797 The Verdict Is In

The matter was becoming more serious by the second. When Gary first appeared at Centerfield, the White Rose base, he was still somewhat hoping that a call would be made. As time went on, though, he was starting to realize that this was a situation that maybe even Kai couldn't get him out of.

Which was why he was thinking about fighting his way out, but even that seemed like an impossibility. Now the reality was getting closer and closer, that Gary could very well end up in prison.

"This court is a special court that deals with Altered cases that need the involvement of the White Rose. Due to the severity of the situation, this case has been expedited to the highest manner," the judge stated.

"You are not just any Altered, but one that has their finances intertwined with a high-profile gang that has its hands in many cities and profiles of important businesses. On top of that, you were once considered a rookie favorite of the AFC.”


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