropped items ]

- [ Tentacles × 3 ]

- [ Sword ]

- [ Loincloth ]

Naruto barely had time to register the notifications flooding his vision before he sensed the presence of more dungeon monsters.

Quickly, his head turned towards the door in front of him. With a swift movement, he pulled it open and peered inside.

The hall was a bleak chamber, dimly lit and damp, with thick stone walls that seemed to absorb any hint of warmth.

Rows of rusty, iron cages lined the walls, some hanging from heavy chains that creaked mournfully with the slightest stir of air.

From these decrepit confines, about six similar dungeon monsters emerged, each one more menacing than the next. They snarled and hissed, their eyes gleaming with malice as they caught sight of Naruto.

Naruto sighed, a sound more of resignation than fear, as he slammed the door shut on the advancing horrors.

"Should I use fireball or..."

[ System Quest Alert ]

[ Quest: Learn Wind Style: Wind Bullets Jutsu ]

[ Objectives: ]

- [ Wind Affinity ]

- [ Chakra Control level 2 ]

- [ Practice handsigns × 10 ]

- [ Have knowledge of the mechanism of Jutsu ]

[ Reward: Wind Style: Wind Bullets Jutsu ]

[ Failure: None. ]

[ Action Required: Confirm acceptance or declination of class skill. ]

Naruto immediately used the Shadow Clone Jutsu, allowing each clone to read through the jutsu mechanism in their respective scrolls and practice the hand signs a few times.

[ Quest: Learn Wind Style: Wind Bullets Jutsu ]

[ Status: Completed ]

[ Reward: Wind Style: Wind Bullets Jutsu ]


[ Wind Style: Wind Bullet Jutsu - Level: 1 (Active) ]

[ Chakra Points (CP) Required: 10 per bullet ]

[ Description: User compresses air in lungs, shapes tongue to form vacuum bullet, rapidly releases air, creating a high-speed air projectile. ]

[ Passive Enhancements: ]

- [ Wind Manipulation: Increased control over wind-based Jutsu by 15% ]

- [ Air Current Sense: Enhanced ability to perceive changes in air currents by 10% ]

[ Active Boost: ]

- [ Wind Bullet: Launches a concentrated blast of wind, with a 25% increase in speed and piercing capability for 30 seconds upon activation. ]


Naruto swung the door back open with a grin.

"Let's go, my moving practice targets."

To his amusement, the dungeon monsters exchanged uncertain glances before they all camouflaged, disappearing into thin air.

Naruto closed his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, he filled his lungs to their maximum capacity, his chest expanding noticeably. He channeled his chakra into his lungs, reinforcing them as he prepared for his next move. Using his diaphragm and abdominal muscles, he compressed the air tightly within him, feeling the pressure build with every passing second.

"Wind Style: Wind Bullets!" 

In one swift motion, he snapped his tongue downward and opened his mouth, releasing a rapid burst of compressed air shaped like a bullet.

As he expelled the powerful bullets, his body remained rooted in place, stable and firm despite the intense release of wind chakra.

The air around him seemed to crackle and whip as he transformed the hidden monsters into nothing more than swiss cheese, their forms reappearing momentarily as they were struck down.


Gai-sensei had taught his signature Strong Fist style to all three of his students, but unlike Neji, who mastered Gentle Fist, or Lee, whose relentless determination had overcome his body's initial limitations, Tenten had struggled. Her body wasn't naturally suited for the immense physical demands of Strong Fist, nor did she possess Lee's singular patience and drive to adapt.

[ Skill: Strong Fist (Kyōkaken) ]

[ Level: 10 ]

[ Description: Strong Fist blends various disciplines to cause bone-breaking external damage. ]

[ Passive Enhancements: ]

- [ Beast's Body: Increases resilience, withstands 50% more trauma, speeds injury recovery. ]


[ Active Enhancements: ]

1. [ Budding Lotus: ]

   - [ Effect: Causes severe trauma to three critical points; increases damage by 25% per hit. ]

   - [ Description: Rapid spin kick sequence targeting neck, groin, stomach. ]


2. [ Early Opening: ]

   - [ Effect: High chance of disorientation or knockout; increases critical hit rate by 20%. ]

