84 Chapter 68.3 : Eye of Heaven!

Suddenly, a pair of mysterious eyes appeared in the live broadcast room, radiating a faint golden light, as if they held the secrets of the stars and the universe.

"The Eye Technique List's Number 1 Eye Technique will be revealed in 3….2….!"

This unexpected event piqued everyone's curiosity.

[Kakashi: Step forward, the most enigmatic ocular technique, the top-ranked one! What could it be? We're about to find out!]

[Great Toad Sage: It's an eye that's completely unprecedented in the ninja world, truly bizarre!

[White Snake Sage: I'm sensing some distortion in the live broadcast room, these eyes are quite unnerving!]

[Senju Hashirama: I sense it too! Could it be that the power within these eyes is causing this unease in the live broadcast room?]

[Uchiha Madara: It's more likely that the power of these eyes is manifesting here and causing this sensation. It's not that the live broadcast room can't handle it. But what kind of treasure is this Golden List? It might render the entire ninja world insignificant. How can a mere ocular technique make it uneasy?]

[Terumi Mei: Hurry up, I'm eager to know the abilities of this Dojutsu.]

[Third Hokage: It's here!)

An introduction appeared on the Golden List's screen.

[First place in the Eye Technique List: Yasao, the possessor of the Eye of Heaven, a supreme ocular power that encompasses the mysteries of the cosmos and the rules of the world. 

It can release the heavenly thunder, shatter all matter, disrupt immortality, annihilate life force, rip through space, and unravel the very fabric of the world's energy. 

It can also perceive all things, host numerous ocular techniques, penetrate illusions, manipulate techniques, and foresee future actions....]

The Eye of Heaven's introductions were abundant, leaving everyone with one resounding thought—this Eye of Heaven was truly extraordinary!

[Hidan: Damn, that Eye of Heaven is terrifying, it can even defeat an immortal (undead) body!]

Hidan had always been extraordinarily confident in his immortality, believing that through his rituals, he could vanquish even the leader of Akatsuki, Pain..

But now, he was forced to confront his own arrogance. The Eye of Heaven could annihilate his immortality with a mere gaze, leaving no trace of him behind!

Kakuzu was equally perturbed, realizing that such an incredible ocular power far surpassed anything he'd seen.

[Uchiha Madara: Now I understand why Yasao possesses so many ocular techniques. The Eye of Heaven can host various ocular powers, allowing Yasao to integrate as many eyes as he wishes. Give him countless Sharingan, and he can easily merge them.]

[Senju Hashirama: Yasao holds four of the top ocular techniques on the Eye Technique List. He's unlikely to find Sharingan appealing; he won't merge it at all, not even Nagato's Rinnegan, most likely!]

[Uchiha Madara: That makes sense!]

Uchiha Madara couldn't help but feel envious at this moment. These eyes were so enticing, he wished they were his.

Their power was beyond belief. Even if he were to be resurrected someday, he couldn't hope to stand against Yasao. Unless his strength reached a level comparable to Yasao's, he couldn't compete with him!

Many others shared this sentiment.

"The Eye of Heaven," an ocular technique so potent it surpassed the Mother's Rinne Sharingann and even countered her immortality. The possibility that it could defeat her was raised, which made it a potential weapon to eradicate her.

Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo was lost in thought, tempted by the idea of claiming such an eye. However, he swiftly suppressed the notion. Stealing Yasao's Eye of Heaven would be a suicidal act!

Yasao possessed too many means to thwart him; he was a walking deathtrap.

"Master's most formidable asset is undoubtedly the Eye of Heaven. Were it not for the Golden List, I would have been unaware," Sun Wukong admitted.

He knew the extent of his master's power. With the activation of the Eye of Heaven, he could eliminate him without a trace.

An invincible master like Yasao required careful handling.

This puzzled Sun Wukong, but if this was his master's nature, so be it.

However, with the advent of the Golden List in the ninja world, many of his master's secrets would likely be unveiled one by one.

"Master, your Eye of Heaven is incredibly potent, far surpassing my Evil Eye," Kumoko marveled.

Yasao smiled faintly and replied, "The Eye of Heaven is a technique I've dedicated myself to mastering. Naturally, it's more formidable than your Evil Eye, which I tailored specifically for you. If your Evil Eye were mightier than my Eye of Heaven, that would be unusual!"

"Master is absolutely right!"

Kumoko nodded enthusiastically.

With the announcement of the first place on the Eye Technique List, all the rankings were now revealed. Everyone eagerly anticipated the moment when the rewards would be unveiled, as it was a favorite part of the process.

After all, who didn't love rewards? Valuable items could significantly enhance one's strength and expand their knowledge with rare and precious items.

As convention dictated, the first-place winner would receive the most impressive prize.

At this moment, everyone's thoughts centered on what the first-place reward might be.

[Kakashi: I'm excited to see the rewards for the Eye Technique List, and I made the list, so there should be a good reward for me.]

[Uchiha Madara: I'm also looking forward to the rewards. Like some people who aren't on the list, I expect to receive something good!]

[Senju Hashirama: I swear, next time I'll be on the list. It has to happen; I refuse to believe it won't!!!!)

[Senju Tobirama: Big brother, stop jinxing yourself. I'm beginning to doubt your lucky streak. If you keep saying that, you might not make the list next time. Say the opposite, and you might actually make it!]

[Senju Hashirama: Second brother, really? In that case, I'll reverse my luck. I won't make the list next time!!!]

[Uchiha Madara: Childish, do you really believe that?]

[Senju Tobirama:... You asked for it.]

Senju Tobirama meant to jest with his older brother, but he was surprised that his sibling took it seriously. Nonetheless, he chose not to clarify his remarks.

Under the eager gaze of everyone, it was time to announce the rewards for the Eye Technique List, with the first-place prize taking the spotlight!


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