Naruto and his system

Author: Scathach_
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What is Naruto and his system

Read ‘Naruto and his system’ Online for Free, written by the author Scathach_, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering SYSTEM Fanfiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Fan Fiction, OVERPOWERED Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: what if Naruto awakened a system before the ninja academy.fyi I don't update this that much. only when I feel like it


what if Naruto awakened a system before the ninja academy. fyi I don't update this that much. only when I feel like it

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Once again, I found myself battered and bruised, lying in a miserable heap. My thoughts were spinning in all directions. I had just been going about my business when I was ambushed. They took everything I had and left me with aching bruises on my back. This had been happening way too often lately. As I lay there, wondering what to do next, I noticed some movement nearby. Two men were locked in a wild, otherworldly fight. They had weapons that definitely didn't belong in our world, and they looked nothing like us. One had fiery red hair, and the other's hair was a wild shade of green that couldn't possibly be natural. The green-haired guy could blend in with trees like a human chameleon. What amazed me the most was that no one else seemed to see them. It was like they were invisible to everyone except me. The red-haired guy stabbed the green-haired one, and a green liquid, similar to blood, spilled out. I couldn't help but gasp in shock. That's when the red-haired guy noticed me and started heading my way. I didn't waste a second. I fought through the pain, got to my feet, and tried to escape, but he caught me. He looked at me with intense eyes, and then slowly raised his hands, which still held the weapon with the green substance. I raised my hands to shield my already battered face, expecting the worst. But to my surprise, nothing happened. I cautiously lowered my hands and saw that he was looking at me with a shocked expression. He was studying a scar I'd had since I was eight, mumbling something about "phoenix." "Who are you?" he muttered slowly, his eyes an unusual reddish-blue, almost glassy against his pale, handsome face. Suddenly, I was whisked away to a completely different world—a kingdom where men ruled and women were treated as if they didn't matter. They were only seen as breeders and had no power. I became a curiosity, a mystery they couldn't quite grasp. They couldn't believe my abilities, and honestly, neither could I. But in this strange place, I found a family, people I could trust, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged. My newfound family was facing a big problem and needed me to become stronger. As the last member of the Tao clan, it was my responsibility to find others like me from different realms and work together to prevent a massive war that could destroy everything. This was my chance to be more than just a punching bag and to save thousands of lives.

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This is a unique fan fiction no reincarnation or transmigration just regular old Naruto uzumaki with a system it's brilliant.


It's alright, formatting could use some work, but overall it's technically sound enough otherwise. I do feel the overall flow of the story could use some work, it feels a lot like a bunch of random scenes together and by the time you reach the moment of graduation, you haven't really felt anything for the mc yet because its all a bit impersonal. The world itself isn't really elaborated upon either no real world building to be found so that's something that could be improved upon too. Thus far that is a summary of the technical stuff wn names that I rated the story on. As for my opinion: At graduation he has all the usual op stuff already through gatcha rolls, so that kinda kills the excitement of combat scenes for me. The earlier collection of semi bland scenes and impersonalness make it hard to like the mc or care about anyone else in the story. Thus it failed to hook me in and resulted in my dropping it. The concept is cool enough but story wise. He's already at a level that that makes combat uninteresting and too emotionally undefined to make this a slice of life, romance or friendship novel worth reading. The same. On the world building front for adventure...


havent read yet, just want to know if there will be any romance?



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