Naruto: The Life of Shirai Haruno

(18+) Truck-Kun claims another Victim, Sean. Sean meets an old man, A ROB perhaps or a god, and gets reincarnated into the Natutoverse as Shirai Haruno, The older brother of Sakura Haruno. What will he Do to Carve his name in this Dangerous world? Will he even Survive?

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A fair deal.

"3... 2... 1..."


It was a day of celebration, The year which signified the ending of the most brutal war since the warring states as well as the inauguration of the Village's Beloved Fourth had ended.

The streets of konoha were filled with a huge crowd, a large podium stood before the hokage's building. On it stood the Village's celebrity, The hero of the Third shinobi war, Minato Namikaze.

His yellow hair blew in the slight breeze, his deep ocean blue eyes looking all around him. And the beautiful... Erm, Nauseated? Expression was adorned in his face.

Oh God! The hokage's drunk. I thought as I looked at the local celebrity, he obviously didn't want to give a speech or be there, poor guy.

"Heppy... New ears!! Woo!!" He shouted with his arms in the air, every one in the audience fell silent, watching their idol drunk.

He was clearlry intoxicated by his wanky weird movement and his shaking voice, I as well as the entire audience could notice that.

"I am very... Gwateful for al..." Minato Namikaze swayed back and forth before falling down from the stage.


I winced upon hearing the sound, The sound of the hokage colliding with the stone pavement didn't sound good.

Just call a fucking medic and detoxicate yourself, Oh god, Dumb blondes and their Antics. I thought to myself as the hokage was carried away by the members of his guard platoon.

"AHEM!! AHEM!!" Hiruzen, The third hokage, got everyones attention with two large coughs. He stood near the mike and was likely trying to correct the mistake of his successor.

"Don't mind the Fourth, He's a little Dru-" The hokage was interrupted by the toad sage of mount myoboku.

"Sick" the Sage said, correcting his Sensei.

"Ah yes He's a little Sick... " Hiruzen siad with a low voice. He quickly glared at Jiraya before resuming his speech.

"We are here today, in this aspicious day. The new year's." The crowd cheered.

"This year has been a long one, but the Third great was has finally ended with everyone having full bellies." The Hokage clapped, The croud continued the cheering.

This is boring as fuck. Except for Minato falling, that was intresting. I couldn't help but be bored upon hearing Hiruzen's speech. During the speech, something else caught my attention.

A black haired boy, having onyx coloured eyes was walking through the crowd. He wore Uchiha styled garments with the Uchiha crest. This boy was definitely an Uchiha. Moreover this was not any normal Uchiha, this was...

Itachi Uchiha!! I was surprised at seeing one of my childhood's favourite character. Of course this was nothing to be surprised at, the Uchiha heir and I lived in the same village.

He and I made eye contact for a spilt second, he squinted his eyes for a moment before looking away quickly.

Was he looking how big my forehead was, this bastard!! Angrily thought Shirai.


3rd person pov

In a thick green forest, somewhere in kohohagakure in the land of fire. A kid no older than 5 was running in a thick forest, jumping from tree to tree. Throwing dull and second handed kunai with impressive accuracy.

Shirai Haruno winced as one of his kunai's fell down on the ground and cracked. He winced slightly upon seeing the large crack going down the middle of one of his precious kunai.

He had managed to collect 15 old kunais from many training grounds in konoha along with 12 shuriken. Now the number of kunai he had had decreased by 1.

He inspected the kunai, sighing upon seeing its condition. He went back to what he was doing moments later.

The goal was to hit 7 targets simultaneously while hopping from tree to tree in successive fashion. He had only just begun to grasp the throwing of kunai, while throwing shuriken was much easier for him because of the easier hand motion.

Shuriken were usually throwin in curves and arcs while Kunai are mainly thrown straight.

Shirai practiced throwing until the art was perfected.


Behind a tree, a kid, no older than 6 having black hair and black eyes and tear marks, Itachi Uchiha, was sneakily hiding behind a tree while looking at the kid practicing Infront of him.

