My Werewolf System

What would you do if you were to wake up one day to the message? [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing] Gary Dem is a person with a secret. While coming back to school appearing as a whole new person, he does everything he can to keep this from the people he cares about. For his path is one that led him to become part of the underworld. The world has changed, and gangs rule the streets sponsoring big corporations. Bribing politicians behind the scenes and controlling the decisions people make without them knowing it. Using a new breed of humans called the Altered, a mixture of man and beast. It was only meant to be a side job, he was never meant to dig in too deep, but on a mission for his gang, something went wrong, something changed him. [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing] The lone wolf... is about to go on a hunt!

JKSManga · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
953 Chs

Pack Rules

The system had opened up a special screen for Gary. At the top of that screen it read ‘Howler’s Pack Rules’ and underneath it were the numbers one to five, waiting to be filled in. The now Alpha Werewolf was happy to see that he just had to think of a rule, before it was automatically added to the list. It was just as easy to change their order, though he wasn’t yet sure if it made any difference.

Depending on the rule he chose, the system would either display it in a red, yellow or green text. Fortunately, the system was still being helpful, so it explained the colours. Red meant that what the teenager proposed could not be made into a rule, yellow meant it was too vague, and lastly green meant it was acceptable as a rule.