Naruto Namikaze, My Hunting System

After a pajama party... Everything changed in Naruto Namikaze's life. - - This fanfic takes place in an alternate reality where Naruto's father and mother didn't die, since Obito wasn't crushed by a boulder on the mission. Among other things that happened, such as Naruto himself recalling a previous life on a planet called Earth at the age of three; it was also when his little sister was born, Naruka Uzumaki.

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Chapter 2: Assessing the Qualities

She looks at him incredulously, lightly slapping his arm. "You have the opportunity to appreciate nearly naked teenagers while deciding who's the most attractive."

"Good point," he responds, rubbing the shoulder where she had lightly tapped him.

"Alright, I'm ready... but how am I supposed to judge?" He questions as he closes the door behind him.

"It's simple," she responds, throwing the sentence over her shoulder. "Just choose your sister!" With a playful laugh, she struts down the hallway towards the living room, her enticing figure causing an uncontrollable reaction in his body.

"Yay! He's going to do it!" Karui exclaims, applauding as she jumps on the sofa, making her generous breasts tantalizingly sway. Her mind begins to wander to just how far these festivities can go. These girls are all legal adults and apparently have had intimate experiences, indicating that there really are no limits to this night.

"Do you have any specific scheme of how you plan to do this?" He questions, noticing that the young women have already consumed a few glasses of wine throughout the night.

"Judges usually make that decision," Ino says. He remembers her as a shy girl, and now she almost gives him a seductive glance as she adds, "You're the judge." He waits a moment to see if anyone else wants to add something to the conversation, and seeing that no one speaks up, he begins to put his plan into action.

"Alright, how about you four line up and let me evaluate you better?" He suggests shifting the coffee table so they can stand in front of the sofa. He settles in the center of the furniture as they obediently line up before him. What a sight! They are all extremely attractive!

"I think we should divide the competition into four categories: breasts, butts, legs, and, well... intimacies." As he mentions the last category, Ino, and Naruka avert their gaze, while Fū and Karui simply smile.

He stands up and walks in front of them, like a commander inspecting his troops. "Hmm, this is going to be tricky," he comments.

"I sincerely hope so," Karui teases, giving him a suggestive glance towards his crotch.

"Silence," he orders in a playful tone. "No distracting the judge, or you'll be disqualified."

"Sorry," she whispers, lowering her face in an exaggerated gesture of contrition. "Do I really distract you, Naruto?" The truth is she does! In fact, they all do.

"In a charming manner," he responds, stepping in front of each young woman, gazing intently at their busts. At the end of the row, next to Karui, he carefully observes the diversity of sizes presented.

"You see, this shouldn't just be about size," he comments, resuming his place on the sofa. "I can't properly compare your breasts without visualizing the nipples." This is where we'll find out how far this playfulness will go.

"What?!" Naruka is the first to react. "That wasn't the agreement!" she exclaims, seeking support from the looks of her friends.

"I think he's right," declares Fū, reaching for the front clasp of her robe.

"Wait!" Naruka exclaims, stopping Fū from unfastening her garment. "Do you really want my brother to look at your breasts?" she questions.

"It's okay," Karui intervenes. "You can stay as you are and help Naruto judge the rest of us."

Naruka glances at her robe, apparently just now realizing how exposed her body already is.

"But then I can't win," Naruka comments, clearly weighing her options.

"What's your decision, Naruka?" he asks as if it's already settled that the other three young women will remove their attire. The situation unfolds promisingly.

Fū is the first to release the clasp between her breasts and slide the thin straps off her shoulders. Her robe falls to the floor, and her eyes meet his. Medium-sized breasts, adorned with pink and swollen nipples, await his evaluation.

Naruka watches with wide eyes as her friends follow Fū's example, undressing from their camisoles one by one.

Karui is next in line, making a show of sliding the straps off her shoulders, one by one. With a wide smile on her face, she reveals her ample dark-skinned breasts, with firm black nipples. The areolas around them are smaller than expected but no less enchanting. The only description that comes to his mind is: irresistible.

Ino seems a bit more reserved, perhaps because her breasts are significantly smaller compared to the other girls. "I won't win this round," she smiles. However, she has no reason to worry – what she lacks in volume is compensated by her prominent thick nipples. Damn! She has changed. He's eager to explore these novelties. He feels his member pulsating with desire as he returns his attention to his sister.

"What will you do, sister?" he asks. "You can join me on the sofa and help me evaluate the attributes of these beautiful women."

"No way, older brother," Naruka retorts challengingly, unbuttoning her blouse and sliding it off her shoulders. My God! Her breasts are perfect. Slightly smaller than Karui's, but equally full, adorned with wide and rosy areolas and nipples resembling bubble gum.

"Line up," he orders, pretending to maintain his composure. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to be in his position - with four beautiful young women lined up before him, ready for appreciation? He stands up, adjusting the bulge in his pants, not escaping the girls' notice.

"Why are you still dressed while we're semi-nude?" Karui questions, earning a stern look from Naruka.

"You're not completely naked... yet," he retorts. "Do you want me to take off my shirt?"

"Yes," the three girls respond in unison. It couldn't be easier. He slides off his shirt, receiving approving looks from the girls. He doesn't have an athletic physique, but he's in good shape.

"Alright, let's begin," he says, positioning himself in front of Karui and inspecting her breasts from every angle to everyone's delight. He takes a risk and places his hands under Karui's voluptuous breasts as if weighing melons at the market.

"No one said anything about touching," Naruka protests from the other end of the line.

"I don't mind," Karui whispers, biting her lip as her taut nipples brush against his thumbs. Naruka takes a step back in line but is clearly more restless than before.

In an effort to boost each one's self-esteem and offer compliments, he engages in a conversation with Karui about his appreciation for her breasts.

"These are small heavyweights, aren't they?" he questions, still caressing Karui's dusky mounds. She simply nods, catching her breath as his hands slide down the sides and gently stroke the sensitive breasts. "Any man would be a fool not to want to bury his face in these and get lost in them, like big soft pillows." Reluctantly, he lets go of her breasts and positions himself in front of Ino.

Ino offers a shy smile as he evaluates her almost nonexistent breasts. Although the breasts themselves are small, the nipples are not. They are mature, long, and thick nipples protruding from her youthful breasts. With nothing to really weigh, he grasps her breasts from the front, pressing his palms against the seductive nipples.

"Mmmm," Ino releases an involuntary sigh as he moves his hands in small circles, gently brushing against her erect nipples.

"I love your nipples," he confesses, his voice barely above a whisper. "A man could delight in them forever. They're so wonderfully sensitive." He increases the pressure of his hands, eliciting another murmur from Ino. "I bet just sucking and nibbling on them would send waves of pleasure straight to your vulva. You could probably even reach orgasm just from stimulating these beautiful nipples." She visibly shivers as he withdraws his hands and turns to face Fū and her swollen nipples.