   - [ Description: Powerful upward chin kick, potentially lifting opponent off feet. ]


3. [ Half Bloom: ]

   - [ Effect: Drives opponent into the ground; doubles damage if the opponent is airborne. ]

   - [ Description: Flying suplex with a twist, slams opponent's head down. ]


4. [ Full Bloom - Primary Lotus: ] ( Locked )

5. [ Full Bloom - Secondary Lotus: ] ( Locked )

6. [ Morning Peacock: ] ( Locked )

7. [ Daytime Tiger: ] ( Locked )

8. [ Evening Elephant ] ( Locked )

9. [ Redacted ] ( Locked )

[ Warning: To unlock all active Enchantments, please learn skill - 8 Gates Release or upgrade skill to level 20. ]


"Guess learning the basics paid off," Tenten muttered to herself, a smirk playing on her lips. She channeled her chakra to her feet, which began to glow faintly. With a burst of energy, she executed the Strong Fist - Budding Lotus technique.

Her body became a blur as she rapidly spun, her chakra-enhanced kicks sending swords flying away before she lunged forward, impaling a dungeon monster against the wall.

The sudden exertion tore at her muscles painfully. The agony was sharp, a burning sensation tearing through her legs as if her muscles were splitting. Tenten groaned under the strain, feeling the fibers of her muscles literally tearing from the force of her own attack.

And then, in seconds, the pain subsided, healed by her rapid recovery.

"Note to self, don't combine Strong Fist or Flash Fist ever again," she reminded herself wryly, panting slightly from the exertion and pain.

Just as she steadied herself, the creak of a door snapped her attention forward.

More dungeon monsters appeared, stumbling into her view.

Tenten's eyes narrowed, a spark of defiance—or perhaps madness, born from the thrill of battle—flashing in her gaze.

"You know what, I am going to use you all as test subjects for my new weapon," she declared boldly, her voice echoing slightly in the cavernous hall. Reaching for one of her scrolls, she unrolled it swiftly.

As the smoke cleared, a large mortar cannon revealed itself, its shiny metal barrel imposingly mounted on a robust wooden carriage. The sturdy wheels and metal reinforcements on the carriage, including chains and brackets, gleamed in the dim light of the dungeon. Tenten couldn't help but feel a surge of pride—this was one of her more formidable and inventive weapons.

"Fire in the hole!" Tenten called out confidently, her voice reverberating off the stone walls. Her fingers danced swiftly over the explosive seal, activating it with precision.

With a thunderous roar, the cannon fired. The ball shot out of the barrel with immense force, arcing swiftly into the hall where the dungeon monsters had gathered. Tenten watched, her eyes following the trajectory, her body tensed for impact.

The moment the cannonball hit, there was a deafening explosion.

The ground beneath her feet trembled, and the walls of the basement shuddered as if the whole structure might collapse.

Dust and debris flew through the air, clouding her vision temporarily.

"Tenten, when did you get a cannon?" Naruto's voice echoed across the hall, incredulity mixing with his usual energy.

"I made it," Tenten replied, a proud smirk playing on her lips as she glanced over the smoking barrel of her newly deployed weapon.

"A ninja and a cannon?"

"What can I say? Bitches love cannons," Tenten quipped, her smirk widening at her own joke.

Naruto gave her a deadpan look, clearly unamused by the remark, but before he could even formulate a response, the situation escalated. A dungeon monster burst onto the scene, its three swords lunging straight for Naruto's neck. The swords shattered upon impact, their fragments clinking harmlessly to the floor as Naruto's neck was covered in a layer of diamond.

With a swift movement, Naruto threw a jab, the sheer force of his attack turning the dungeon monster into vapor before it could even recoil from its failed strike.

"Whatever, let's just find Hinata."

[ Congratulations! You have defeated 12 Dungeon monsters ]

[ Exp Earned! ]

- [ Tenten Higurashi — 6660 EXP ]

- [ Naruto Uzumaki — 9000 EXP ]

[ Dungeon Monster has dropped items ]

- [ Tentacles × 23 ]

- [ Sword × 12 ]

- [ Dungeon Monster Blood × 2 ]

- [ Soul Shards × 12 ]

Naruto and his clones, along with Tenten, had scoured every inch of the basement area in a frantic search, but Hinata was nowhere to be found.

