7 More Training

Rai was deep in thought about his chakra nature, and he wanted to maintain the facade of being just a regular kid to avoid any undue suspicion. "Sensei, what are your thoughts on the lightning chakra nature?"

Kyasychi, with a hand on his chin in contemplation, responded, "It's an incredibly potent chakra nature, and you shouldn't have any worries. Many renowned shinobi use lightning chakra, like our very own Kakashi Hatake, who famously cut a lightning bolt in half, or the Fourth Raikage."

Rai smiled and bowed, saying, "Thank you, Sensei." He then took his leave from the academy.

"By the way, Sensei, could you give me some early lessons on the Three body Technique? My academy-level taijutsu is rather well-honed." Kyasychi assessed Rai, saying, "Let me see you throw a punch."

Rai proceeded to execute a strong punch. "Now a kick." Rai followed with a solid kick. "Hmmm... you might be on par with a genin. Yes, I can offer you some pointers on the three Body Technique's."

Back at the training ground -

Rai was excited about the rewards for the top of the class and his newfound understanding of his chakra nature. However, he was more eager to master the three Body Technique's.

His first focus was on learning the Transformation Technique.

He practiced the necessary hand seals – dog, boar, ram – and transformed into Might Guy. Something seemed off about his face and hair, perhaps due to a misstep in the process. Rai persisted and practiced repeatedly until the transformation was passable. Surprisingly, it didn't take him long. "Am I a genius? Hehehe."

Next, Rai tackled the Clone Technique. After a few tries, the clone he produced resembled E.T., but due to his fine chakra control and potential, he managed to grasp it relatively easily.

The Substitution Technique proved to be the most challenging. Rai struggled to master it, but he eventually succeeded in switching out with a log. However, the range wasn't substantial, or else he would face-plant. I had logs to train and make progress. I was in a wooded area after all.

Now that he had these techniques under his belt, Rai planned to consolidate his skills and train them throughout the day until he could activate them with a single hand sign.

Rai trained tirelessly, and he quickly became proficient in the Transformation and Clone Techniques. He could now summon three clones with just one hand sign, and he had also improved his Substitution Technique, no longer risking a face-plant.

Eight months later -

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