Naruto: Chronicles of a Fire Ninja Book

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Naruto: Chronicles of a Fire Ninja


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The MC transmigrates to the Narutoverse in the body of an orphan boy from the Senju clan, as a normal person from modern Earth he has little to no fighting experience, but luckily time is something he has a lot as Naruto is just 6 months old so, he can slowly build his strength to live a "Peace-full" life ##### Gain early access and support my work on Patreon, Join the journey and unlock exclusive content together.- https://www.pat-reon.com/FirstHokage) Without '-' after pat (^~^) ##### /***** I have posted images of the main character in the review section and comments on first 3 chapters you guys can see them there:D ******/ Warning: 1. This is not a story where MC will get powers overnight and become overpowered in Narutoverse, he will slowly build his strength, not too slow but not too fast 2. There will be a lot of killing and when I say killing I mean brutal one too 3. this novel will also have an academic arc too 4. BARUTO is a big no for me as I am a die-hard fan of Naruto so the plot of Baruto is not in this novel 5. our MC is smart and not some hot-headed fool so, don't expect him to put his life in danger all the time(and yes he is super handsome and you can see in the cover photo) Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or its characters (except the original characters I create). The image used in the cover is generated using AI after many tries :P