They had deliberately avoided the hall that led further into the depths of the dungeon, hoping to find her in the vicinity.

As seconds turned to minutes, Naruto's panic grew. Physically, he paced relentlessly, his movements sharp and erratic. Mentally, he was a storm of anxiety and fear, thoughts swirling chaotically as the possibility of not finding Hinata became more real.

Suddenly, Tenten placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, her touch grounding.

"You have a plan?" Naruto asked, turning to her with a look of hopeful desperation.

Tenten shook her head gently.

"Naruto, you are the leader."

Naruto was taken aback by her words.

"It's time for you to step up. Make the call, I'll follow whatever decision you make," Tenten encouraged, her eyes locking onto his.

The weight of her words hit Naruto hard.

They could press forward, potentially completing the dungeon and finding Hinata by default, but abandoning her was out of the question.

"Tenten, I am not going to abandon my friend," Naruto asserted firmly.

"You're not the type of guy to do so, but there is no clue where Hinata disappeared off to, even when both of us didn't even notice," Tenten replied.

"I have a way," Naruto announced decisively, his expression hardening as he activated Spirit Possession. His eyes darted through the hall, scanning every shadow and corner for any sign that might lead them to Hinata.

As Naruto surveyed the scene, his eyes finally rested on a sacrificial skeleton, eerily positioned as if clawing its way out of a hole.

"Interesting," he murmured, spotting a sacrificial symbol etched onto the ground nearby.

"I think I found a lead," he declared, pulling out the silver coin he had pocketed earlier.

Tenten leaned over his shoulder to get a better look.

"It's the same symbol," she noted, observing the match between the coin and the symbol on the ground.

"Indeed," Naruto confirmed, flipping the coin to reveal a small circle with seven dots around it.

Without hesitation, he took out two kunai and threw them, aiming them according to the locations of the dots depicted on the coin.

One kunai embedded into the ground where Hinata had last stood, while the other disappeared into thin air at another spot marked by a dot.

"There is a trap that transports down into another portion of the dungeon, and it's one way out," Naruto explained, catching Tenten's puzzled expression.

"Why do you say that?" she asked, seeking clarity.

In response, Naruto threw another kunai at the same spot where the previous one had disappeared.

This time, it stuck in place. Pointing at the skeleton again, he added, "It's clawing its way out, meaning Hinata is currently stuck there."

"Let's go then!" Tenten urged, positioning herself according to Naruto's directions.

The moment Naruto stepped on the specified spot, his surroundings morphed into a twisted blur.

When his vision cleared, he found himself seated at a giant table, laden with an array of dishes that seemed both exotic and oddly tempting.

"Won't you eat some?" a woman's voice coaxed him.

Naruto glanced up to see a beautiful, slender, green-skinned woman with short, dark hair and large, bright green eyes.

Her attire was minimal, consisting of a white skirt and bra, with light blue ribbons elegantly wrapping around her torso and limbs. The ribbons fluttered with each movement, lending her an ethereal, mystical presence.

The thing that troubled Naruto the most was his inability to glean any information about this woman using his observer feat.

No name, no level, nothing appeared.

[ System Chat ]

- [ Tenten: Naruto, are you there? ]

- [ Naruto: Yeah, I am stuck at some kind of giant table with a lot of food. ]

- [ Tenten: Same. ]

- [ Naruto: Do you also have a weird chick trying to feed you food? ]

- [ Tenten: Yes. ]

- [ Naruto: Same, same, same. ]

- [ Tenten: What's wrong? ]

- [ Naruto: I can't get any info on the chick, meaning she isn't real, but we both have encountered her, so we are stuck in some kind of trap. ]

- [ Tenten: How do we get out? ]

- [ Naruto: Eat the food. ]

Naruto's gaze lingered on the feast before him, noticing with a hint of relief that his observer feat affected the food.

