806 Don't mess with my food!

A short but single loud alarm rang throughout the rooms and the open area. It was the signal that it was time to serve food, one of the three times in the day when they would bring food out.

For Gary, he had missed breakfast before coming here, and now it was time for them all to have lunch. As they walked out, Zig wasted no time in practically running away from Gary and going ahead to join the others.

To which Gary just shook his head.

'Maybe I should have kept him on a tighter leash,' Gary thought. 'I wanted to use him so I could find out who this Black Jack guy is. It's not like these prisoners have their names tattooed on their foreheads.'

At the same time, Gary didn't even know who was part of what two groups that were mentioned either; those that were with the north and south. In the meantime, it was best for him to just avoid any groups in general.


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