Naruto Namikaze, My Hunting System

After a pajama party... Everything changed in Naruto Namikaze's life. - - This fanfic takes place in an alternate reality where Naruto's father and mother didn't die, since Obito wasn't crushed by a boulder on the mission. Among other things that happened, such as Naruto himself recalling a previous life on a planet called Earth at the age of three; it was also when his little sister was born, Naruka Uzumaki.

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Chapter 1: An Unexpected Surprise

It has been 2 years since Naruto started dating Sakura. Until then, everything was fine, but he ended up having an argument with her and left the house.

While they were dating, they were living together, but Naruto, upset with Sakura's tantrums, returned to his parent's house.

However, upon returning, he was shocked by what he saw.

Unbelievably, the living room of his parents' house seemed to have transformed into a surreal scene. Three ecstatic girls, dressed in sheer lingerie, were comfortably seated on the sofa, cheering on a fourth girl who was struggling to handle a vibrator. Such a scene was literally the last thing he expected to see when he arrived at his parents' house!

The raucous applause and laughter they produced were so loud that they drowned out the sound of Naruto entering through the kitchen door. Naruto silently retreats into the shadows of the hallway, fighting against an involuntary response to the sight of the fourth girl's pale buttocks. The translucent purple nightgown she wore rode up, revealing the seductive curve of her ass and the matching panties as she grappled with the vibrator attached to the glass coffee table.

"I can do it!" she shouted, determined, taking a deep breath before resuming her challenge with the phallic object. Naruto's heart almost stopped. That was Naruka's voice!

Naruto felt uncomfortably aroused and guilty, having inappropriate thoughts about his 18-year-old sister.

Naruto averted his gaze, trying to disconnect from the image of his sister's lips sliding on that object.

"Well, well, experienced miss," one of the girls taunted, diverting Naruto's attention back to the sofa. The three of them were dressed similarly, in sheer nightgowns with matching panties, varying only in color.

"I've done it before," Naruka protested defensively, "but with a real guy! This thing isn't working for me. I need a real man." She then sat down, laughing along with her friends.

"Well, it looks like we have a candidate there in the hallway!" The beautiful dark-skinned girl, sitting closest to Naruto, said with a wicked smile as she glanced in his direction.

"Damn it! I've been caught!" Naruto quickly thought, wanting to take control of the situation and try to put Naruka on the defensive.

"Naruto!" Naruka exclaimed, surprised and embarrassed, as she jumped up upon seeing him enter the room. The movement made her breasts sway provocatively within the neckline of her purple nightgown. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I should be asking you that, Naruka! What is all this?" Naruto gestured to the coffee table, which, in addition to the vibrator, displayed an assortment of other sex toys. "What's going on here?"

Naruto was three years older than Naruka and had been living with his girlfriend for a little over a year. His parents' home served as a refuge whenever he and Sakura argued, which, unfortunately, was happening with concerning frequency.

"We're having a pajama party," Naruka responds, as if that explanation would be enough to calm Naruto's surprise. As she shoots back at him, Naruto's eyes shift to her friends. The dark-skinned girl who caught him in the hallway is even more striking up close. The yellow negligee barely covers her ample breasts. Beside her is Ino, Naruka's delicate blonde friend, stunning in her pink lingerie. Finally, on the other side of the sofa, a tall brunette catches his attention, dressed in the most seductive shade of red.

"A pajama party?" Naruto inquires, raising an eyebrow as he assesses the girls' attire in front of him. The tops are almost transparent, except for the cups that cover their breasts, resembling bras. In fact, if we disregard the thong panties, the clothes differ little from extremely tiny bikinis. However, somehow, this lingerie resemblance makes the ensemble more enticing.

"It's not a pajama party, Naruto. It's a lingerie party," clarifies Karui, the dark-skinned girl, with a smile free of any embarrassment. "What do you think of our outfits?" She stands up and spins around, giving Naruto a generous view of her rounded curves.

"Karui!" scolds Naruka, her sister. "This is my brother!"

"Well, you could at least introduce us, Naruka," retorts Karui, approaching with her hand extended. "I'm Karui." Her smile intensifies as she shakes Naruto's hand.

Naruka, taking on the role of the master of ceremonies, proceeds with the introductions. "Naruto, you already know Ino," she says, pointing to the friend dressed in a pink nightgown. Naruto nods in response.

"Hi, Naruto," greets Ino, with a shy smile.

"And this is Fū." The brunette stands up and extends her hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Naruto," she says, looking at him.

"The pleasure is mine," Naruto responds, shaking Fū's hand, which is delicate and feminine.

As he is introduced to the group of friends, he discreetly shifts his gaze towards his sister. Surprisingly, she has transformed in the past two years, a change he hadn't noticed during his previous visits. Clearly, the seductive intimate apparel she now wears had never been present on previous occasions. Feeling unsettled and confused by his own reaction, he suppresses the misguided feelings they evoke in him.

"Why did you come?" Naruka questions, pulling him back to reality.

"I needed a place to stay," he responds, keeping the details to himself. He is about to ask if their mother is aware of what his sister has been up to, but both have an unspoken agreement not to embarrass each other in front of friends.

"Well," he smiles, glancing at the seductive group. "I apologize for interrupting. I'll head up to my room and let you all enjoy. Where are our parents?" he asks.

"They went on a mission," Naruka answers.

"With my parents," Ino adds. Both families often go on missions together.

"We have the house to ourselves this weekend," Fū remarks, a playful smile on her lips.

"Why don't you join us? The fun is just getting started," Karui says, with an unmistakably flirtatious invitation. He catches an exasperated sigh from his sister before he can even respond.

"Alright," he says, walking towards the hallway. "It was nice meeting you all," he adds, throwing the sentence over his shoulder.

"Wow! He's attractive. You should have insisted on him staying, Naruka," Karui comments as soon as he disappears from view, turning the corner towards the stairs. He pauses, hidden, waiting for his sister's response.

"He's my brother!" Naruka protests. "I don't want him getting involved in our party or any of our other plans." He wonders what she meant by that.

"He could be a nice toy for me," Fū teases. "How old is he?"

"It doesn't matter!" Naruka retorts.

Thirty minutes later, as he tries to erase the provocative images of his sister and her friends from his mind, he hears a soft knock on the door.

"You can come in," he responds without leaving his bed. Naruka appears in the doorway, somewhat embarrassed.

"Hey," she says, approaching the bed. "I'm sorry about all this."

"No need to apologize, sis. You couldn't have known I would be home tonight, and I definitely didn't expect to find a lingerie party." He says as she settles on the edge of his bed. She's still wearing the same seductive outfit, and he can't help his eyes from wandering between the pronounced contour of her breasts and the intimately covered region. "I'm sorry if I disrupted the party."

"You didn't disrupt anything," she replies with a smile. "Actually, you were a very welcome surprise." He simply smiles, waiting to find out the real reason for her visit. "Naruto, do you love me?" she asks, using the typical opening line when she needs to ask for a favor.

Unconditionally," he responds, realizing as he says the words that he truly means it. He thought he loved Sakura, but there were always so many conditions in that relationship. He mentally scolds himself for comparing his sister to his girlfriend. That's entirely inappropriate!

"The girls want you to decide who's the sexiest," she reveals, arching her eyebrows suggestively. "Would you do that for us?" This is completely unexpected.

"Sounds like a no-win situation. What do I get out of it?" he questions, even though he's already decided to do what she wants to spend more time with her scantily clad friends.

"What do you get out of it?"

She looks at him incredulously, lightly slapping his arm. "You have the opportunity to appreciate nearly naked teenagers while deciding who's the most attractive."