684 The integration (Part 1)

Kanu, Sadie, and Frank strolled down the hallway together, a rare invitation from the Captain for an assignment. Intrigued, Sadie couldn't resist asking the question that was on her mind.

"Sir, how come you chose us to accompany you? Neither me nor Frank mind, but the two of us just returned," she inquired.

When Kanu was assigned a task, he had his preferred individuals whom he would select. The reasons behind his choices were shrouded in mystery, and people simply assumed it was because they were the strongest in the squad. Since squad members didn't compete against one another, there was no definitive way to assess that.

"Here I thought you would be delighted at the opportunity to seize some credit," Captain Kanu replied with an amused tone, before getting more serious. “My gut is telling me that this case might have some connection to the one you were assigned to back in Slough. The incident was captured on video and circulated widely on the internet.


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