34 Training! Day 7

{Konoha Genin Library, Konohagakure}

{3:23 PM, 27 March 78 Yrs}

'''...ways in which control seal could be created, 5 of them correspond to each element along with 2 seals for creation and destruction. While each part of a seal is important, a control seal and a looping seal are the main components that create the core of every seal matrix...'''

Hiroshi closed another meaningless scroll about fuinjutsu, he looked at the closed scroll for a moment before he got up and placed it back on the rack. He was going through his normal routine, after training in the morning he came to the library to scour for anything new that he could read to gain stats.

'Anything related to fuinjutsu here is just ramblings and theories without any seal matrixes which makes it really hard to understand anything... I really can't progress with fuinjutsu without the help of the simulation... unless breaking into the Uchiha clan compound was an option'

It didn't take much brainstorming for Hiroshi to figure out that unless he was willing to reveal his real strength he would not gain any Fuinjutsu knowledge from Konoha. It was one of the things he was struggling with these days, what were his plans for the future, with the system he wouldn't be just another chunin in Konoha's war machine. Plus he wasn't limited to Konoha anymore, he could not join another Hidden village... well not one of the other 4 great shinobi villages, but he could join other smaller villages.


At times like this Hiroshi envied the advantage Sasuke had, or possibly should have unless Danzo ransacked the Uchiha's Library, Sasuke had his pick from all the knowledge the Uchiha clan must have amassed over centuries.

'I could have pushed my INT stat to low-jounin level...'

Hiroshi walked away disregarding that train of thought, he looked at the time, and although according to his normal schedule, he still had half an hour left on his schedule for reading some scrolls in the library, he just wasn't in the mood right now to search for another useful scroll, since the day he found out that someone was spying on him, he had been ready for a confrontation, but it's been 4 days and no one came for him. He knew he could explain everything that anyone saw while spying on him saw, he traded for those scrolls from Ren so even the most incriminating thing like stealing jutsus won't be much of an issue, but the wait was killing him.

'Who was it, was it Danzo and his root? Or maybe the ANBU, only they would dare to openly sneak in Konoha...'

Hiroshi was walking back to the training ground right now, his chakra was almost back to full right now so he could just rest a lil bit before he went back to physical and ninjutsu practice. He summoned his status screen with a thought and pondered over the improvement he had made over the last 7 days.



[Name - Hiroshi Aburame]

[Simulation Cooldown - 15::19::08::19]

[Simulation Points - 600]

[Title - ~]


[Affiliation - Konoha]

[Chakra - 3,400/3,400]

[Str - 54]

[Vit - 53]

[Dex - 61]

[Agi - 63]

[Int - 83]


[Physical Stats] [+]

[Mental Stats] [+]

[Current Strength - Low-chunin]



{[Intermediate Academy Taijutsu(Passive/Active) Lv- Max],[Intermediate Bukijutsu (Passive/Active) Lv-6], [Leaf Sticking(Passive/Active) Lv-Max], [Tree Walking (Passive/Active) Lv- Max], [Water Walking (Passive/Active) Lv- Max], [Transformation Technique(Active) Lv- Max], [Clone Technique(Active) Lv- Max], [Body Replacement Technique(Active) Lv- Max], [Solid Clone Jutsu (Active) Lv-4], [Beginner Vaccum Fist (Active) Lv-4], [Secret Skill: Blood-Bone Transformation Technique (Passive/Active) Lv-1], [Body Flicker Technique (Active) Lv-4], [Basic Storage Seal (Active) Lv-3], [Basic Fuinjutsu (Passive) Lv-2],[Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique(Active) Lv-3], [Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique(Active) Lv-2],[Earth Release: Earth Wall(Active) Lv-1]}


'My stats are slowly increasing by a couple almost every day, the INT stat is a problem though, I gained just 1 stat in the last 2 days...'

Hiroshi has figured out what he needed to increase his INT, there were two ways to gain INT, firstly, any knowledge regarding jutsu or techniques would help him upgrade his INT, he even spent a day just reading historical records to try and verify this. The problem though was that he had read a lot of scrolls from the Library already now if he wanted to learn more he had to go to the jutsu archive to learn more jutsu.

Secondly, every time he leveled up his Fuinjutsu skill he got a stat point. It was a bit weird how that alone had the power to force a stat to upgrade but Hiroshi wasn't complaining. That just means there were some skills that could force up his stats, maybe when he got to chakra nature manipulation it would also level up INT with every level.

Hiroshi was lost in his thoughts, his stat screen taking up the majority of his attention and vision so he noticed him a little late. He paused as soon as he saw a 'disabled' man standing in the middle of training ground 21, Danzo's eyes were already tracking his every move so Hiroshi forced himself to calm down as he continued to approach.

'So it was the Root... did I get unlucky and someone saw me training,'

"Hiroshi Aburame..." Danzo spoke in a plain tone, his eyes gazing right into Hiroshi's who suppressed the impulse to duck.

'I need to acknowledge him, I paused, and although it could easily be because I was surprised to see him here, I'm pretty sure he could tell I recognized him...'

"Elder Danzo..." Hiroshi bowed his head lightly for courtesy's sake but his eyes never left Danzo's form, he was a shinobi under Konoha's regular shinobi forces so he didn't actually have to answer to Danzo.

"...it seems the reports were true, you do spend a lot of time reading in the library," Danzo continued, Hiroshi tilted his head, he wasn't sure what Danzo's angle was right now.

"..Hmmm." Danzo hummed as Hiroshi felt an unknown pressure suppress his body, his body, and thoughts felt heavy as he frowned.


"You are hiding your real strength...hiding.. real .... strength" Danzo's voice echoed in a strange manner as Hiroshi's thoughts became muddled.

"why?... WhY?... WHY!!!... w... h. ...y ? ? ??" Danzo's voice echoed from every direction, he turned his head but it didn't move.

"I... Just... want... to...want... survive...Just... want... want" Hiroshi's consciousness was losing as he felt himself slowly drowning in the heavy pressure.


"is happen-"

'-ing everyth-'

"-ing is swirling"


"at did he do?"


"feels weird..."

"Say the first thing that comes to your mind regarding Konoha?"

Everything was drowned in colors, Hiroshi could see blobs speaking as he thought, "Konoha???... Konoha... Naruto's home, the center of the story..."

Hiroshi woke up, he felt his mind snap back as everything came back into focus, he saw the grass and realized that he was kneeling on the ground right now, and he felt the bowl of rice that he ate ready to come out the wrong way.

"Ugh~" Hiroshi groaned as he didn't look up, his thoughts were a mess and he took a few deep breaths before tilting his head to look at Danzo's blank face. He didn't know what he said so he could only power through whatever Danzo was going to throw at him.



"What do you know about Uzumaki Naruto?"


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