What strange pink hair, it that a kekkei genkai (bloodline limit) like dad's and Shishui's sharingan? The Uchiha thought with curiosity.

Itachi noticed that the kid was just around his age and had already started practicing in shinobi arts, he had pink hair and a large forehead and stuck out like a sore thumb in the noticeably darker shades jungle.

How is he so fast? Itachi thought as he looked at the younger kid, He watched as the pink haired kid jumped from branch to branch swiftly and threw a kunai which only slightly gased the the targeted log, to his disappointment.

He is so cool, like Shishui! The Uchiha couldn't help but compare the two. But he also understood that while the pink haired kid is quick and agile, he still isn't a match for the older and better trained shishui.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of wind being cut. He looked to his right. A Shuriken was coming right for him, he panicked, leaving his bidding spot. Instead, the shuriken hit the tree which he was hiding behind.

"Why'd you do that?" The heir to the Uchiha said, slightly surprised. He was trained to suppress emotions from a young age, that is why Itachi managed to keep is cool. Uchiha's aren't born, they are made. (Insert epik phonk music)

"You have been watching all this time, one thing you forgot to notice was that." Shirai said as he pointed at the carved tree. A circular traget was carved upon the tree, the tree in which Itachi was preeking from.

"You knew I was looking?" Itachi asked, suprised that the younger kid had noticed him.

"Duh, I was deliberately trying to not hit the target." Shirai said, sending chakra to his feet and dangling from the tree branch, upon doing so, the Uchiha seemed to have sparkling eyes.

This is Itachi Uchiha? He's pathetic. Has the butterfly effect finally starting to take place or is it just because he is a child? Shirai thought as he looked at the awestruck Uchiha.

"That's cool, can you teach me?" He pleaded with sparkling eyes, Shirai pinched the bridge of his nose. Aw hell naw!

"I ain't teaching you, Shoo Shoo. Go find someone else to trouble." Shirai said to the Uchiha, The Uchiha looked dissapointed a cartoonish hue appeared above his head and he turned back, skulking and probably on his way to head home. It turned out that Itachi hadn't learnt this method of chakra control yet.

A lightbulb lit in Shirai's head, A mischievous grin appeared on his face, his eyes were shrouded in shadow and his hair swayed menacingly. He suddenly formed a sweet smile.

"Okay, I will teach you." Shirai said as the Skulking boy immediately turned back with a large grin, his emotions completely flipped to that of 5 seconds ago.

"Really!?" The Uchiha said in Joy and happiness. Shirai couldn't help but evily laugh internally at the Uchiha's delight.

Shirai raised a finger, Itachi got curious.

"On one condition. I will teach you the Cool Sticking jutsu and you will teach me a technique in return." Shirai told the boy. Itachi nodded in affirmation before thinking for a split second and answering.

"But I only know the great fireball jutsu." He stated sadly.

"Then I will teach you the Cool Sticking jutsu and you will have two techniques." Shirai said to the innocent kid. The Uchiha's frown flipped and was smiling with a wide grin.

"But you will also have to teach me the Great fireball jutsu, okay!" Shirai said with a smile, Itachi looked ecstatic to do the deal.

"Okay, I will teach you The great fireball jutsu aswell." Itachi said to Shirai.

Get scammed sucker, hehehe. Shirai thought internally with a menacing look on his face.

"What are you smilng like that, it's weird." Itachi stated the obvious. Shirai corrected his face and laughed nervously like nothing had happened.

"It's nothing, don't worry about it. Also don't tell your parents, you'd want to give them a suprise right?" Shirai said to the innocent kid. Itachi might become the best genjutsu user on the future but he is already in Shirai's genjutsu.

"Yeah, Yeah. You're right. Deal." Itachi said, with the happiest expression on his face.

"The Deal." Shirai confirmed the deal.

Get Scammed Boi!!!! Hehehehe


*Get scammed Boi!!!! Hehehehe*

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