Naruto: Clan of Shinobi

My name is Oden Zaraki, of the mighty Zaraki clan! You have probably never seen someone as genius as me before, nor have you seen someone as handsome, nor as mighty as me. So open your eyes and take a look at me! Now close your eyes so you don't get blinded. When people see me they shake in fear, when women see me they fall down in love. When men see me they cry in jealousy! You might think that I'm bragging, but wait until you hear my story, then you'll understand that I'm being humble! Yes I'm the most humble person ever, that's how great I am! here's the Chinese vibe synopsis: "You want to take my clan members into your Root? Fine, but pay with your life first!" You want to Order me around just because you're Hokage? Fine, but pay with your life first!" You want to marry me just because you're pretty? Fine, but first pay with your life... no wait, I'll give a cheaper price, pay with your body! This sale is a one time offer, get it before it's too late!" One of the three founding Clans of Konoha, the Zaraki-Clan has a new, young, genius clan head that won't bend to anyone. How will the events of Naruto World span out when there's a new boss in town? AU -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- No System! No Lemons! No Low-key Hiding! This is an AU/Reincarnation, and there won't be any sexual content on here but it might have matured content because this is a ninja world. -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Oh People of Webnovel! Have you not yet, read my fanfic? Why is it that you're procrastinating with what you know is inevitable? Is it that you're afraid? Afraid of becoming addicted to my fanfic? Well, do not fear anymore, because I'm here to confirm that you will. So it's pointless to fight it! (False advertisement warning) NIKE Just officially came out with a statement for my fanfic, they said "Just read it!" True story bro (But don't be afraid, my fanfic is way better than my synopsis)

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Chapter 9: Big boss vibes

Seeing that they were almost at her district, Oden felt awkward, not having spoken anything throughout the walk.

"Did it go well between you and Hiashi-san?" Oden asked.

"Mhm." Hinata could only make a simple sound to say yes.


"Don't think that he doesn't care for you. Men like that are cold on the outside, but warm on the inside, they are the most caring people." Oden spoke, almost ambiguous on who he meant.

Those words hit Hinata quite hard.

"Thank you." She meekly said.

They finally arrived outside the Hyuga clan district, where the same person was standing guard as the day before. The guard with only one arm.

He first noticed Hinata.

"Hinata-sama, welcome back." He said, but his tone didn't show much care nor respect. In fact, it almost showed contempt.

Hyuga was a place. where talent and status mattered. However, there were rumors that Hinata would become a branch member, while her younger sister would overtake Hinata, which made most Hyugas treat her with less eagerness, in fact, some would even frown while looking at her.

After all, the main house generally treated the branch house as servants and slaves, but the branch house never dared to show their discontent.

But now that one from the main house had "fallen" some from the branch house couldn't help but release their pent-up frustration.

So their treatment of her had worsened in the last two years, of course, this was only when they weren't in the presence of Hiashi.

Suddenly the guard noticed the head of the Zaraki clan beside Hinata. The Zaraki clan's young patriarch had an emotionlessly cold face.

"Ah, S-Sir, I didn't notice you, I'm sorry." The guard bent in respect, and his tone totally changed.

Everyone had heard that the Zaraki Clan head was treated respectfully by their head yesterday and had the same status as him. Which made his status soar amongst the lower-ranked Hyugas.

At first, Oden wasn't looked well upon since he was young, and is fairly unknown compared to other geniuses.

His name is famous but not his face since he rarely used to show himself to the village outside of doing missions.

Which made most people underestimate his status but seeing him come and go as he pleased while their head showed lots of respect they understood that Oden's status was real.

"Hinata, I hope you make a decision about my marriage proposal soon," Oden said coldly as he kept looking at the guard that was bowing.

As for the guard, he saw the shadow of Oden and understood that he had angered Oden Zaraki which made him sweat nervously.

'HE PROPOSED TO HINATA?' In his head, he worriedly shouted. he didn't dare to raise his head.

As for Hinata, she was shocked, why did he suddenly speak about this? Why did he seem so cold, she almost became scared of him herself.

"Y-Yes." She stuttered.

"Good, give me an answer as soon as possible, and don't disappoint me." He said as he turned around and left.

He didn't mean to be so forceful but he got angry when he saw the disrespect the guard showed Hinata.

Even though they weren't married yet, just the fact that they spoke about marriage made her temporarily "his" in a sense, and he didn't like people showing disrespect to "his people", whether it is his wife, children parents, servants, workers, or relatives.

Had it been before the talks, he didn't care. had it been after she turned him down, he wouldn't care. but right now, he did care. So he spoke those words to make the guard realize that the guard had offended him.

After Oden had left, Hinata just stood there very confused.

'Why did he become angry, did I do something?' She became worried.

"AH, Hinata-Sama WELCOME BACK." The guard repeated himself but this time many times more respectfully. In fact, he almost sounded like he wanted her forgiveness.

Hinata simply nodded, more confused as she walked in.

Hinata noticed the change of attitude from the guard, but didn't think much of it since her mind was more worried that she had offended her husband... potential husband...

During the coming few days, a lot of worries started spreading amongst the branch house of the Hyuga clan, because rumors started spreading that the fallen eldest daughter of the clan head would marry the patriarch of the noblest clan in Konoha, the clan that could only be equaled by two clans that didn't exist anymore.

Those that had looked down on her and treated her badly the last two years felt fear.

As for Hinata, she had seen and felt the change of treatment from everyone, and she wasn't a dumb girl by any standard, so she finally understood her last interaction with Oden and finally felt relief that she hadn't offended him.

At the same time, since then, she found herself smiling a lot whenever he crossed her mind... which happened frequently.

A few days after that, Oden was sitting in his office handling the weekly documents.

*Knock Knock*

"Come in" Oden simply said.

Migoto walked in with a letter in hand, looking nervous.

Seeing that the letter was from the Hyuga head, Oden didn't waste time and opened the letter.

"We accept your terms and accept the marriage proposal.

Hiashi Hyuga."

The letter read, and Oden couldn't help but smile slightly.

"I didn't think you wanted to get married and only did it because of responsibility?" Migoto said acting confused as he saw his young master happy that they had agreed. But on the inside, he knew what was up. He simply wanted to tease his young master.

"Mm, I'm just happy that I was right, about the fact that their little princes wouldn't be able to escape my charm," Oden said regaining his cold face.

"Sure.. if you say so young master." Migoto said with a smile.

"Congratulations, when do you want to set the date for marriage?" Migoto asked about Oden's plans.

Oden closed his eyes and started thinking about the best time.

'I should at least wait until she's a genin, but I would rather have it when Shippuden starts... but that would be rude in the standard of nobles to wait so long after an agreement has been made...' Oden thought deeply about this for a few seconds.

"I think the most fitting time would be after the next chunin exams, please pass on what I said to Hiashi." Oden said after thinking for a while.

"Yes sir." Migoto said, but he was surprised that Oden would wait so long, it was a bit more than half a year left until Chunin exams.

Migoto believed that Oden would have chosen to get married soon after Hinata-sama became genin.