Naruto: The Sorcerer Supreme

A young girl is reborn into the Shinobi World before chakra even existed. Watch her become its guardian who helps guide fate while intervening when she deems it necessary. Not gonna be a long one and purely Imaginative. Discord: https://discord.gg/zhSjBbUy Read chapters ahead on Patreon.com/KillerDJ2023

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Chapter 52: Hell

The Convergence came to an end around an hour later, with the rest of the meeting merely consisting of them discussing the details of how they would combat any and all major threats that appeared to them. 

But, at the same time that this was occuring, another meeting of major proportions was taking place in an adjacent Dimension.


Jörmungandr appeared in a fiery and dark Dimension, with him turning his nose up at all of the fire and brimstone surrounding them.

'I don't know why that bastard chooses to reside in such a remote Dimension. I mean, who the hell wishes to live like a Hell Lord when you don't even become a Hell Lord.' Jörmungandr thought to himself as he moved past the souls that tried to cling to his feet.

He then stopped as two massive demons landed in front of him, both wearing evil and demonic grins on their faces as they looked at him like pray.

"Kneel down and we may spare your life, but if not then you shall face and eternal strife!!" The larger of the two demons spoke as it licked it's lips.

"Honestly, I don't understand why he even keeps pests like you around. What could possibly make him interested enough to wish to keep dumbasses like you two around?" Jörmungandr questioned to himself.

His words seemed to infuriate the two demons, with the smaller one swinging their blade towards him with a wicked grin.

"You dare to disrespect the greatness of demons?!? I shall torture you for eternity you pathetic heathen!!" The Demon yelled.

But, the blade shattered upon making contact with Jörmungandr's skin, with him grabbing the demon by the throat and holding him in the air.

"Utterly pathetic." He spoke, with his palm suddenly on the chest of the other demon while still holding up the first one.

The demon in Jörmungandr's grasp could only stare in fear, an emotion it had never felt before, as it say the larger demon scream before beginning to melt due to the purple corrosive liquid inside of him, with the demon being forced to be melted apart inside out.

Jörmungandr then slammed the demon in his hand into the ground, shattering the brimstone beneath his feet and ending the life of the demon once and for all.

Jörmungandr then blasted off towards the largest castle in the Dimension, with him blasting through the roof to arrive in what looked to be a pool area, with many demons surrounding a red haired man, one that sighed upon seeinbg him.

"Excuse me ladies, I have to speak with my guest for a moment." The man said as he stood and conjured clothing on his body, with him then having a stare off against the World Serpent.

"What are you doing here?" The man questioned, seemingly growing tired of the staring game that the two were playing.

"I should be asking you that. You seem to be sitting here, wasting your life away when their is so much more that you could be doing in life. It's unbeffiting of you, Fenrir." Jörmungandr said.

"Oh? Should I follow in your footsteps and wander around the Universe while searching for threats against our planet? Or maybe I should just live in a cave and never be seen again like Irene does! Or, I know! Maybe I should go become a hermit like Oogway!! That would be beffitting of me?? Would it?" Fenrir asked as his form began to shift, with his finger nails becoming claws while his teeth became sharper.

But, Jörmungandr didn't show an anxiety as his pupils turned snake-like and he stared at his brother, as if daring him to make a move.

Then, Fenrir calmed down, with him returning to his human state as he looked at his brother.

"What do you want? Unless it's something dealing with Mother then I won't be leaving my realm." Fenrir said.

"What if I tell you that their is a clan of beings with power on the same level of ours." Jörmungandr spoke with a smile, with Fenrir's eyes widening.

While the two disagreed on most things, one thing was common between the two, with that being the fact that they were beings that loved to battle.

"I've found and outpost belonging to one of them by interrogating one of their Clansmen. Now, since their is a decent amount of them, I'm planning on gatheirng all four of us to deal with them." Jörmungandr explained.

"Well, what are you waiting for. Once you said I could get a good fight in, I was already prepared to go!" Fenrir said as a portal opened.

"Alright. Next, let's go get Oogway." Jörmungandr said as the two brother planned to assemble their siblings for the first action that would spark the war against the Otsutsuki.