[ Item: Dream Food ]

[ Description: Due to the line of succession, potential members of the royal family of the kingdom of Rondon were to be sent to this dungeon before it was taken over by the cult. Originally crafted by mages for the elite, this place was intended as a retreat where the mind could rest while their bodies were devoured by a monster. ]

[ Warning: Eating this food will send your consciousness into your body. ]

He reached out and picked up a simple apple, feeling its firmness.

As he raised it to his lips, the mysterious woman beside him whispered, "You eat it, you'll regret it."

"Can you stop with this reverse psychology bullshit?" Naruto retorted, his annoyance breaking through as he took a bite of the apple.

Naruto's eyes fluttered open, and he immediately felt the harsh reality of stone beneath him.

As he lifted his head, his heart sank.

The smell of decay was overpowering, emanating from a room strewn with the skeletal remains of countless victims. These bones lay scattered across the floor like a macabre carpet.

Above this grim scene stretched a vast spiderweb, glistening ominously under the dim light cast by a giant Fuinjutsu array that sealed the space from the rest of the dungeon.

Suddenly, he felt Tenten's hand press firmly over his mouth, her gesture urgent.

She silently pointed towards a distant part of the web.

Naruto's gaze followed her direction, and his breath caught in his throat at the sight that greeted him.

Suspended in the web was a creature that was a haunting blend of arachnid and human. The upper body of the dungeon monster was disturbingly human-like, with pale, almost translucent skin and a slender, graceful form. Her face, framed by flowing dark hair that cascaded down to her shoulders, featured piercing, multi-faceted eyes that shimmered with an unsettling mix of intelligence and hunger. A crown of smaller eyes and chitinous growths adorned her head, giving her an otherworldly appearance. Her lower body, however, transitioned into a massive, glossy black spider abdomen, supported by multiple long, jointed legs sheathed in a dark, armored exoskeleton.

Naruto's heart pounded as he realized what was happening.

The creature was in the process of wrapping Hinata inside a cocoon.

The monster's body and face bore holes, evidence of a fierce battle with Hinata before they had arrived.

Tenten's grip tightened slightly, a silent signal of caution and readiness.

[ Name: The Poison's Beauty ]

[ Status: Malnourished, Reactive Hypoglycemia, DOT ]

[ Title: Dungeon Monster ]

[ Level: 13 ]

[ Class: Poison Master ]

[ Race: Arachne ]

[ HP: 1350 / 5350 ]

[ AC: 35 ]

[ CP: 1000 / 6k ]

[ Lineage Traits:

  - Web Manipulation ]

[ Class Features:

  - Paralytic Poison ]

[ Feats:

  - Human Killer ]

[ Stats: ]

  - [ STR: 37 ]

  - [ DEX: 45 ]

  - [ CON: 5 ]

  - [ INT: 3 ]

  - [ WIS: 2 ]

  - [ CHA: 25 ]

  - [ VIT: 6 ]

  - [ LUK: 0 ]

[ Allies: None ]

[ Equipment: ----- ]

[ Description: A demi-human monster purchased solely for use by royal and noble families. This fort was built to conceal her from the public. To her, the world is confined to the walls of her room. Food is sporadic, and her supply has been severely disrupted since the cult took over, leaving her extremely hungry and volatile. ]


[ System Chat ]

- [ Naruto: Good news, the monster is weak and hungry. ]

- [ Tenten: Bad news, Hinata is poisoned. ]

Naruto's gaze shifted quickly towards Hinata, checking her status.

[ Name: Hinata Hyuga ]

[ Status: Semi Player, Poisoned ]

The sight wasn't encouraging.


[ System Chat ]

- [ Tenten: Plan? ]

- [ Naruto: I'll take on spider ugly, and you'll cure Hinata's poison. ]

Tenten opened her mouth to ask how, then remembered the magic ring she wore.

- [ Tenten: Okay. ]

With a deep breath, Naruto shouted, "Oi, Spider-chan come and eat this plump juicy orange handsome...."

"Overselling this, aren't you?" Tenten commented in a deadpan tone.

Naruto ignored her skepticism and continued, his voice rising, "Premium grade meat for you to eat and choke on you, you ugly piece of shit!"

Naruto's attempt to intimidate the creature with a yell fell flat as the dungeon monster opened its mouth, aiming to bite Hinata. Tenten, quick on her feet, threw a kunai with precision.

