Naruto: A Different Power

Born in Ninja World and granted the power of Ope Ope no Fruit, Kawano Naoki tries to utilise it's power every way possible to reach the apex and live freely. AN:- It is a non harem book. chapters ahead on my P@treon.com/Yuki7145

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61 Chs

61 Sealing Jutsu

Land of Fire.

In the forest,

The kunai whizzed pass Naoki who had dodged by moving to left, Hisato at this shocked, not able to understand how Naoki wasn't paralyzed by the current.


Naoki though didn't care about his shock, a red gleam in his eyes as without wasting a second he slammed the blade towards him.


Yelled Hisato with a solemn look, the opponent hasn't even given him time to adjust after his attack at all.



Without any obstacle the sword fell on Hisato's chest, like before an electric discharge bursting out though unable to blow the sword back this time as the force behind it at least ten times more, blood splashing around next second.



A diagonal wound appeared from right shoulder to the waist, Hisato growning in pain but still maintaining a sense of battle flashing away, keeping some distance from Naoki.


Appearing at least fifty meters away from Naoki, Hisato went on one knee panting, one hand on the gruesome wound, blood seeping out of it constantly.


Hirito who was still on the battlefield and stood near the other two uzumaki jonin cleaved into two, seeing the state of Hisato couldn't help but yell in panic.

Till now he had gotten some good chances to escape already but he still didn't, Hisato was the closest person to him after his father.

He was also his sensei having trained him from a very young age, he just couldn't bear to live him alone in possible danger.

He always had trust in Hisato's strength but this time the opponent was too strange, the cut yet still alive clansmen next to him prime example.

"It's no use, he's not listening to me!"

"I have to escape along with him then!"

Hisato who was dealing with the pain hearing Hirito's voice understood he couldn't battle to death here, he wasn't sure of winning now, the opponent was strange and physically very tough as well.

If he died then Hirito who wasn't escaping would be a fish on the chopping board, even after death he would never attain peace.


Deciding what to do, Hisato while in pain put all his effort into standing, his legs quivering but he still kept trying, screaming on top of his lungs.


"Don't try so hard, especially when I don't really plan on killing you!"

But just when Hisato finally got onto his feet, a voice fell in his ears, a shadow over him, his enemy having appeared behind him.

"Then why attack us? Just what do you want!!!?"

Hisato's whole body went tense, but calming his nerves and not moving much, he asked without turning to look back at him.

"I just need him for some while! You are free to go if you just hand him over!"

Said Naoki stretching his hand to point at Hirito who stood there with a powerless face, wanting so much to help but this battle not something he could intervene in.

"Don't Push Your Luck!!!!!"


Yelled Hisato at his words with anger on his face, yanking his elbow behind, aiming towards the face.

Stepping back Naoki easily avoided the attack, Hisato taking the opportunity quickly distancing himself from Naoki.

"Well! so be it!"

Naoki didn't rush to attack again, with a determined tone saying something to himself in a low voice.



A small rock behind Hisato suddenly disappeared as Naoki appeared in it's stead, the blade this time aimed straight towards his throat.


Hisato who was wary of teleportation already reacted quickly, ducking as the blade went over his head, though Naoki seemed to have predicted his movements, rolling his wrists, the blade slashed down at Hisato.

Shadow Clone Jutsu!


Hisato's hands all the time weren't idle as well, making hand signs as next to him smoke burst out, two kunai's with markings suddenly blocking the blade slashed down.

From both the kunai's electric arc burst out, the combined burst blowing the sword back along with the holder.


Flying couple of steps back, Naoki drilled his soles into the ground, forcefully stopping himself from being pushed back too much, though the moment he stopped three figures surrounded him.

Fūinjutsu: Sanhō Fūin (Sealing Jutsu: Three Direction Seal)

Hisato with his two clones surrounded Naoki, and without even giving him a chance to attack back, all three made the same hand signs.

A white light burst out as Naoki subconsciously closed his eyes and the second he opened them again, a tetrahedral shaped bright light around him, Naoki enclosed inside.


Naoki looked at the light prison around him without any panic and slashed his blade at it, though surprisingly at the moment of contact, all the power in his sword disappearing, the light enclosing him getting even brighter.

"This would give us some time to escape, Hirito bring them, hurry up!"

Thought Hisato looking at the trapped Naoki as he ordered Hirito to hurry up, ready to escape along with the cut jonin.

The sealing jutsu that had trapped Naoki was another high level sealing jutsu of Uzumaki Clan, anyone trapped inside would never be able to break it easily.

It's main function is to absorb the attack and strengthen itself, unless a strong attack destroys it instantly without getting a chance to absorb.

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