Naruto: Shadows Of Perfection

Isaac is someone who possesses an unwavering pursuit of perfection. His obsession extends beyond mastering jutsu; he seeks to perfect not only himself but also the world around him. However, Isaac's perfectionism becomes a double-edged sword, threatening to consume him. Isolation and inner turmoil ensue, prompting Isaac to confront the shadows of his own obsession. Will Isaac follow through with his Eternal Quest for perfection? Or will he fall short, embracing what he hates most, imperfection?

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Thoughts Of The Garbage I

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Chapter 31: Thoughts Of The Garbage I


"Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. what a man thinks of himself, that it is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Spring, Summer, Fall, and then finally Winter. All throughout, the war didn't stop. War isn't an overnight thing.

It was long and arduous, and when it was hot, the soldiers had to just bear with sweating some more.

Now, it was winter... It was worse for the climax of the war was finally approaching.

So far, it has mostly been the small surrounding countries putting pressure on the five great shinobi countries, all for greed.

If any of the five great countries showed any signs of weakness, the vultures would certainly jump on it to take advantage.

However, all the great shinobi countries stayed strong, surviving the assaults and even leaving the attacking parties with heavy casualties.

It was basically a war of attrition, and the smaller nations failed to do much against most great countries.

There was one country that suffered more than others thought, a lot more, the Earth country, or specifically, its military village, Iwaga.

The village is responsible for the country's defense, so naturally, its losses were heavy, somewhat because of Konoha.

That side of the border was being overseen by none other than Orochimaru, the most cunning of snakes.

Orochimaru's methods of defense were so extreme that he caused the surrounding smaller countries to avoid him.

He may have even fanned flames, leading them to target the Land of Earth while harvesting many lives in the process, but that wouldn't be something Orochimaru would let anyone know.

Yet despite that, when Igawa had time to count their losses, the war resumed with them infiltrating Kusakakure, the village hidden in the grass.

The country in which the village of Grass lies is rich with forests, some consisting of giant mushrooms or bamboo, rivers, and deep ravines running through its woods.

Such a gorgeous country fell into the clutches of war, bringing blood and tears to its rich woodlands.

All because Iwaga after the latter had infiltrated it in order to lay siege to the border of the Land of Fire.

Attacking the Land of Fire wouldn't be something they would normally do. However, Konoha suffers from a serious problem in this war, its forces are spread too widely.

All of its borders have to be overseen by some of Konoha's finest, thus the forces stationed in the borders by the Land of Earth's side weren't many.

Therefore, when Iwaga sent their troupes to attack, Konoha couldn't really send much reinforcements, not when most of Konoha's fighting power was busy defending other sides of the border.

Konoha was just that massive of a target, so much so that it was under the attack of two other countries, the Land of Water and the Land of Lightning.

The pressure from the Land of Water wasn't great, merely skirmishes here and there, but the two other great shinobi countries went all out.

The Land of Lightning, after all, had suffered a similar fate to the Land of Earth as the existence of the Uchihas on the borders forced the surrounding smaller countries to focus mostly on the Lightning Nation.

The border on the side of the Land of Water experienced very different things. 

That side was watched over by Jiraya and Minato, and the latter specifically left the surrounding smaller countries with a headache for he was an impermeable fort.

He was like a cockroach but with a gun, you can't kill him but he can, all because of a special Jutsu he learned, one that requires unrivaled talent to master.

The technique was called Flying Thunder God Technique, a space-time ninjutsu created by Tobirama Senju, the second Hokage.

All one needs to know about the technique is that it's a Teleportation technique that not only allows him to jump through space but also allows Minato to bring things with him.

Therefore, when the enemy's food supply and war necessities end up missing, that would be Minato's doing.

That's also the reason why the Land of Water can't push too push, not even being able to afford to make a war camp, for it may end up empty the very next day.

The amount of caution one needs to have when facing Minato is absurd, especially with how many lives he silently took, thus why he has to come to be titled Konoha's Yellow Flash.

The more bodies under your feet, the more you'll be known in war, just like the Wicked Eye Fugaku, and Orochimaru's bizarre title, Orochimaru.

There was, however, another title that became quite renowned, although the title was a bit weird... Blood Demon Isaac.

"Tell me," Fugaku stood tall alongside his son as he asked, "What do you see?"

"Dead bodies," Itachi reflexively answered in quite the cold tone, as if he was used to such a question.

Yet, despite the cold tone, Fugaku still asked calmly, "And you're still not used to it?"

"I am," Itachi responded.

"I didn't plan to bring you to war from its beginning," Fugaku suddenly remarked, "However, I changed my mind. I want you to see what war is like, and I want you to learn from Isaac."

Those words finally brought some specks of light to Itachi's eyes, and only then did Fugaku continue, "I wanted you to see that even someone who wants peace so much has to turn into a demon for the sake of his people. Peace has to be fought for."

"I understand," Itachi nodded.

"No, you do not understand," Fugaku shook his head, "The answer I wanted to hear was... What I see before me is the dead bodies of my enemies for the alternative is...."

"Dead bodies of my friends and family," Itachi continued in his stead with a frown.

"Exactly," Fugaku nodded in appreciation, "So learn from Isaac because even though he wants peace, he knows what he has to do when the time comes."

"I... I know," Itachi nodded, although seriously this time, "But why do they call him a demon? When I went back to the village a month ago, they seemed afraid of him and even said that he's evil, just hiding behind a mask of kindness... Why? Even though he's only protecting them?"

"That's why you've been so gloomy since a month ago?" Fugaku realized with a deep frown, contemplating his answer for a few seconds before letting out a sigh, "Stupidity."

The air turned gloomy as silence took place again for the rumors and what was being said about him was way worse than that, so much so that Rin had to check up on Isaac every day just to be assured.

After all, in her mind, Isaac is suicidal although he says otherwise. Fortunately, Isaac himself made it easy for anyone in the Land of Fire to have long-distance communication.

Therefore, the scene before us of Isaac being busy inscribing some strange symbols while listening to Rin's voice coming from the phone.

"I went to teach in your school again! The students were super nice! Although it was a bit embarrassing that some of them are older than me, hehe..." She sounded quite cheerful.

"Doesn't really matter, having the opportunity to learn and make something out of themselves is a godsend to them," Isaac remarked.

"Um! It really is," Isaac could imagine her nodding heavily as she said, "They admire you very much, and they're always asking me when you'll be back! They love you so much, so don't let the rumors bother you, alright?"

She really would rather not bring up the subject, but Rin would often find herself unable to sleep if she didn't make sure the rumors and public opinion weren't bothering him.

"The only thing bothering me is you bringing that up every day," Isaac couldn't help but shake his head, "And the rumor that I come back after every fight bathed in blood. Barely a few specks of blood managed to reach me since the beginning of the war."

"I... I believe you, but how?" Rin had to wonder.

"Confidence," Isaac shrugged.

"Huh????" Rin was left baffled.

That's how their conversation usually turns out for Isaac really couldn't care less about public opinion. 

Isaac doesn't know exactly how much of it is artificial, designed by those eyeing him, but it doesn't matter either way.

After all, even if all of those rumors and bad talks about him weren't artificial, they would still be just plain stupidity.

How can their minds contend or understand the mind of someone whose next words were, "Dimensional Project, Almost complete."


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