2 Chapter 2 Sarutobi Shinnosuke(Re-edit)


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Seeing his wife wearing a mask who was severely injured by a sword next to him, Sarutobi Shinnosuke roared and hugged his wife who had almost fallen to the ground in his arms.

And the other three, they have also injured by the the slashed at their vital points, and they all fell down on the ground.

Even if there is still a trace of breath in her, she has already stepped into the deaths door and the doors are closing at fast pace.

"It turns out that all of them are very serious when they attack me. It seems that you really want to put me to death… But that's okay. In this way, I won't have a burden of killing some innocent."

Kenya sneered again and again, watching while squatting on the ground.

Shinnosuke holding his wife who was only breathing.

But Kenya mocked voice come again, "But at now I am still too weak too weak. In order to guard against your peak power level, Jōnin, I didn't hypnosis everyone. After all, the stronger the person are, the more energy it takes."

"Uchiha Kenya!!!" Shinnosuke shouted through gritted teeth.

"What are your Konoha elders planning, do you think I don't know?" Kenya looked cold, and rushed over in an instant.

Burning with anger, Shinnosuke had no choice but to put down his wife for the time being, and pulled out a Short Sword, which was one-third shorter than Kenya sword, to meet him.


The blades clashed over, bursting out sparks.

hinnosuke furiously said: "You have no chance! Your Uchiha clan, tonight it will be completely removed from Shinobi World!"

Facing this kind of person, Kenya had no other expression on his face except sneer and indifference, "It's ridiculous, because there are too many people like you, that is why Konoha is like this."

In the next moment, Kenya twisted his wrist and directly throw Shinnosuke's Short Sword away by his sword.

Shinnosuke's face was of shocked and surprised behind his mask.

He should know that Uchiha Kenya's strength is only Jōnin, and there should be a huge gap between himself and the peak of Jōnin.

How could he be able to suppress himself in just a.... few months! ?

"Neither you nor Sarutobi Hiruzen or Shimura Danzō have the power to decide my or anyone life and death. If you want me to die, you have to use First Hokage or Uchiha Madara from back then, instead of hiding behind the scenes and using conspiracy. "

In Kenya's words, the contempt for Sarutobi Hiruzen, a group of politicians, is vividly displayed.

If he traveled through the Senju Hashirama reign, in all likelihood, there is no need to leave Konoha, but he will stand on the same front as Konoha, right?

Unfortunately, it is not a 'sage' or kind like Senju Hashirama who is now in power, but a 'politician' through and deep through.

And he is still a politician who wants to kill me!

Kenya knows that the more he fights, the easier it is for the Anbu and Genins ninjas lurking around to perceive or know the situation here.

I must make a quick decision.


Kenya use Shunpo (Flash Steps) to disappear from his location in an instant.

Shinnosuke's face changed, and then he quickly used Chakra perception to capture Kenya's location.

"over there!"

After noticing the opponent's position, Shinnosuke's left hand, which didn't hold a sword, quickly made the seal with one hand, and a wave of Chakra condensed in his throat.

"Fire Style·Fire…"

"The Fourth of Hadō·Pale Lightning!"

However, he didn't wait for him to use the technique.

Kenya's left index finger is already on his shoulder.

In an instant, a thunder pillar, not much thicker than a finger, penetrated Shinnosuke's shoulder sharply.


A longer attack range than the future Uchiha Sasuke Chidori but like a gun, directly penetrates the wall of a residential house behind it.

Kenya frowned. 'Did it cause any noise?'

But it is inevitable, after all, he is fighting against Jōnin's peak level masters.

However, after the shoulder was penetrated, Shinnosuke did not give up his attack.

He concentrate his Chakra on his throat and he exhaled deeply, "Fire Style: Fire Dragon Technique!"

Although not as good as Uchiha, but Sarutobi clan is also extremely good at Fire Style.

The power of Shinnosuke has surpassed most ninja's of the Uchiha clan.

"Able to serve as the leader of this mission, there really are two things."

Kenya twisted Kyōka Suigetsu's wrist and swung his sword.

A silver light sword gas nearly ten meters high, instantly split the incoming fire dragon into two.

"Wind Style: Wind Slash!"

Shinnosuke turned sideways to avoid this devastating slash.

He quickly spit out a wind pressure covering his sword from his mouth, approaching Kenya at a swift speed, and pierced his body with a wind blade.

However, when he succeeded, Shinnosuke didn't feel much joy.

Because it went too smoothly.

At this time, Kenya's ghostly voice sounded again: "Shatter it, Kyōka Suigetsu!"

Bang! !

The surrounding space shattered like a mirror, and Shinnosuke's eyes almost came out of his eye sockets.

The wind blade he used to pierce Uchiha Kenya was actually his dying wife just now!

"Shinnosuke…for, why?" Shinnosuke's wife burst into tears and said the last words of her life. She tilted her head and died completely!


Shinnosuke's wailing roar suddenly alarmed all the Anbu ninjas lurking around.

"Don't worry, you will go with her right away." Kenya's voice rose from behind.

When Shinnosuke turned his head angrily, he only saw Kenya blade getting closer and closer to his line of sight——


With blood splashing, Shinnosuke's head completely separated from his neck.

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Kenya have noticed that there are quite a few Anbu and they are approaching this location.

Kenya hesitated for a second, he picked up the head of Shinnosuke, and said to himself: " ohh right, you still have uses. This thing can cover the food expenses for a while…"

After speaking this sentence, Kenya quickly sheathed his sword, carrying Shinnosuke's head he ran out of Konoha Village, and quickly disappeared into the dark night.


At this time, Sarutobi Hiruzen is sitting in the Hokage building quietly waiting for a report from his son Shinnosuke.

It is good to go to the Uchiha clan and issue a blockade order and a wanted order for Uchiha Itachi.

But not a moment later his thoughts interrupted when an Anbu Ninja arrived, but it was not his son or daughter-in-law, but another Anbu team leader.

Kneeling in front of Hiruzen, he shouted in trepidation:

"Lord Hokage, the team led by Shin...Shinnosuke… sama, All... all of them were killed, and Shinnosuke-sama head was missing!"


Hiruzen shocked and almost passed out from his office chair.


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