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Naruto: The Genius


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Naruto but he wasn't dumb is the general premise of this what if. Naruto had so much potential within him and during most of the series didn't use any of it and won most of his fights through plot armor or his reliance on the nine tails to save him when he was in trouble. Examples: Kiba vs Naruto in the chin exams he won by literally farting on his opponent hilarious but bull, Neji vs Naruto, Neji closed off all of Narutos tenketsu points then naruto said haha yeah no and used nine tails chakra to beat Neji. In this series Naruto will be more like Minato instead of Kushina he will be more Calculative and perceptive of his surrounding. (This is my first time writing so if you could help me get better as I write more and more it would be very helpful) I hope people take my idea and make it better


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