"Fuin!" she shouted.

The flash bang seal attached to the kunai activated, emitting a blinding light that momentarily disoriented the monstrous Arachne.

"Just fireball it!" she yelled over to Naruto.

Nodding, Naruto centered himself, drawing in a deep breath as he focused his chakra. He knew he needed precision over power, mindful of Hinata's proximity to the creature.

With a sharp exhale, he released a golf ball-sized fireball, the small orb of flame blazing through the air directly at the monstrous Arachne.

The fireball hit its target, singeing the creature without harming Hinata.

However, the attack, while effective, seemed to only infuriate the Arachne further. With a screech of rage, the creature recovered quickly from the initial shock of the flash bang and the burn of the fireball. It charged at Naruto, its large chelicerae aimed directly at his neck, moving with a terrifying speed spurred by pain and anger.

Reacting swiftly, Naruto activated the Earth Style: Diamond Skin Jutsu, which hardened his skin to an impenetrable shield just as the monster's fangs clamped down.

With a fierce jerk of his head, Naruto headbutted the Arachne.

The impact, powered by a burst of chakra, flung the monster backward, freeing Naruto from its grasp.

Meanwhile, Tenten dashed off to help Hinata.

Naruto's gaze then snapped back to the dungeon monster.

In a blur of motion, flash step, he appeared above the Arachne, his leg arched for a devastating axe kick.

The kick came down with intense force, enough to crack the ground, yet the dungeon monster blocked it, its own strength surprising Naruto as he was thrown back.

Landing nimbly on his feet, Naruto narrowly avoided a lacerating web flung at him, embedded with rusted swords. It seemed the Arachne could manipulate the webs and swords as if wielding a giant whip. Dodging with a swirling kata, Naruto clicked the handle of his umbrella, transforming it into a war hammer just as the monster charged again.

Naruto swung the war hammer with all his might, meeting the monster's slash in a clash of strength. It quickly became apparent that it was a contest he couldn't win through brute force alone. As the Arachne's mouth opened, ready to spew web fluid, Naruto's quick thinking shifted the battlefield.

He enacted a genjutsu, and suddenly, the grim dungeon transformed into a room filled with rows upon rows of meat.

The Arachne, caught in the illusion, was momentarily disoriented. Its instincts overwhelmed by the genjutsu, it saw the meat as real and lunged to satiate its hunger.

However, the monster's primal urges were so strong that even in the midst of the genjutsu, it charged at Naruto, pinning him against the wall.

The handle of his weapon pressed against her neck as she snapped ferociously, still caught in the illusion. Naruto could see in her eyes—a wild, desperate craving for food manifested by the genjutsu, driving her actions even as she remained trapped in the imaginary world.

Before Naruto could launch his counter attack, Tenten seized the opportunity, launching herself with incredible agility.

Using the acceleration to her advantage, she drove her katana deep into the Arachne's abdomen.

Instantly, blueish flames erupted from the wound, enveloping the blade and searing the monster's flesh.

The Arachne's pained scream echoed through the dungeon as it writhed in agony.

Reacting to the chaos, the monster turned just in time to find Hinata landing deftly on its back.

Hinata wasted no time, her Neko Te slicing swiftly through the Arachne's eyes.

Blinded and disoriented, the monster flailed helplessly.

[ System Chat ]

[ Naruto: Jump! ]

In perfect sync, Hinata and Tenten propelled themselves away from the monster.

Seizing his chance, Naruto executed a powerful side kick, his body pivoting with practiced precision. His foot connected with the Arachne's side, sending it crashing into the dungeon wall with a resounding thud. The impact cracked the stone, dust billowing into the air.

Without hesitation, Naruto summoned a dozen shadow clones.

In unison, the clones drew deep breaths, and then a volley of Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu lit up the room.

Balls of fire hurtled towards the Arachne, their intense heat turning the cold, damp dungeon into a blazing inferno.

The flames engulfed the Arachne, consuming it completely.

The heat was so intense that the very air seemed to warp and shimmer, and the stone walls of the dungeon blackened and cracked further under the onslaught.

