Naruto: I Quit

On the fateful night of the Nine-Tails Rebellion, a foreign soul found itself reborn in the world of the Hokage, merging with the infant Naruto. Yet, hidden beneath the innocent façade of this newborn babe lay the wisdom and experience of an adult soul, a secret known to none. As life unfurled within the Hidden Leaf Village, the unfair treatment and unwarranted hostility that once besieged Naruto now fell upon the new soul. With a resolve that defied the very fabric of destiny, he declared, "Fuck you Konoha, I am not gonna stay in this shithole any longer." ======= Support me on Patreon and get access to 60+ advanced chapters, putting you right in the middle of the action. Link: patreon.com/KittyLovesMilk ======= Disclaimer It's important to note that I do not assert any ownership over the material, as they fall under the category of fanfiction, creatively derived from existing works.

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Come Here Danzo, Death Is Waiting.

"Well, anyways you can die now."

With a resounding boom, Naruto released an immense surge of Chakra, shaping it into a formidable body that loomed over him. The Susanoo materialized in blood red armour, adorned with a mix of black and gold linnings , silver-white hair flowing down along with two curved devil horns, and two colossal swords hanging from its waist. Behind it unfurled a pair of devil like wings, achieving the complete form of Susanoo.

Despite intentionally scaling down its size, Naruto's Susanoo still towered like a multiple-story building. A deliberate choice, as the full-sized Susanoo could easily rival a mountain, surpassing even the colossal stature of a tailed beast.

The revelation of Susanoo's power left the ninjas astounded.

"He is truly a Demon from the depths of hell."

Among the spectators, even Uchiha Itachi, residing in the village, gazed in astonishment, pondering the source of this power. Could it be the influence of 'Madara'? Little did he know that the fear-inspiring force originated from Naruto himself.

Danzo, however, recognized the might of Susanoo. A man unafraid to confront such power directly, he faced it head-on.

Naruto's showcase wasn't merely for spectacle. With Susanoo's appearance, he swiftly directed its actions.

"Cleanse." Naruto said in a playful voice.

The colossal arms of Susanoo unsheathed the massive swords from its waist, the weapons themselves resembling small buildings in the context of Susanoo's scale. The attack wasn't a mere slash; it was a monumental smash. Unyielding and fearless, Susanoo launched a relentless double-sword assault on the encroaching roots, striking with an unstoppable courage that echoed through the battlefield.

The dozens of newly arrived Root members initially intended to encircle Naruto, but their plans swiftly shifted as they scrambled to evade the colossal Susanoo. Before this Demon, they seemed insignificant, like ants scurrying to avoid an imminent threat.

Despite their small size, they failed to dodge Susanoo's strike. Blood and body parts got scattered around along with the never ending miserable screams.

"I can see that all of you love playing with the Demon. Don't worry I will play with you till your hearts stop beating." Naruto said in a sunny tone.

Simultaneously, Susanoo's eyes assumed the Mangekyō Sharingan, unleashing its prowess. Naruto demonstrated the incredible feat of harnessing both of his significant eye techniques simultaneously.

Unacquainted with the true meaning behind Naruto's eye techniques, some of the Root members attempted to resist using their karma-infused hands.

The outcome was swift and brutal. More scattered flesh and blood.

Sensing the imminent danger, some ninjas swiftly took Danzo away.

"Come play with me, Danzo. Your DEATH is waiting for you," declared Naruto in his ever sunny and innocent voice of a child.

Controlling Susanoo, he raised the massive sword, thrusting it forward. The creature's elongated arm and the colossal blade covered the distance, thwarting Danzo's attempts to flee and leaving him with no escape route.

Yet, the remaining Root members, now once again reducedto a few, did not shy away. Instead, they met the dire situation with enlightened determination, their eyes gleaming with newfound resolve.

"Never let him slip away!" Danzo hollered, "This brat haa gone rogue, might even run away from the village. The Nine Tails Jinchūriki can't be allowed to defect, let alone carry off such power and eyes. Everyone, fight to the bitter end, take him down, and snatch back those eyes."

True to Danzo's instincts, just from Naruto's demeanor, it was crystal clear. It had come to this point; Naruto couldn't linger in Konoha Village any longer.

Initially, Naruto wasn't sure if he could seize the turmoil surrounding the Uchiha massacre as an opportunity to make his exit. But now, he was certain.

Because now he had taken his revenge so it's time to kill to his hearts content. How long had he waited to bath in these bastards blood. He is enjoying every single moment if their torture.

Danzo was spot on about one thing. Naruto had truly become unhinged, his actions becoming more and more ruthless.

With a flicker from Danzo, the root ninjas surged forward, charging at Naruto as if they cared not for their own lives. They seemed to be propelled by some deeper purpose. Naruto grinned, remarking, "Is it the eyes again? How much do you value those Uchiha eyes, Danzo? You are such an hypocrate?"

Danzo didn't reply but shrinked into the shadows.

Naruto snorted disdainfully, too lazy to hold back, and targeted the root members, unleashing his favorite techniques.

In an instant, every life within Naruto's gaze froze. The last dozen root members stood motionless. Moments later, their souls and bodies separated, banished to different unknown realms.

Unless they could reunite soul and body within three minutes, their fate was sealed.

Naruto then turned his gaze to the direction Danzo had evaded, sneering, "Danzo, come out and play with the DEMON, You have created."


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