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Chapter 38: Defeating Shukaku

"Finally, I got my complete form."

Temari, clutching the wound on her abdomen, looked in horror at the transformed complete form of Ichibi Shukaku.

"Hey hey hey, how did that thing end up here?"

"This ominous chakra! It's One tailed beast from Sunagakure!"

"Those damn Sand ninjas actually released a Jinchuriki into the village. Do they really want to start a war?"

The Konoha ninjas were both shocked and angry. Faced with such a colossal creature resembling a mountain, a hint of fear appeared on their faces.

Of course, it wasn't just their situation that exceeded the expectations of the Sand and Sound Shinobi.

"Has the Jinchuriki lost control?"

"This is trouble."

"Baki-sama, what should we do?"

Baki looked solemnly at the colossal Shukaku not far away. Gaara's will had been completely taken over by Shukaku.

To risk awakening Gaara under such circumstances, Baki didn't want to take such a dangerous risk.

"Inform the Sand and Sound Shinobi in the nearby area to evacuate the area of the Tailed Beast."

"Now is not the time to fool around."

Once the Tailed Beast starts wreaking havoc in Konoha, even their Sunagakure wouldn't be able to bear the consequences.

Their initial goal was just to incapacitate Konoha for a while, to stifle the young talents of Konoha, but now things had escalated beyond control.

The immense power of the Tailed Beasts could annihilate nations.

"Hehehe, Gaara's grudge is because of you."

"Since this kid let me out, I'll do him a favor and kill you."

Shukaku looked down at Ryujiro, who seemed as small as an ant.

"If you want to kill me, then give it a try."

Shukaku's enormous palm descended, like a small mountain falling from the sky, covering an area for miles around, casting a huge shadow over Ryujiro.

Ryujiro, who had always been nonchalant, finally showed a hint of seriousness on his face.

Swinging the sword in his hand, a spiral slash akin to a drill swept out.


The sound of Shukaku's hand exploding filled the air with dust and debris, like a sandstorm sweeping through.

Ryujiro leaped to a spot where he could avoid the dust, covering his nose and mouth with his sleeve.

*Cough cough cough!*

"What's happening?"

The Konoha and Sunagakure ninjas who were fighting in the distance kept coughing after inhaling the dust. The dust had obscured their vision, making it impossible to continue the fight.

At this moment, a dark shadow swiftly moved towards Ryujiro's position. 

The sharp coldness emanating from it carried a fierce killing intent. Sharp kunai hovered in the air and landed heavily on Ryujiro's neck.


Baki's face lit up with joy. Konoha's prodigy was about to die by my hand!


The crisp sound of metal clashing made Baki's face turn pale.


It couldn't pierce through!

He suddenly noticed that Ryujiro's neck was covered by some black substance, as hard as steel.

"Kekkei Genkai..."

Baki croaked hoarsely, his face stiff as he spoke a few words.

A blade of light covered his field of vision, and Baki's body fell from a height, staring at Ryujiro unwillingly.

Feeling his life slipping away, Baki struggled desperately in mid-air, forming hand seals.

Wind Style: Wind Blade Jutsu

A series of vacuum blades spewed out from Baki's mouth, but they didn't inflict any harm on Ryujiro.


Baki, who was cut in half at the waist, fell to the ground. Blood dyed the hill red, and Baki's eyes lost their color.

A Jonin of Sunagakure died at the hands of Ryujiro.

When the dust settled, the Sunagakure Shinobi looked at Baki's bisected corpse, each showing an expression of immense fear.

"How could this happen!"


"This can't be true!"

"Baki-sama actually died at the hands of a brat."

"Ah ah ah ah! Avenge Baki-sama!"

Wind Style: Wind Blade Jutsu!

Wind Style, Vacuum Bullets!

A series of Wind Style ninjutsu came towards Ryujiro.

Ryujiro stood there, unchanged, took a deep breath, and struck with a simple slash.

Flying Slash instantly devoured those Sunagakure ninjas.

"Why bother coming here, just to die."

Just as Ryujiro's words fell, he felt a sudden sense of danger.

Shukaku, staring at Ryujiro, suddenly took a deep breath and fiercely slapped his own massive belly.

Wind Style! Vacuum Blast!

A large amount of chakra turned into a huge windball, spewing out from Shukaku's mouth. At the same time, the previously undispersed dust stirred up again. 

The terrifying hurricane covered the sky above Konoha with a thick layer of dust.

The roaring gale mercilessly battered Konoha Village. One building after another couldn't withstand this terrible disaster and collapsed.

The terrifying wind pressure, like a mountain, pressed down on everyone. The ninjas of Konoha and Suna were blown away by this terrifying hurricane.

The Vacuum Blast was imminent. Ryujiro grasped the sword in his hand, his eyes flashing with a sharp edge.

He bent his legs, and the terrifying power erupted instantly. The stairs under his feet suddenly exploded, revealing a huge pit. 

Ryujiro flew towards Shukaku like a comet.

One Sword Style! Dark Slash!


The sharp sound of the blade unsheathing seemed to echo throughout the entire ninja world at this moment.

The Vacuum Blast instantly dissipated, and there was no terrifying slash flying out. But at this moment, the whole of Konoha was incredibly quiet, as if time had stopped at this moment.

The gaze of everyone seemed to be marked with a terrifying sword scar, as if the world had been split in two.

The colossal body of Shukaku, like a mountain, was instantly split in two, tilting to the right and slowly falling from the sky.


"What's your name?"

Shukaku's consciousness was gradually fading.


Just a simple name echoed in everyone's ears.

"A terrifying kid."

Shukaku's last words came out involuntarily, and with a "bang", he disappeared into a cloud of smoke. 

At the same time, a small figure appeared on the ground. Gaara had fallen into a deep coma.

At this moment, the clouds floating above the sky also showed the image of being split in two by some kind of weapon.

"Has the sky been cut open?"

"The Tailed Beast..."

"Has been defeated..."

All the ninjas present stared blankly at the clouds that were split in two, and such a terrifying scene made their eyes bulge just by looking at it.

"The Tailed Beast! The Tailed Beast has been defeated!"

"Konoha! We have another astonishing talent!"

"Everyone, now is the time for us to strike back!"


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