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Naruto: A Broken Dream


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Hiroshi was never someone who would rush into a fight, he was a happy person, someone who enjoyed getting everyone to laugh alongside him, Hiroshi was Mark Baker, a weeb who one day woke up in the world of Naruto and became Hiroshi Aburame... ---------------------------------------- I wanted to see what outside the scope of canon could do to the timeline, the story would probably go into massive AU in the future, with the whole world of Elemental nations going up and down because of Hiroshi's choices. If you want to read it, give it a try as the story won't be a linear worldbuilding, and everyone would be trying to screw one another... ---------------------------------------- This novel is my attempt at trying the Simulation system trope, I liked the idea behind the system, just the execution of many novels using this troupe was a blunder to navigate due to them being mostly MTL... So here's my attempt at a Simulation type novel. If you want to read ahead or read 9 Chapters ahead- https://www.patreon.com/DesMark


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