Naruto: My Relationship Book

An accident involving a truck brought about the end of humanity. This unexpected event provided Aizen with the opportunity to start a new life in another world. Interestingly, his destiny led him to the world of Naruto, where he was reborn while retaining all his previous memories. Until the age of seven, Aizen felt fortunate, although he still did not fully understand the benefits that the mysterious golden roulette would provide him, other than preserving his memories. However, his life was about to take a surprising turn. A book appeared before him, and upon touching it, a connection was formed. From that moment on, the book became known as [Aizen Kurama's Relationship Book]! ━━━━ discord.gg/ABpMcMAzGC My Patreon: patreon.com/WizardKiki

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Chapter 8: Failures in the Education System

I arrived early at school, and there were hardly any students in the classroom.

Hinata was one of the first to arrive. When she saw me, a smile appeared, but it vanished so quickly that I almost doubted if I had really seen her smiling or not.

"Aizen, good morning." She took the initiative to greet me.

"Good morning, Hinata." I replied with a gentle smile.

As I approached her, Hinata said with a more excited tone than usual, "Aizen, I tried the training you told me about." Her eyes sparkled as she spoke. "This morning, when I tried to perform some moves that I couldn't do before, I was able to do most of them!"

"That's amazing, Hinata." I smiled, almost reaching out to pat her head, but I withdrew my hand in time.

"She needed only three days to have such an obvious result..."

These thoughts reminded me that her talent was even greater than mine currently. It was just a lack of direction that made her seem less talented than she really was.

With such high talent at such a young age, the heights she would be able to reach would be greater than what I saw in the anime, as long as she does more basic training.

The fact that she is so fixated on wanting to learn techniques from her clan, but without even proper training beforehand, made her lose her own confidence.

Of course, this is just my point of view. For a real understanding, I will follow her development a bit and give tips when I can.

"So, Hinata, you can do like me and start using hidden weights. This can help further improve your physique and, over time, better develop your motor coordination, making you stronger and stronger." I said.

I understand that the tips I'm giving are simple, not advanced at all. However, for someone who lacked basic training, it was ideal in my opinion. The same could be said of Naruto.

For not having had guidance, his development was even more impaired than Hinata's. Although she did not have the same importance as her younger sister, Hanabi, Hinata still underwent training in the clan. However, this training was harsh and devoid of care, as if they were trying to polish a rough diamond with a sledgehammer, forcing it to reveal its potential by force.

As for Naruto, he had no one to guide him, and even the training he did was practically fruitless, since he himself did not seem to understand the purpose of his own training.

And even though in the ninja school there are basic training classes, these are even poorer than my basic training. They are more focused on the result than the process, like taking tests etc., without even teaching how to get to such result.

Of course, I understood that one could not expect much from teachers who are even weaker than the Chuunin ninjas who are still active. Even the teacher who teaches us, Iruka, is a Chuunin; he doesn't seem talented or even strong to me.

Of course, that was my analysis while attending this school. Even what I could learn, I had to develop the process myself, be it the clone, transformation, or body replacement.

Teacher Iruka merely teaches how to do it, and the development process depends on ourselves. Although he teaches a bit of the theory behind each jutsu, this is merely something taken from the book, not something deeper with one's own understanding.

If I had to give an example, it would be something similar to a public school in a poor neighborhood, with teachers who didn't even understand what they read in the book. On the other hand, if there was a teacher who had a deep understanding, being able to explain in various different ways, highlighting their own understanding and point of view, I believe it would be even more useful.

It was no wonder that Naruto, who had no one to turn to, had such a poor result.

Not to mention his traumas, the judgmental looks from the people of the village, and especially the Kyubi in his body, prevented him from progressing like the other children.

This is proven to be correct when, in the anime, he began to be taught by Kakashi and later by Jiraiya. He soon caught up and even surpassed, in some aspects, Sasuke, who was much more talented than him in various things.

It's no wonder that many ninjas choose to leave early...

My mind returned to reality when I felt Hinata's intense gaze.

I must have been thinking for a few seconds, although quickly, that I forgot I was still talking to her. Hearing her question, I replied, "About that, I believe you should start with 20 kilograms, five on each arm and leg."

"I will do that." She didn't seem to think much about the reason for my daydream and replied with a small smile.


A loud voice came from the classroom entrance; I didn't even need to turn around to know to whom that voice belonged.

"Naruto, good morning," I said as I turned around.

"Good morning~!" He chirped.

After approaching me, Naruto wrapped his arm around my neck and said, "Aizen, I trained a lot this weekend as you told me, and I feel like I've become much stronger. Can you see my progress later?"

"Mm, I'll see after class," I replied.

"It's a promise!" Naruto exclaimed.

I pushed him away, as hearing his voice so close to my ear was annoying, and said, "Yes."

"I also..." Hinata murmured.

As I was close to her, I heard. Many would pretend not to hear and ask her to repeat, but knowing how shy she was, I said, "Yes, let's go together after class to see your progress."

"The more, the better!" Naruto said loudly.

"So loud early in the morning..." Shikamaru entered the classroom, using his pinky finger to poke his ear.

"Good morning, Shikamaru," I said.

"Aizen... Good morning," he replied, sleepy.


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