1 The Girl in the Bestial Battle Arena

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Kong Rui had never thought that she would spend her eighteenth birthday like this.

"Hahahaha, look, she can't get up!" A group of people in gorgeous clothes shouted.

"You guys actually thought of letting her fight the Youxue Wolf?" A woman with a golden crown and a long red dress covered her face with a fan and smiled.

The girl in the Bestial Battle Arena had already expended all her strength. She watched helplessly as the Youxue Wolf rushed over. She tried her best to crawl forward, but a large piece of skin on her back was bitten off by the Youxue Wolf. Blood instantly flowed out.

Feeling heart-wrenching pain, the girl grabbed the Youxue Wolf's mouth tightly to stop it from advancing.

"No, I can't die here!"

She looked up at the excited nobles in the audience with her bloody face. Her gaze swept across their faces.

The girl was in a sorry state, but her eyes were bright. She would remember these people. One day, she would make them pay back a thousand times!

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Look at how much she hates us." A silver-haired youth said to his friend beside him.

"She's like an ant. So what if she hates us? Speaking of which, the explosive power of your Youxue Wolf really isn't bad!" The man in black said, "However, what is this little bastard's background? Why do you and Qiong'er hate her so much?"

The silver-haired youth sneered. "A lowly person who really thinks she can become the master after climbing into the Emperor's bed."

The black-robed man nodded and looked at the girl in the field thoughtfully. "She hasn't awakened her beast essence yet, right? Her self-healing speed is a little terrifying." The girl's blood had already stopped flowing, and her wound was showing signs of healing.

Beast essence was a beast bone that everyone in the empire would awaken. The beast bone could appear anywhere in the body, including the head, hands, legs, sternum, and so on…

Of course, according to the Law of All Things, the stronger one was, the lower the chances of awakening. There was also a intrinsic spirit beast that would be awakened along with the beast essence!

The man's expression became more and more serious. "Yin Ling, this person can't be kept alive!"

The silver-haired man waved his hand indifferently. "Today is the day her beast essence awakens. Don't worry, she definitely won't live past today! There's no need to worry about a small matter."

The two of them were chatting when the crowd suddenly became noisy.

"The princess is here!"

"Heavens, is this the princess? How beautiful."

"I heard that she doesn't go out often. Why is she here today?"

Wen Qiong was wearing luxurious clothes and a headband. She walked towards the audience stage of the Bestial Battle Arena step by step. "Qiong'er!" Yin Ling shouted, and Wen Qiong smiled at him.

The person in charge of the Bestial Battle Arena, Bai Chao, immediately rushed over with a smile on his face. "Why are you here, princess? Don't watch this. It'll taint your eyes!"

Wen Qiong ignored him and looked down at the child born on the same day as her.

Kong Rui looked at her fearlessly, even though her entire body was in pain.

The pain in her body made her more awake than ever. She felt her body heal faster and faster. She could even vaguely hear the sound of flesh growing.

Wen Qiong's expression changed and she quickly put on a sympathetic expression. "Don't torture her anymore. She's quite pitiful." Yin Ling knew her trick. He sneered before falling silent.

Everyone around her comforted her. "Princess, you're really too kind."

"Princess, it's really not worth it for such a person."

Wen Qiong revealed a sorrowful expression. "Her mother's scandal is indeed a humiliation to the empire, but she's innocent after all."

Kong Rui, who was lying in a pool of blood, was so angry that she almost laughed. This woman's acting was really subpar. However, the people around her fell for it and the Youxue Wolf was still biting her feet.

She felt her strength gradually recover. She gathered all her strength and took the opportunity while the Youxue Wolf was relaxed to smash its chin. Crack! The sound of something shattering was heard.

She enraged the Youxue Wolf, which immediately roared. Kong Rui stood up and rolled over, using her body to suppress the Youxue Wolf. Her right hand slammed into the beast bone on its head again. With a punch, the skull shattered, and the Youxue Wolf howled in pain.

"This…" The moment everyone fell silent, a commotion immediately broke out.

"Go! Youxue Wolf! Bite her to death!"

"Bite her! Bite her! Stand up!"

"Damn it!" Yin Ling grabbed the seat handle tightly. His veins bulged as he stared fixedly at the Youxue Wolf, who was getting weaker and weaker. That was a warrior he had painstakingly trained!

The black-robed man beside him had a calm expression, as if he had expected this. Wen Qiong finally couldn't take it anymore. She wished the Youxue Wolf would immediately bite her throat.

The Youxue Wolf's breathing quickly weakened, and before long, it fell silent. The entire place suddenly fell silent, and someone even cried out in shock.

The queen was actually here too!

She walked elegantly, but her expression was extremely cold. She pointed her finger at Kong Rui and said, "Yin Ling, bring your people and arrest her!"

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