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"Welcome to Hotel Oceanus. We hope you enjoy your stay." Mehar managed to say. "I'm sure I will." Replied her client. His gaze locked on hers, recognition shining in his eyes. In return, Mehar felt like clawing his eyeballs out. The chandelier playing with the lights sends it down in fragments upon them. The mirrors adorning the guest room focused on the two facing each other. They had met once, on a fateful night three years ago. The memory is still searing fresh, hasn't been that long in the first place. They meet again, for better or for worse...and as the night proceeds, their lives get tangled beyond separation. Note: The story switches betwixt two different plotlines, as indicated at the start of each chapter and in between. Each of your views and likes means so much to me. Hope the story keeps you hooked enough to follow it further.


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