Naruto: A Different Power

Born in Ninja World and granted the power of Ope Ope no Fruit, Kawano Naoki tries to utilise it's power every way possible to reach the apex and live freely. AN:- It is a non harem book. chapters ahead on my P@treon.com/Yuki7145

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61 Chs

60 Battling Uzumaki

Land of Fire.

"What is this? Some illusion?"

Muttered Hisato with a shocked face, quickly making hand signs in hope of the unimaginable sight before him disappearing but nothing changing.

"Just who are you? What did you do to them?"

Seeing despite making the hand signs to break the illusion nothing changing, Hisato turned his eyes towards the cloaked figure, asking out in an angry tone.

"Who am I?"

Repeated the cloaked figure the question of Hisato in a slightly dazed tone.

"Just a weakling!"

Answered the cloaked figure in a resolute tone, his dazed eyes seemingly seeing numerous decades into the future.

His answer just confused Hisato though he didn't care much about that, quickly turning his gaze to Hirito beside him, who had a tense face.

"The enemy is strange and I'm not sure if I can deal with him, still I can't let anything happen to you Hirito-Sama!"

"Stay close to me and the moment you find a good opportunity, escape!"

Said Hisato to Hirito in a serious tone, at the same time his one eye focused on the cloaked figure in front.

"But I can't leave you alone...

"No! Do as I said!"

Hirito with a worried face tried to convince to help, though with in a serious tone Hisato admonishing him.

"Did you forget I'm here?"

At this moment Hisato heard the cloaked figure again, at some distance calmly watching both, taking out a shuriken and tossing in the air before him.


The tree that was around sixty meters away suddenly just few meters away from him, Hisato finding himself in air and the cloaked figure right before him, his sword on the way to cut through his body, right to left horizontally from the waist.


The sword looked well on the course to successfully divide hisato into two, who was caught completely off guard by his sudden teleportation, but at the moment the tip of the blade just touched the fabric of his clothes a little, a blue arc flashing out of him.

With a boom, the blade was deflected back along with it's holder, blown couple of steps back.


This allowed Hisato to stabilise his body, a piece of paper with black markings that was pasted on his wrist falling off, now burnt.

"This truly comes handy every time!"

Said Hisato in a relieved tone while looking at the burnt piece of paper, at such moments he truly feels grateful of being born as an Uzumaki.

"As expected of Uzumaki Clan, it's not gonna be easy with so many unknown tricks to deal with!"

Thought Naoki who obviously was the attacker, with his last attack he was expecting to catch Hisato off guard and end him quickly.

But some kind of seal that he had placed on the paper helped him escape.

"That was clearly me switching places with that shuriken, just what is this guy?"

While Naoki was praising the Uzumaki Clan, Hisato who had escaped the disaster was analysing what had just happened, the dread on his face increased.

"He is too unpredictable, I have to ensure my safety from any weird move again!"

Decided Hisato inwardly, the enemy was using jutsu he had never even imagined off, he couldn't let himself be taken down suddenly.

Raihō: Kyōi-jo Shishō (Lightning Seal: Threat Eradication Barrier)

Quickly Hisato made two hand signs as after he rubbed his right hand on his face, black markings from his hand spreading out to his face.

And this was just the start, on his body under the clothes everywhere small black markings had appeared.

A defensive fuinjutsu of Uzumaki Clan that was linked with neurons, activating itself at the moment of danger, discharging electric current to ward off the attack, a jutsu that only the strongest of Uzumaki Clan had access to.

It could be placed on the body or could be sealed in any object as well just like the paper earlier.

Naoki seeing black markings appearing on Hisato didn't show any sign of panic and quick whizzed couple of shurikens towards him.


Flickering around Hisato calmly dodged the shurikens, though one of the shurikens around him suddenly getting replaced by Naoki, the sword blasted towards him.

"As expected!"


Seeing Naoki appearing Hisato didn't show any sign of shock, through his earlier analysis he had reached a guess that Naoki could probably switch himself as well.

Like an instinct Hisato took out a kunai, black markings appearing on it as he brought it before the sword on it's way to cut his throat.


On the moment of contact, just like earlier a blue arc burst out of the kunai, this time the current through the sword traveling and acting on the holder.

"Now let me end you!"

Seeing blue lightning surrounding Naoki, Hisato without wasting any moment of when his opponent was still paralyzed by the current, slammed the kunai towards his throat.

The things didn't go as Hisato had expected though, Naoki without any discomfort despite the lightning still around him moving left to evade the attack easily.


Seeing Naoki moving like not affected, Hisato nearly had his eyes popping out from shock but how would he know, this voltage was hardly enough to tickle Naoki who had the trained super body of another world.