Naruto: The Hima clan

Roberts now having avenged his daughter's death finds peace in the embrace of death, but finds himself in a tricky situation as a R.O.B presents him with a deal he couldn't deny. watch as he navigated through thee dangerous world and bring his clan to the top

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33 Chs

The Plan (21)

I'm sorry guys for what happened before, it seems there was a mistake in the draft I saved up, but anyways enjoy the full chapter 


After Iroh spoke, a moment of stillness swept through the forest. The only sounds were the rustling of leaves, the melodies of birds, and the other natural music of the woods. For a brief moment, peace and tranquility filled the air. But suddenly, the calm was shattered by the mocking voice of the bandit leader. "You heard what he said boys?, He thinks he can take us all alone" He scoffed at Iroh's words, taunting him for thinking he could defeat them alone. His laughter echoed through the trees, joined by the jeers and chuckles of his fellow thieves. The silence was broken, replaced by the sound of their cruel amusement. Despite the bandits' ridicule, Iroh remained unfazed. He calmly observed the group, studying their movements and inspecting their weapons. His focus was unwavering, undeterred by their laughter.

"Hmm, it appears that this group possesses some knowledge of chakra, but their abilities are not particularly strong. The only exception is their leader, who, despite being weak, could potentially reach the same level as Arata with more training in a few years. Too bad he crossed paths with me," Iroh thought to himself as he studied the leader with a critical eye, sensing the level of chakra within him.

"Even though they may outnumber me, I'm confident that they won't be much of a challenge. I'll have no problem handling them with ease. In fact, I could even use them as a means to stretch my bones and muscles, as it's been quite some time since my last fight," Iroh strategized as he began to circulate chakra through his feet and legs, preparing himself for the impending battle.

"I will say this now so that you guys won't make a mistake you will come to regret in the after life, Turn back now and change your ways or stay and fight, if you choose the later then you must be prepared to die as I only give mercy to those who deserve it" Iroh says as he looks at all of them fiercely adding pressure to his words in hope he could scare a few off

Iroh's eyes drifted across the bandits, and he noted their varied reactions. Some looked at him with defiant scorn, while others glanced around, their confidence faltering. A few of the younger, less experienced bandits fidgeted, their eyes darting towards the forest's edge as if considering escape. The bandit leader, sensing the waver in his men's resolve, took a step forward and drew his sword. The steel flashed in the sunlight, reflecting a dangerous glint. "We'll see how long you can keep your cool, old man," he spat, his voice trembling with a mix of anger and scorn. "We're not ones to be messed with!" Iroh's gaze remained steady, his eyes narrowing slightly as he sensed the shift in the group's dynamic. The bandits were grouping together, a show of unity and a strategic mistake, as it would make their individual skills harder to discern. He smirked slightly, his eyes closing for a brief moment as he prepared himself mentally, calmly picturing the image of a hot spring as his goal to finish this fast and effectively

Suddenly, without any warning or indication, Iroh springs into action. With incredible speed and agility, he charges towards the enemy, leaving a trail of afterimages in his wake. He uses his chakra to enhance his movements, allowing him to move even faster as he closes in on the bandits.

In just under three seconds, Iroh has closed the gap between himself and the leader of the bandits. He comes to a sudden stop right in front of the leader, using his chakra to support his weight. With a swift, powerful punch, he strikes the leader's face, unleashing a burst of fire from his fist.The leader is taken aback by Iroh's sudden attack, barely managing to dodge the fiery blast by bending his body down and jumping away. He frantically checks his hair, which has been singed at the tips from the flames.

Sighing heavily, Iroh remarks, "It seems I am getting a bit rusty. In the past, you would have been defeated by now." He clenches his fists, taking a moment to process what just happened.

"What are you all staring at?" yelled the leader, breaking the bandits out of their trance. "Hurry up and kill that bastard!" The other bandits snapped to action, charging at Iroh. Some hung back and threw shurikens and kunai at him.

But Iroh remained calm. He poised his hands in front of him, not clenching his fists but showing his palms in preparation for his signature taijutsu move.

When the first bandit reached him, sword raised for a slash, Iroh smoothly sidestepped and struck the bandit's stomach with an open hand. Flames burst from his palm, leaving a gaping hole in the bandit's body.

Without giving Iroh a moment to think, the second bandit appeared behind him, aiming to stab him in the back. But Iroh was already aware of the ninja's movements. He backflipped over the bandit and, while still in the air, channeled his chakra to his hands. He shot flames at the ninja, completely incinerating him.

As Iroh landed back on the ground, he realized he was surrounded by the remaining bandits, hoping to overwhelm him with their numbers. But Iroh didn't panic. He took a deep breath and channeled even more chakra to his hands. Then, with a quick spin and his arms stretched out, he sent a 360-degree wave of fire, burning all the bandits in its path.

But the danger wasn't over yet. Shurikens and kunai were still flying at Iroh from all directions. With quick reflexes, he dodged some and caught the rest, hurling them back at their owners. One by one, the bandits fell, until only the leader was left. He lay on the ground, looking up at Iroh with fear in his eyes.

Without pausing to allow the leader a chance to plead, Iroh swiftly hurls his final kunai at the bandit, landing a precise hit to the head.

"Looks like I'm out of practice if it took me more than 20 moves to handle this pathetic group," Iroh comments, stretching his body as he retrieves the top and armor he had discarded earlier.

"I could use a break, and I doubt Arata would mind if I take a dip in the hot springs," Iroh says with a grin, already picturing the relaxing waters of the nearest city. He departs, leaving behind a gruesome scene of charred and lifeless bodies.