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Sword Bound

"Are you going to pick up the sword?" A man wearing all black asked the man kneeling in front of him. Infront of them there was a lady and a young boy being forced to kneel by two men wearing masks, and behind them a crowd of a 4 thousand plus people watching, they all had swords in hand. "Haha I have already used the sword enough, I have also repaid what your family has done for mine... Just let us go Mr Komi" "Kill his wife" the man ordered the two men holding the woman and a kid. The man holding the woman beheaded the beautiful woman, the kid watched as tears rolled down his cheeks. The kid didn't make a noise as he so his mothers head on the ground. God slayer watched as his wife's head was cut off, he was about to rage but he calmed down and kept kneeling. "You child is the only thing left, pick up the sword or he dies" Mr Komi said. "Sir, you just killed my wife. Please let my son be, we have already repaid your family" god slayer begged. "Pathetic" Mr Komi picked up the katana and stubbed god slayer. The katana turned into a purple 2 meters single edged sword. The sword went through god slayers chest to the ground. "Then I'll abuse your son on your behalf" Mr Komi said. Mark stared at his dad who had been stubbed, he wasn't making any noises. "My son, do whatever you want... You don't owe them anything" god slayer died, as he kept bleeding. Some of the people watching wanted to stop this but they just couldn't, some of them didn't were happy god slayer was killed, he was too powerful for his own good. "If only you had the say" Mr Komi walked to mark and drugged him along. "I don't owe you anything. you can try whatever you want on me, if am strong enough I'll avenge my parents and kill everyone who watched you kill them" mark made a promise to himself as he was being drugged along like a bag of heavy rice or cement. . . . . Read the first three chapters, and see if you don't like it.

Giyan_Nj · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
48 Chs