56 7th Simulation! Part 4

{Valley of Hell, Land of Hot Springs}

{11:08 PM, 7 May 78 Yrs}

[Day 24: You woke up once again in your room, and quickly got dressed into your ROOT uniform, after going through your morning routine you sat down on your seat and start making Chakra suppression seals, after spending 3 hours and completing your quota of 20 seals, you walk to the armory and deposit them. You made some progress on the new seal but feel like something was missing, the parts of the five elemental seals that were needed to change Nature chakra into Earth element chakra have a strong backlash that always pops your shadow clone.]


[Day 25: You woke up once again in your room, and you quickly got dressed into your ROOT uniform, after going through your morning routine you sat down to prepare your quota of Chakra Suppression Seals. After dealing with your everyday duties you went back to your experimental seal and try to modify the seal to work with Earth Natured chakra. Your monotonous routine was broken by a summon from Danzo-Sama.]

Hiroshi was about to try and influence his counterpart to try and see if he can get access to some more fuinjutsu knowledge as an excuse to try and invent this new seal. He was sure if he tried to influence his counterpart to try and go for medical knowledge then maybe it wouldn't work because that would be going against the orders.

'Did Danzo already digest all the future knowledge that was thrown his way and now he wants to ask about something else,' Hiroshi thought as the next passage appeared in front of him.

[Day 25: You arrive at Danzo's office at the main base, he was alone and his attention was focused on you, he spoke as soon as the door closed, "What can you tell me about Orochimaru's plan to attack Konoha". You start by explaining Orochimaru's primary objective, which was to Mark Sasuke with the cursed seal of Heaven. After that, he killed the 4th Kazekage and sneaked into the 3rd part of the chunin exams in his place. Kabuto used a mass genjutsu making all the civilians that came to watch the finals act as hostages and Konoha shinobi's had to protect them while fighting Suna and Oto invaders. After that, you told the tale of two battles, one involving Naruto vs the Ichibi and the other with the Third Hokage vs weakened Endo Tensai summonings of First and Second Hokage in addition to Orochimaru. After you finish the whole story Danzo saw silent for a bit before he dismissed you, you went back to your room and continued your work on modifying the armor seal.]



[Day 32: A week went by as you followed your monotonous schedule, every day you would wake up early, change into your uniform and then work towards completing your set quota, after that, you would work on making the armor seal. After a weak of continuous failures and having gone through dozens of creatures during your experiments, one of your designs finally works out, you look at the new {Fuinjutsu: Unnamed Seal} skill window that appeared in front of you and quickly apply it on a shadow clone to test it out. You punch the clone straight through his chest but instead of popping it tanks the hit before it pops when it slams into the wall. After taking a breather and recovering chakra every time you made a shadow clone, you concluded that the clone could now tank one hit to the body without dispersing. Fatal attacks though would still kill the clone.]

Hiroshi smiled as he read the passage, at least the simulation would not force him to read through his monotonous life as a ROOT shinobi. Plus this seal was a massive dub, it made the Shadow Clone Jutsu tankier and more versatile so it was a great addition to his repertoire since he can now fool people with the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He has now achieved two of his prerequisites to forming his own spy network, now he just needed to figure out how much damage gaining the memories of a clone would do, a clone that was doing some shit or other for the whole day.


[Day 33: You left your room with the seal and make your way to Danzo-Sama's office, you notice that the main base was a lot more active with dozens of shinobi going to and fro from the cave system. After waiting for around 20 minutes the door to Danzo-Sama's office opened, you walked into the room and bowed, after getting his command you walk up and place the newly finished Fuinjutsu scroll in front of him. "You finished it?" Danzo asked as he opened the scroll to look at the massive sealing matrix painted on the scroll, he looked at it carefully and pondered over several parts before he shook his head and spoke, "You haven't learned Seal compression yet have you?" He asked rhetorically and pressed his finger on a seal matrix etched on his table and waited, after a few moments you heard the door open.]



Hiroshi's expression brightened, he knows about Seal compression, it was mentioned in his Advanced Fuinjutsu notes from the last simulation, and the Uzumaki scrolls. Seal compression was a supplementary technique that was the main form of attack of Fuinjutsu masters. The essence of the technique is to weave seals through molding your chakra but it had high requirements on chakra control and your mastery of Fuinjutsu itself. One normally had to be a seal master to even use this technique in high-frequency combat but it could be used to mold seals in a safe environment if your chakra control is high enough.


[Day 33: "Get me a scroll on 'Seal Compression' and 'Chakra threads' from the archive." Danzo spoke and you heard the door close behind you, Danzo then turned to you and spoke, "Improve on the design if you can but this should still work, talk to Ichi in the Armory department from tomorrow, I need you to make at least 30 of these seals every day for the next month, also increase the amount of Chakra Suppression Seals as much as possible and stop with your fuinjutsu experiments for the foreseeable future." Danzo-sama commanded absentmindedly, you stood in silence until you heard the door open.]


'Is he planning to intervene in Orochimaru's plan, maybe that's why there was so much activity in the base, enough that it was even mentioned in the simulation, did learning the fact that he wouldn't succeed in the position of Hokage made him abandon his plan.'

The simulation was going in a direction where Hiroshi couldn't predict what would even happen in the end, if Hiruzen survives then the whole plotline would change. Thankfully it was just happening in the simulation. Hiroshi has planned to interfere in the timeline, but not until the chunin exams blow over.

'It would be much easy to reason with the Slug princess than Hiruzen Sarutobi.'


[Day 33: A short, black-haired man with his face covered with a white mask placed two scrolls in front of you. Danzo-sama waited till the guy slipped away and the door closed once again before he spoke, "Learn the Chakra thread first before trying to learn Seal compression, report back to me in 20 days, I would have a new mission for you then." You left the room with a short bow and returned to your room. You pulled out the scroll regarding Chakra threads and started reading through the scroll trying to learn the skill as soon as possible.]


'At least I am continuously getting to learn new jutsu from this simulation, to be honest, being mind controlled by Danzo in the Simulation isn't a bad idea, after he ensured that I was completely loyal to him he doesn't hesitate in allocating resources. If only I could influence my shadow in the simulation to try and ask for more resources then it would have been perfect.'



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