Naruto: Clan of Shinobi

My name is Oden Zaraki, of the mighty Zaraki clan! You have probably never seen someone as genius as me before, nor have you seen someone as handsome, nor as mighty as me. So open your eyes and take a look at me! Now close your eyes so you don't get blinded. When people see me they shake in fear, when women see me they fall down in love. When men see me they cry in jealousy! You might think that I'm bragging, but wait until you hear my story, then you'll understand that I'm being humble! Yes I'm the most humble person ever, that's how great I am! here's the Chinese vibe synopsis: "You want to take my clan members into your Root? Fine, but pay with your life first!" You want to Order me around just because you're Hokage? Fine, but pay with your life first!" You want to marry me just because you're pretty? Fine, but first pay with your life... no wait, I'll give a cheaper price, pay with your body! This sale is a one time offer, get it before it's too late!" One of the three founding Clans of Konoha, the Zaraki-Clan has a new, young, genius clan head that won't bend to anyone. How will the events of Naruto World span out when there's a new boss in town? AU -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- No System! No Lemons! No Low-key Hiding! This is an AU/Reincarnation, and there won't be any sexual content on here but it might have matured content because this is a ninja world. -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Oh People of Webnovel! Have you not yet, read my fanfic? Why is it that you're procrastinating with what you know is inevitable? Is it that you're afraid? Afraid of becoming addicted to my fanfic? Well, do not fear anymore, because I'm here to confirm that you will. So it's pointless to fight it! (False advertisement warning) NIKE Just officially came out with a statement for my fanfic, they said "Just read it!" True story bro (But don't be afraid, my fanfic is way better than my synopsis)

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Chapter 10: Another emergency meeting!

The day Oden Zaraki had waited for, prepared for and was excited for had come. The start of canon.

Oden was outside of the academy waiting for his future wifey.

He had found that many parents and servants had come today waiting for the ones that would soon officially become adults.

Soon the academy students started flowing out of the academy, some very happy and some very sad.

Some as genins and some as failures.

Oden noticed that Hinata had walked outside and saw that all of her classmates had parents that were waiting for them, and felt sour as she knew that her father wouldn't come for this.

"Heh, Who's that person?" One of Hinata's classmates said suddenly, noticing a person that could even beat Sasuke in looks and charms.

Those in close proximity looked toward where the said person pointed and found a tall, 15-year-old with a gift box in his hand.

He had dark black hair, golden eyes, and a serious-looking face. A face that would look like he was looking down on the world if he smiled.

'IS HE WAITING FOR ME!' Hinata instantly recognized the person she agreed to marry. But since that choice two weeks prior, she had avoided him out of embarrassment.

Oden smiled at Hinata as she noticed him, and waved his hands.

Hinata lowered her head and started walking towards him.

'She's so shy... and cute, who'd think that she'd grow up to be so stunning later on...' Oden thought about her appearance as she walked towards him.

"Congratulations Hinata on passing." Oden said before she could even say hello, or announce what her results were.

"H-how d-did you k-know?" She stuttered in surprise.

"I just knew that you would pass, you're talented, smart, and cute," He said as if the last word had any part in deciding her graduation.

"CUTE, N-O I-I'M AM NOT" she started stuttering once again nervously.

"Hinata, didn't I tell you before, it's up to me to decide whether you're cute or not, you have no say in it. Since I said it, no one can change this fact." Oden spoke, accidentally his voice became cold as he spoke that.

Oden hadn't noticed this himself but with his genius, he had gotten prideful and arrogant. Although he himself only believed that this was part of his "acting" like a leader

But whenever someone challenged him he instinctively became serious, like now, just the fact that Hinata challenged him on his opinion made him battle-ready he started speaking arrogantly.

But to Hinata, this seemed like his way of flirting which made her face even a darker shade of pink.

"Sorry" She whispered, feeling very happy on the inside that someone found her cute, even more so that it was her future husband.

"Here's my graduation gift for you." Oden said as he handed her the gift box he had held onto.

"You didn't have to!" She tried denying it out of shyness but he had already handed it to her.

"Tomorrow you have a meeting about who will become you jonin sensei right?" Oden asked.