In moments, the dungeon monster was reduced to nothing but ash.

[ Congratulations! You have defeated a Dungeon monster ]

[ Exp Earned! ]

- [ Tenten Higurashi — 660 EXP ]

- [ Hinata Hyuga — 200 EXP ]

- [ Naruto Uzumaki — 3000 EXP ]

[ Dungeon Monster has dropped items ]

- [ Silk Thread ]

- [ Poison Vial ]

- [ Soul Shards × 6 ]

Naruto abruptly dismissed the notification on his interface, his attention redirected as he felt Tenten's leg nudge him subtly. "What?"

Tenten gestured towards Hinata, who was sitting quietly, her gaze downcast. She leaned in and whispered just loud enough for Naruto to hear, "Hinata's mood is down because she feels like she is a burden."

"That's bullshit," Naruto practically yelled, his reaction immediate and loud as he turned towards Hinata. His voice softened as he addressed her directly, "Hinata, you weren't a burden, you were awesome!"

Hinata looked away, her voice small and filled with self-doubt.

"I couldn't defeat it."

"So what?" Naruto countered, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. His expression was earnest as he tried to lift her spirits. "Look, this dungeon has a lot of stuff none of us know about. Just because you fell for one trap or couldn't defeat a frankly high level monster on your own doesn't mean you're useless. Come on, without you, we probably would have lost to the dogs outside. So turn that frown upside down or I'm going to use my shadow clones to scream at how awesome you are."

Hinata couldn't help but chuckle at Naruto's threat, a small smile breaking through her earlier melancholy.

"Good, now help us find the exit from this place."

Hinata's Byakugan activated, her eyes taking on their characteristic veined appearance as she scanned their surroundings.

Naruto and Tenten exchanged a quick thumbs up, pleased with the shift in Hinata's mood.

With a brief moment of calm, Naruto's eyes then moved to his inventory, finally having the time to check out the items they had gathered.

[ Item: Soul Shards ]

[ Description: These are dropped by high-level dungeon monsters. Soul Shards are a crucial crafting material used to create Skill Stone Runes. ]


[ Author Note: ]

1. Naruto finally gets a Wind Style jutsu. I hope you all liked how I added the mechanism for the jutsu. Just like the majority of the jutsus in this fanfic, I try to add science into it to enable cool and realistic depictions of low-grade techniques done by high-level people, like how Inoichi used the Transformation Jutsu — refraction and reflection of light — to turn invisible. Using this opportunity, I wanted to ask if this style of adding science into jutsus is something you all like, or should I go into the more esoteric side of the jutsus?


2. What was the purpose of this entire chapter? Other than giving Naruto and co. experience, fights, and power-ups via level-ups, this portion of the story was to add more depth to what exactly dungeons are. For instance, the description of the Dream Apple and the Arachne is to hint that she wasn't a part of the cult that has taken over the fortress; rather, she was just a beast kept by the empire to kill off their opposition. This way, I can drop hints about the true nature of the dungeons to make them more alive and to make it so that the system's power is questioned by the characters and the readers.


3. The last item description and the chapter title should hint that I wanted you all to focus on soul shards. So, in the next chapter, Naruto will gain a few more jutsus from the Uzumaki clan. I kinda asked you all a few chapters back, but I didn't get more than like two responses, so this is going to be the last time I ask: What cool jutsus do you all want to see?


4- Also, Tenten getting Strong Fist. I thought it was a cool way to add to her arsenal because now, with the Senju bloodline and Flash Fist, she would be able to use some of it. This also fills out a plot hole about Naruto Shippuden where, when Gai used the 8 Gates, he was able to bust out these powerful techniques without any mistakes.

So, I added this: essentially, all of the special moves that Gai pulls off can be used without the 8 Gates; they are just weaker. For example, Morning Peacock is equal to a B-rank jutsu, but with the 8 Gates, it gets buffed to S-rank. Plus with Tenten using Flash Fist to compensate for the Strong Fist style, Naruto still keeps his flash fist's uniqueness.

I hope you all like it.


Here's what the Arachne looks like:



Thank you for enjoying my work and for your ongoing support. Have a blessed rest of the day, and please share your thoughts in the comments! ]