"Yes, in the morning we'll meet with our teacher and he'll tell us which teams we'll be in and who our teacher will be." She said, showing that she was slightly worried about this.

"I see, don't worry, I'm sure you'll be in good hands." Oden said.

As they started walking, anbu suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Zaraki-sama, the Hokage is calling for an emergency meeting." The anbu spoke before disappearing.

Hinata looked worriedly at her husb.. future husband, what if the Hokage was going to make things hard for him?

She was the daughter of a clan head so she was privy to some understanding, the Hokage and the clan heads were t always on the same side, so she worried that Oden was called so the Hokage would make things difficult for him.

Seeing her worried face Oden just smiled slightly.

"Don't worry, emergency meetings are for all Clan heads and jonins, which means that this isn't something that involves me directly." He said.

"Nonetheless, I need to go, you'll have to walk yourself back, sorry about that." He said as he disappeared.

Hinata just stood there slightly worried.

As Oden arrived in the meeting room of the Hokage tower, he found the Zaraki clan seat and sat down. He wasn't the first to arrive, nor the last as he saw the room filling up with both jonins and clan heads.

Soon everyone arrived, and lastly the Hokage and his advisors entered the room and sat at their designated places.

"We found traces of Gold and Silver brothers..." The anbu commander stood up and spoke, making everyone frown.

"Aren't they supposed to be dead?" Someone asked.

"That's what everyone assumed as those two had disappeared for the last two decades... however they seem to be found by Kumo, and were chased by Kumo elites until they reached our borders." The Hokage explained.

Kage-level enemies and Dozens of Kumo elites near their borders aren't something to take lightly, as this could go wrong, very fast.

Finally, everyone understood why the emergency meeting had been called for.

"Who can we send to intercept them?" Asuma, the son of the third Hokage finally asked.

Asuma had recently come back to Konoha after being away for a long time. He was one of the elite jonins of Konoha, and although not at the level of Kage, he was definitely not to be underestimated.

"Should I go?" Suddenly a voice spoke up, and everyone turned around and found a man with white spiky hair and a black mask hiding half of his face.

Kakashi had one of his eyes hidden by his forehead protector with the symbol of Konoha on it.

Everyone knew who Kakashi was, he was Konohas best jonin, only a step away from Kage level, so no one spoke against his words and awaited the Hokages decision.

"No... you have your students to care for from tomorrow onwards..." The Hokage said, trying to come up with a reason to not send Kakashi.

Konoha doesn't have any shinning to take the mantle of Hokage after Hiruzen.

And the Hokage knew this, if he could choose, he would've made Kakashi the Hokage and retired once again.

The Hokage knew that Kakashi had the best potential to be the Hokage, however, what was holding him back wasn't his talents.. nor was it what Kakashi claimed, that his chakra levels were inferior.

The Hokage knew that Kakashi believed his Chakra levels were low because of the implanted Sharingan, and although the Sharingan does indeed use more chakra for people that aren't Uchiha, someone with Kakashis caliber won't be affected by it.

The Hokage was known as the Professor, because of his deep knowledge of chakra, ninjutsu, and taijutsu.

And he knew that it was not the Sharingan that was holding Kakashi back. His chakra has already reached Kage levels, however, Kakashi seemed to be traumatized by his experiences. He had to go to war at a very young age, he lost his best friends, he lost his father, he lost his sensei...

Essentially, everyone that was close to him, Kakashi had seen them die, this had left Kakashi traumatized and an invisible wall had been built inside his soul, hindering him from being the best he can be.

Hokage wasn't blind to this, he knew that Kakashi spent hours in front of the graves of his loved ones every day, and whenever he wasn't on a mission.

He knew that the reason for Kakashi's low chakra was that his spiritual energy was blocked by trauma, guilt for surviving, and... the fact that Kakashi didn't seem to have the will to live anymore.

Hokage had noticed this and hoped to help Kakashi to live a good life, find meaning and overcome his past by putting troubled children under his tutelage, hoping that they can heal each other.

However, right now, Kakashi wasn't in a state to fight Kage-level opponents.